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Did You Know? It takes an average of 475 hours to write a novel

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Books + Podcasts + Music are the three things I need.  I use them to help my mind take a break.   I want to disclose, I’m all over the place when it comes to reading.  I go through phases where I want to read about drug addiction, then Jesus Christ, then marketing, and sometimes a good fiction of a girl trapped in the woods.  The variety keeps me from getting bored & I highly recommend opening your genre preferences.



Recent Readings on MissBassmaster:

I Like You Just The Way I Am by Jenny Mollen

I first saw Jenny Mollen on Chelsea from Netflix.  She’s married to Jason Biggs.  I didn’t know these two are so hilarious until watching the show. They’re funny in the exact way I’m obsessed with.  Her book is full of honest stories throughout her life that everyone can relate to but no one would admit.  Honesty is my favorite comedy.  I was a mix of laughing & in shock throughout the whole read.   Super easy, funny & fast read.


Bossypants by Tina Fey

I wanted more from this book.  It made me feel nice inside & was funny but not too much more.  I heard really good things which is why I went back in time to read Bossypants, but I would have to say it was only okay.  You know, I’m looking for the sauce!   She might be too perfect for that.


The Power Of The Dog by Don Winslow

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get through this book, I just couldn’t!  I tried reading, restarting, trying again and again, but nothing!  It’s about the drug world & following a DEA agent named Art.  The story takes place over a long period of time & has several storylines that intertwine.  If anyone has read this book and has a review, please share it with me.  Or just tell me the ending.  Maybe I’m not Veteran enough to get through a book like this.  Or maybe it sucks.


Down The Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison

Ok, call me crazy, but I loved this book. Ha! So juicy. I used to watch The Girls Next Door & couldn’t believe these women would ever date this old guy, even with the money!   If you want gossip & to get the inside scoop into someone else’s life that is a total opposite of yours, this is the book.  I loved it. Talk about sauce.


Coreyography by Corey Feldman

I don’t know who Corey Feldman is but happened upon the book when I was going through Amazon, now I want to go back & watch his movies.   He was a young actor & eventually became addicted to drugs.  He was BFF’s with Michael Jackson.  He talks about the darkest shit in such a light way.  It made me realize you don’t know what people are going through, even while they’re functioning.  Dark, but good read.


Thug Kitchen

My cousin recommended this cookbook, I think because they say Fuck a lot.   I would say a 10 for the food education parts of the book, but some of the recipes were pretty bland.  Let’s just say, I’m not convinced I can be a Vegan after trying a couple recipes.  Although, the corn bread cake + whip cream.  YES! YESSSSSS! It is SO. GOOD.  I would recommend this book for the food education & Corn Bread Cake any day.  Also, if you like the word Fuck.


I noticed reading & listening to a variety of genres keeps the creativity side of my brain functioning.  The conversations I have with Wafiq are never dull. It’s important to keep conversations moving!  The worst is having the same conversations over and over and over again.  I noticed books, podcasts, & music bring in variety.

New topics.  New talks.

What good books have you been reading?  Nothing too depressing please 🙂

Have a great weekend & as always, be thoughtful!


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