“Be Like Garth Brooks” – 5 Tips For Being Positive

“Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.”

~ Groucho Marx

I’m not a super fan of country music or even Garth Brooks music so don’t be afraid I’m going to lay out all my country obsessions for you.   A few weeks ago I was able to see Garth Brooks in concert during SXSW. I’m not familiar with his music, I realized at all, but that didn’t matter.


Garth Brooks had the most incredibly positive attitude I’ve ever seen in concert, and in life.  Happy, laughing, loving, humble.  Whether or not that’s how he lives his life doesn’t matter to me because the energy during the concert radiated through everyone watching, even if you didn’t know his music.  And what a gift to give that feeling.


I want to make people feel like Garth Brooks does.


And you should too.


Why not make people feel good?  Why not give them a positive day?  We’re able to do that.  It takes worrying less about OURSELVES & more about our surroundings.  Even if Garth Brooks was having a shitty day he was able to be positive enough for his audience to feel good, and I imagine that attitude can also change his shitty day into a good one.


And it wasn’t only via music, which can also make you feel a certain type of way.  The happy feelings came from him, his energy, his conversation, his appreciation, the way he treated his band, his overall attitude.


We can all be like Garth Brooks you guys.  Imagine walking around, making everyone feel like they’re going to have a great day?

Being Positive

There were two Uber drivers that did the same thing for me.  I had a 5 minute interaction with them but my entire day changed.  I still remember each of them, our conversation, and the feeling I had when I got out of the Uber.  And I’m not typically someone that loves conversating with Uber drivers (*cough*cough* Wafiq).


If you’ve ever met this type of person, it’s something you shouldn’t forget.  Take notes.  Because these people instantly make you feel comfortable, they have such a gift!  I imagine they lead a really positive life, always seeing the glass half full, and because that’s their lives it radiates in their everyday interactions. Every single time I run into these people I desperately want to pay it forward.


I consider myself a positive person, but I want to do better.  I want people to leave conversations with me, feeling my energy.  Feeling the positivity.  This is also why it’s so important to keep negative people away. How can you stay positive when you constantly have people with a negative attitude around you?

Being Positive


5 Tips For Being ‘The Positive Guy’


  1. Treat People Well:   Garth Brooks adored the hell out of his band.  He took plenty of time to showcase each member of his band & their talents, hobbies, attitudes, and families.  It feels good to see people treat people good.  Simple.   When you see a husband treat his wife with respect, love, priority & care – you feel good.  You know what I mean?  To be around others that treat “their peeps” well, gives you positive energy as well. It makes you want to treat your peeps the same way.
  2. Smile:  This is very easy & something I make an effort to do.  Mostly because one time I was at the lounge in The W waiting for the bathroom and these two extremely gorgeous girls walked by glaring at me & I felt so upset afterwards.  What did I do?!  When I came out of the bathroom I asked Wafiq to make sure I’m always smiling.  Even to the meanies.  I don’t want to glare at people or look sad or angry – I want to look happy & positive.  Trust me, it makes a big difference. Those girls went from 10’s to 2’s real quick.
  3. Pick your people:  Like I said, being around negative people makes it a constant challenge to remain positive.  As easy as positive energy can make you feel positive, negative energy can do the same.  Surround yourself with positive people & you’ll see how easy it is to be positive yourself. And if you don’t have any friends, or positive people in your life right now – keep searching until you find them 🙂
  4. Don’t Play Victim:  A hard one for everyone!  And similar to my Listening Post.  Nothing errks me more than people who are constantly trying to make you feel sorry for them.  Don’t be that person.  Don’t project YOUR stress from work, money, relationship, life onto other people.  Think about others.  Every single person has their own struggles & battles.  You’re not unique.  You’re not special.  Unfortunately, we’re all going through something we could bitch about.  So, be grateful for what you have, act like you are, and send that energy out into the world – even if you had a  bad day.
  5. Let Go:  I’m always preaching this one to Wafiq & I happen to think it’s something I’ve mastered in the past year or so…  If you have a bad day, bad situation, bad conversation, woke up late, car broke down, ran out of money or anything else that sucks big time – Let. It. Go.  None of that shit really matters in the whole scheme of things.  Time is going to pass by and you’ll never remember it happening.  So don’t let it effect the people around you, because that can ruin someone’s day, and it’s not worth it.  The important thing is to let it go, deal with it and forget it.  Don’t let it seep into conversations, your attitude, your energy, your smiles.  LET IT GO.  I think this is the hardest for most people, but I would argue the most important.

Being Positive

Whenever Wafiq or myself starts having a little negative moment we’re quick to say: “Be like Garth Brooks”.  LOL!  Better than saying: “You’re being an asshole”.  Right?!  Whatever works guys.


Being positive sounds normal & easy but it’s a lifestyle. And a choice you have to make everyday.  You either live with the intention to be positive or not, so lets work on it! Let’s make people feel good!  Why not?!


Be like Garth Brooks today & as always, be thoughtful




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