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Did You Know?  The most retweeted tweet of all time is “HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGS.” w approx. 3.6M retweets.  It all started with a simple tweet from @carterjwm asking @Wendys how many Retweets would be needed for a year’s supply of free nuggets. To which Wendy’s responded, “18 million.”   (via)

I’m actively working on improving my social media! I may not be uber addicted to a phone, but let me start scrolling on a computer & I’ll end up browsing every crack of the internet.  From people, to blogs, to etsy shops, to the ends of social media.

I love finding cool people, projects & knowledge!  They motivate me to think uniquely, be creative, laugh, ask questions.  I love people & their ambitions – what floats their boat.

…so lets C O N N E C T !!  Find me in all the places below, currently working on keeping them active & ready for you! AND US!

MissBassmaster Facebook Page

>>>   Facebook

I have a facebook page linked to my blog that I use when I’m uploading photos to Instagram or posting a new blog post – but I’m going to get better!  Facebook is like a business these days.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that’s how all of your friends promote what they’re working on, and your trainer at the gym adds you after your first day?  I’m going to be that guy.   Not really, but I’m trying to utilize facebook more – it’s a good place to put my new new new in one place!

TheMissBassmaster Instagram

>>>   Instagram

Instagram is my favorite social media outlet at the moment! I’m beginning to become obsessed with Insta Stories & have to verbally remind myself I can’t put EVERY moment of my day on the story.  I’m finding it’s the most visually creative outlet, so I’m way on board with it.  It’s also like a mini-blog in a way.  A lot of the stuff I write about, I also caption the summary in a photo or show in my story.  LOVE INSTAGRAM!  ((Also desperately looking for interesting/random ________ to follow – MSG ME))

MissBassmaster Twitter

>>>   Twitter

I used to be all over Twitter!  Although Twitter isn’t talked about as much as it used to be – it’s like the best kept secret.  Everyone writes, EVERYTHING.  I link my new posts on Twitter but also retweet all the cool/smart/crazy/random I find too!

MissBassmaster Snapchat

>>>   Snapchat

Is snapchat fading?  As of today, it’s my most candid social media outlets because I don’t give a fuck when I’m on it.  I just talk, or record, or do me.  I don’t plan it out, get into the details of what I’m posting, or worry about it in any way, shape, or form.  In that way, it’s exciting.  But I feel concerned for Snapchats longevity – follow me while you still can!

MissBassmaster Pinterest

>>>   Pinterest

I use pinterest instead of google.  When I say “google it”,  I mean do a Pinterest search.  I’ve recently tried organizing my pins, and I’m going to keep working on it! From how often I use pinterest, I knew it was important to get my wall organized, soon I’ll feel like a pro.  Cool boards/users to follow?? SHARE!

Come find me! Help me get better! And connect with me!

If you use any or all of the social media outlets above, SHARE!  I really mean it when I say I love connecting with people who love sharing, and I don’t care what about.  Definitely not just bloggers.  My favorite accounts are random families, moms with under 100 followers but post all the time, wild animals interacting, cool travel accounts, tiny arts/crafts pages (& ordering from them), funny people, pretty people, creative people, honest people, anyone that’s super active, or trying hard at living life, or masters of the outlet!  I’m across the board & love love love finding accounts, so please find me!!  So I can find you!!

I’m also working on how to incorporate YouTube.  I’m thinking of bringing Wafiq into the mix on that one?  Between us, we’re pretty dramatic so it might be enough to keep things interesting. Stay tuned on that one…

Stay warm & be thoughtful


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