5 {New} Jazzy Ingredients For Your Kitchen!

Did You Know? “One study from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center found that ginger not only killed ovarian cancer cells, it also prevented them from building up resistance to chemotherapy – a common issue in ovarian cancer patients.” (via)

I’m back w/a few other kitchen favorites!  I’m all about trying new flavors, doing new things, and not getting too comfortable with -anything!  Including food.  I keep these 5 ingredients in my kitchen most of the time, and think it’s worth a try if you haven’t tried them before.  Sometimes, when they’re sitting there starring at you from your kitchen pantry, you’re more likely to make use of them. I might not cook w/these guys every day, but they’re common enough ingredients to keep in stock.


5 {New} Jazzy Ingredients For Your Kitchen!

    1. Fresh Ginger:  I say fresh because fresh is always best!  I started buying fresh ginger years ago when I was on this major experiment to make the best homemade Tom Ka Gai soup… I learned a lot of new ingredients through that experimental phase, including the repercussions of using too much fish sauce.  BUT, now that I know the full flavor even a small piece of ginger offers a dish, I notice myself throwing it in a lot of the recipes I make.  I peel the ginger & slice it really thin, or shred it.. Then throw it in a stir fry, curry, soup, or anything else that needs a boost! BONUS* Fresh ginger has plenty of health benefits that also make it worth the effort to include on your grocery shopping list!
    2. Coconut Milk: Maybe you always have this in your kitchen, maybe you don’t.  But you should.  I use coconut milk as a whipped cream like the recipe, here.  But it actually comes in handy more often than you’d imagine. We’re big curry & soup fans, and coconut milk is often an ingredient, if we don’t make it one.  If you haven’t tried making your own curry at home, look up a recipe that doesn’t sound intimidating and give it a try! Because why not? I’ll have to work on getting a recipe up here.
    3. Toasted Sesame Seed Oil:  Stir Fry heaven!  Sesame Seed Oil & Coconut Aminos (below) mixed together for a stir fry are the perfect combo!  When I first bought sesame seed oil I never imagined going through the entire bottle, but quickly realized that would not be the case.  I use it for easy stir fry recipes & marinades.
    4. Coconut Aminos:  If you’ve been looking for an alternate to soy sauce, this is it.
    5. Kimchi:  I’m only including this because I now buy the Kimchi they sell at Trader Joe’s and I love it.  I use a small piece as a side to beans & eggs that I eat almost daily. I started buying Kimchi because of the gaining popularity of the food & again, why not? It’s fun to try new foods, get your taste buds exciiitiiied!  Kimchi is basically fermented vegetables, I believe mostly using cabbage – so it’s nothing to be afraid of!  It’s pretty salty so you only need a little bit to enjoy it’s flavors.

There we go! A few of my favs.

Anyone want to share their secret favs?? Is it odd that one of my favorite hobby’s is adding to my grocery list, expanding my flavor palatte?  MmmMmm I love food & flavors, love love love! Although there’s a high chance I’m saying that because I’m currently smelling my Wild Rice & Kale Pan Dish cooking on the stove right now & can’t wait to start eating!  Wafiq’s watching the leaked episode of Game of Thrones?  I don’t watch that show nor do I watch anything that has been leaked so I wouldn’t know anything other than, it’s fucking loud. 🙂

Off to eat!

Enjoy your Thursday & have a great weekend! (Here’s to crossing my fingers & toes I won’t have to move furniture this weekend)

Be thoughtful…


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