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Think About This: “People who worked in a neat space for 10 minutes were twice as likely to choose an apple over a chocolate bar than those who worked in a messy office for the same amount of time.” (via)

Hair Organizer

With the last few weeks feeling like my eyes were wide fucking open, I decided I have to get my shit together.   I always feel this way, like I really need to get my life wrangled in, but this time the feeling felt focused.  Small changes had to start happening, now.  A few weeks ago I discovered The Container Store.  Damn, for people that already knew of this beautiful secret of a store, congratulations.  I bought one small organizer for all my hair clips, I think it was $2.99.  I brought it home, and felt changed.  Organized and proud.  But I left it at that.  Every once and awhile I would brainstorm ways to organize my makeup but didn’t follow up.  So… after this slam dunk of events happening and being woke the F up, I decided no more waiting – I need to act!

Clear drawer trays: (here)
Drawer Organizer
I chose clear because I can leave notes under them // Clear drawer trays: (here)
Hair Organizer
Super cheap but super valuable hair organizer: (here)

So that’s what I did. I went to The Container Store and bought pieces that I thought would help organize my room.  I didn’t think about what someone else would use to organize, I didn’t think about what made the most sense, I didn’t think about what a fancy organizer person would do – I only thought about how I wanted to organize my shit… and I proceeded.

The reason I’m even bringing up The Container Store is because it’s a one stop spot to knock out all of your organizing needs + most of the items are affordable. I’m obsessed with this store now. So let me tell you how I started.  I bought this tiny box organizer that looks like a children’s fishing tackle box and decided to separate all my hair clips into the dividers.  Before, they were all in one location, but in a small plastic box mixed together. I had no idea how many ponytails I had, where the other shiny blonde bobby pin was, or what clip I was looking for.  This $2.99 organizer made it so simple, and easy to store!  (Full disclosure, I left it out on my bathroom counter for a week just so I could stare at it).

For my makeup,  I started with different sized drawer organizers.  I went back and forth about where I wanted my makeup… On the counter or put away in drawers.  What do you think? I’ve seen it on counters lately as like a decoration? But I wasn’t feeling it for myself… so I went for these drawer organizers.  I decided on clear plastic organizers because they’re shiny, and I put little notes underneath them to reference.

And a recommendation when trying to organize… don’t feel like you have to buy the expensive bathroom counter organizer that’s made for a bathroom.  Think outside the label of each item you’re buying.  The hair clip organizer really did look like a tackle box and it was $2.99.  I’m sure there’s a specific hair clip organizer in the beauty section of The Container Store for $10.99, but that’s not necessary.  So have an open mind & think about what makes sense for you and your stuff.

I don’t have a lot of “extra” items.  I try to be very minimal when it comes to “stuff”.  So I don’t think I’m in a mass organization intervention situation, but we can all get better.  Next on my list is likely jewelry.  I don’t have a ton of it, but enough to get it organized! And before you know it, one step at a time, I’ll be getting my shit together!  Are you that person that has to have a spot clean house before you can sit down and work?  Because major organization is the answer.  I really believe clutter bogs you down so the more organized, the better!

Organizing Makeup


I started getting my shit together guys, one baby step that has made a HUGE difference.  When I’m done doing stuff like this I always ask myself why it took so dang long?!  But I blame that on the fact I’ve only recently discovered The Container Store. Talk about organization inspiration!!  If you haven’t been, go! Trust me, you’ll find something that needs to be organized. Something small. And go from there…

(I run to my bathroom and stare at the drawers now, everything is so pretty!)

Hit up The Container Store or somewhere with fishing tackle boxes and get to work 🙂

That’s my inspo of the day & I happen to believe it’s a good one!

Have a great day, and be thoughtful



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