5 Items To Bring Into Your Festival Fashion

“The Joy Of Dressing Is An Art” – John Galliano

Hell. Yes.  I love the Austin City Limits Music Festival. It comes at the perfect time, the end of the boiling hot Texas Summer.  The last hoorah!  Some of my favorite things include live music + being outside & the lighthearted energy.   (However, not a fan of festival crowds)

There’s a few pieces I’ve stalked & have my eyes on for festival time.  The cool part of festivals is that you can get really creative with your clothing… REALLY creative. And no one cares.   On my regular run to the Coffee Tea & Bean drive thru on Saturday mornings, I don’t feel as comfortable rolling up w/stick on tattoos & a bikini top.  Come festival time, it’s all creativity on deck!  OR you can opt to creativity, level 0 and no one cares, that’s the part I love.  If I’m feeling red lips or glitter, I’ll happily give it a try. If I’m feeling my pajama shirt & a make up free hippie spirit, I’ll do that too. FREEEEEEDOMMM!!  This year for me, I’m sticking to comfort.

Festival Ready

5 Items For A Comfy & Strong Festival !!

1. Gold Mirrored Sunglasses // Quay High Key Sunglasses

I have a huge fucking head, so I need big sunglasses or I look like a size large trying to fit in a size small.  It’s been a trick, but I’ve fallen for these sunglasses. And it’s a bonus that they’re middle of the road. Not too expensive but feel heavy & quality.  The gold, sunny, warm, summer, music color? I can see it perfectly on a festival summer sunset.

2. Basic Overalls // Monki Overalls

Because helloooo easy! I think I was born right after overalls were a trend? I remember seeing older people wearing overalls & thinking they were the coolest people on the planet earth.  I THINK if there’s any possibility of me getting away w/wearing them, why not be at festival time?  Super comfortable, easy, and different. And I do NOT plan on going to the bathroom while at the festival, because ew, so why not strap on the pants?

3. Cargo Vest // Affair by Current Air Cargo Vest

Going into a festival, or really any event/tourist attraction that is stuffed to the brim with people is like walking into war.  You have to be prepared.  Vests are beefy & I like it.  The cargo style gives me a meaty, war-like, elder, tourist person vibe that’s just the perfect energy I want to give off at a music festival this year.  I’m looking for comfort & respect people!

4. Shimmer Bronzer & Body Oil // Bronze Goddess Shimmering Oil Body Spray

I’m already an oiled up grease machine most of my days, and I love it… But I’ve been wanting to step it up a notch with some glamorous shimmering specks.  If I end up looking a little too much like a glitter bomb, best to figure that out while at a music festival.  Remember, I’m uncomfortable in the sun so I need all the help I can get w/bronzing skin techniques.  And I’m not opposed to topping the oil w/extra bronze highlight.

5. Body Jewelry // Kya Disc Bra Body Chain

I was catching up on Bachelor in Paradise & noticed “D-Lo” was wearing a bra chain over a tshirt & to my surprise I really liked it…  I haven’t thought of a way to wear this combo on a random Saturday which is why I think it’s a perfect glistening addition for a festival.  Anything that shines, sign me up!

Uffff my festival browsing lately has taken me all over the place!  I get hooked in the internet & my mind comes up with mountains of ideas that it’s hard to narrow it down to a few things… Next thing you know I’m wearing a nightgown & fake glasses to the supermarket.

I’ve also been a little mind fucked since watching The Sinner..?! Umm….  Anyone else watch that series?  Wafiq & I barely have time to binge anymore but we sat down & committed to The Sinner.  My sleep was compromised because I kept dreaming I was the main character!  If you watch you’ll know what trauma I went through.

Speaking of sweating, we’re still in hot & humid weather down in Texas… I was wishing for a cool Fall breeze in the morning but that’s not happening here.  Anyone in cold weather, I envy YOU!

Have a great week everyone, and be thoughtful.


+ Still, my favorite festival lip: here


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