The Best Sports Bra to Hold In Your Ting Tangs

Did You Know? Women simply don’t have the genetic potential to develop bulky muscles. They don’t have sufficient amounts of testosterone — the hormone largely responsible for the development of muscle bulk.

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If you’ve ever struggled finding a good sports bra that isn’t $1,000 then you’ll understand this post.  I played sports a lot when I was younger and have always enjoyed running or working out so a sports bra is an essential part of my closet.  I don’t care if they’re cute,  I care that they hold my ting tangs still.  I HATED the times I’d be wearing a bra that wasn’t strong enough & my ting tang’s bounced around for everyone to see during my runs.  UGH, also so unflattering. Oooga Oooga Oooga. Just no. No. No.


Victoria Secret sports bra
Classic Black (HERE) // Pretty Nude (HERE) // Zip Front (HERE)


This reminds of the time Wafiq & I were hiking this very popular hill in Los Angeles and we saw this woman we nicknamed: “Dagger Tits”.

 She came plowing down the hill, full speed ahead.  Super athletic, marine woman – confident.  Wearing a very little, ocean blue, Yoga style, triangle bra covering each of her areolas.  Unfortunately, her small breasts went up & down so severely it was if they were each a gun being shot off in an old western stand-off.  Pew pew pew pew!  Cutting the air like a sharp blade.  Pointed. Up, then down, then up! Then down.  We cringed in pain.  We may lose a breast here.  That is one of the many moments I can use to advocate the importance of a strong sports bra.


Anyways, I doubted the Victoria’s Secret sports bras for a long time because they’re cute, they claim to be “push ups, and VS is not known as an athletic company.  Not the formula for nailing down the chest.


Until recently when I needed new sports bras & I was totally unhappy with what I had.  I knew there had to be better & I could only hope at an affordable price…


Because I found this Victoria’s Secret sports bra for $35 I thought – fuck it.  Why not give it a try, better than spending tons of money on another one that might not even work.


Well, lets thank the heavens because this bad boy holds your ting tangs STILL.  And the bra is cute, comfortable, AND affordable!  I went back the next day & bought 3 more.  I’m not sure what girls with little chesties will think, I’m sure that’s an entire different situation – but if you want something to hold everything in, this is it!

Side note, the bra’s with the clips on the back like this one: HERE, can dig into your back a little if you’re doing something laying down.  Not awful but if you’re sensitive, take that into consideration.  Don’t worry, there’s also options where the bra clips in the front, like this one: HERE.


If you’re having trouble staying motivated for your work outs try buying some new workout gear that you’re excited to wear.  It sounds silly but really makes a difference.  It makes you really want to get out there & work hard! Feel good.  Look good. Workout good.


That’s it for my Monday!  Off to celebrate my dog learning to fetch me her Kong for peanut butter treats! OUI!


Have a great day, and be thoughtful,




Also Love VS’s Pants:

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3 thoughts on “The Best Sports Bra to Hold In Your Ting Tangs

  1. I loved this pretty nude one, I am going to buy it and see how it looks as I am going to wear my tank tops with it so it must not be too revealing,However I am not worried about that The thing I am worried about is the comfort.

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