Life Chats: MissBassmaster Gone Missing

“You have this one life. How do you want to spend it? Apologizing? Regretting? Questioning? Hating yourself? Dieting? Running after people who don’t see you? Be brave. Believe in yourself. Do what feels good. Take risks. You have this one life. Make yourself proud.”


My favorite day of the week has turned into Wednesday’s because I’ve somehow managed to get myself addicted to Survivor.  I haven’t watched the series since the first season but have come full circle, watching again.  I love competition, but that is one show I would never want to be a part of!

The Real Hosuewives of Atlanta really had me hooked as well.  JUICY. I have never wanted to be a part of a group of friends more in my life. They are the baddest.  And I’m addicted.  I can’t turn the show on while Wafiq’s home because he can’t stand the yelling, but I sneak it in when I can.

I have so many super exciting posts coming up but I’ve stalled a little because I have a Web Designer working on my website… I want MissBassmaster to to be functioning & professional, and I am not good enough to get the job done myself so I’ve finally found someone to help.  Editing & working through the new site has taken a ton of time so I haven’t been as present on MissBassmaster as I want to be, but I REALLY believe it’ll be worth it.

Hopefully this will all be done in a week or two.. or three! We’ll see…

In the meantime, I’m only going to post a few times a week  & spend energy creating more!

I thought I’d fill you in as there may be a chance someone looks forward to my posts & notices they’re not happening as often.  I have not disappeared or slowed down… Just making things smoother!

Have a fantastic day & be thoughtful


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