Forget Cyber Monday & Try This

Did You Know?  The 2017 holiday season overall is projected to net $107.4 billion, compared to $94.4 billion in 2016. (via)

Thank you to everyone for your feedback on the Jury Duty post!  I can’t describe the relief it was to feel other people understand where I was coming from… The experience made me think I was alone on an island called Understanding – so thank you thank you thank you! And like I said, I’m not done with this, so stay tuned.  My wheels are spinning!  Please continue to let me know if you have similar stories, ideas, thoughts – I love hearing them!

Today, I’m getting off the serious train & into something I consider a little more enjoyable.  I become overwhelmed & disengage quickly when someone is in a constant heavy subject.  Even for me, that gets exhausting.  I need to full circle of conversation.  I also try to enjoy my life & freedoms as much as possible because I know they are not granted to everyone.

Let’s talk Black Friday & Cyber Monday.  Fuck that shit!  (Yeah right, I spent the entire weekend scrolling the internet in efforts to procrastinate all other tasks.  Procrastination does not end in college.)


But if you missed these two shopping holidays I wanted to share my go-to online shop: You don’t even need a shopping holiday to enjoy it.

This is not sponsored & sweet baby Jesus I wouldn’t do that to you, this is just me straight up liking the website.  I started hated shopping in-store because of the amount of choices.  And money and decision making skills I lack.  I would get dizzy & ultimately hate that I even tried.  Anyone else? And I”m not exaggerating, I literally had strategies in place to help myself get through a shopping experience because I would get too overwhelmed inside busy stores & desperately search for the exit.  That’s also why I’m so dedicated to Trader Joe’s.

Back to Asos.

Asos is an online store that offers tons of different brands of shopping, ranging from super inexpensive to super expensive.  They also have an outlet and sale section to choose from and a super wide range of styles.  They update their inventory often so the site never gets boring.

The real kicker?…. Ready?

For $19/year you can get FREE 2 day shipping & FREE returns on any order!  You guys.  This. Is. The. Shit.  If something last minute comes up where I need to wear a dress, or it gets super freezing cold and I need a jacket like yesterday, or an animal eats my running shoes?  BOOM, literally 2 days later they’re sitting at my doorstep.  This is the Clothing Department Store of

You might not think you need it, until you have it.  Then, the options are endless. I even started ordering a ton of stuff for Wafiq, whom also hates shopping, and I immediately return anything that he doesn’t like & keep what he does.  Super easy!

I put a few goodies below & up in the photo but the website is for you to explore! You’ll love it!  You can get to the website: HERE and you can sign up for the $19/year delivery: HERE.

Thank me later.

Anyone else have badass secret online shopping destinations, you would be a superhero to share 🙂

I’m off to make spaghetti and watch The Punisher!  Nothing like a fun Monday night.

Have a great day & be thoughtful


Shop Asos:

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