5 Things to Do This New Year RATHER Than Goal Setting & Ridged Resolutions

Did You Know? “In Colombia and Peru, some believe in throwing three potatoes underneath the bed on New Years Eve: one unpeeled, one half peeled, and one completely peeled (“pelado”). Without looking, you must reach under the bed and grab the first potato your hand bumps into. Colloquially, if someone is “pelado” this means they are financially “broke.” Thus, if you grab the potato that is completely peeled you will find financial hardship in the new year. A half peeled potato means some economic troubles ahead, while a potato that is not peeled may mean money is in your future.” ( v i a )

How many of you have completely fucked up your New Years resolutions already?  OR, have: “Create Goals” on your To-Do list?  Setting goals was always on my to-do list, lingering forever.  I would finally write them down and get ridiculously excited about the million dollars I was going to make in the upcoming year.


2017 is the first year I’m 100% satisfied not making any goals. Fuck a goal <<  When I first started saying this to myself, around July, I was kind of joking.  Then I started saying it out loud (“fuck a goal”) and started believing myself. Eventually, I rationalized how terrible a goal was.

Growing up in cute Minnesota & being a cautious child, I followed all the rules.  And in a way goals were part of rules, to keep you on track.  S.M.A.R.T. goals. (If you don’t know what that is, google it & horrific high school memories will come blaring into your mind.)  I hated the pressure of having goals, making them, looking at them, and reaching them.

2017 is the first year I’m giving myself a break.  Goals are predictable.  And I want to welcome change – open arms with a glass of wine and some jazz music perhaps.  Or Eminem, depending on what kind of change is ahead.

I’m still an advocate of the New Year / New Start mentality because there’s something refreshing about January, having the chaotic holidays behind and a new year ahead.  It’s a fresh start.  A mental reset, perhaps.  But I don’t think SMART goals are… smart. Cuz who the fuck knows what’s going to happen.


5 Things to Do This New Year RATHER Than Goal Setting and Ridged Resolutions

  1. Create A Vision Board:  I’ve noticed instead of writing down goals & each step to achieving them, creating a vision board that you can easily see every morning creates a bigger focus.  Without too much planning or intention I’ve been creating a vision board throughout the past 10 years or so.  I have a huge magnetic board & I throw any special notes I receive, quotes I love, daily reminders (ex: call my family), future visions, personal pictures & mantra’s – all items and words that give me warm feelings.  Without realizing it, this focuses my daily life. And the board is constantly evolving so it’s always in sync with my bigger vision.

  2. Clean out your kitchen:  It’s 2017.  We all want sexual bodies & we all want to feel good.  We also know that a TON of food is actual crap.  There’s no arguing whether or not diet soda is good for you, or spaghetti sauce with 3,000mg of sodium is a smart decision.  Take the beginning of this New Year to throw out anything you have in your kitchen that you know is shit.  Throw it away, give it away, but get rid of it.  That step alone is going to feel good.  Unclog the kitchen cabinets. Create space and organize it with yummy, delicious, ingredients. If you don’t know whether or not something is crap, Pinterest it.  Ask me. Ask a friend if they would eat it.  Throw out the feelers and if everyone says its fucking shit – throw it away.

  3. Loosen up:  If you’re working towards an achievement & it’s not going exactly how you planned, let it go.  Take a break & relax.  Remember how lucky you actually are.  One thing about goals is how strict they can feel, almost too focused?  And, when does anything really go as planned?  Never.  If it does, then you’re probably doing it wrong. If you’re uber focused on one particular mission going exactly how you want it to go – you’re going to lose.  So loosen up.  What’s meant to be, will be.

  4. Work hard:  Do the best you can do at every task.  Every single day put your best foot forward.  If you’re at work, work hard at having an impressive day.  If you’re working on a hobby you want to turn into a career, work hard at pushing a little closer each day.  If you’re listening to someone, work hard on giving them your full attention. If you’re exercising, work hard at having a powerful work out.   If you’re walking your dog, work hard at using the time to relax and enjoy the moment. If you’re driving in your car, work hard on not letting the traffic bother you.  Every day, WORK. HARD.

  5. Slow Down:  Rushing is one of our favorite things to do.  Rush here, rush there, rush home, rush to bed, rush to the movies, rush to the grocery store, rush through traffic, rush out of work, rush through dinner, rush to the restaurant.  Most of us probably rush around in our dreams at night too.  One thing I picked up from my time living in The Dominican Republic is the beauty of slowing down.  I don’t think that means be late (that’s fucking rude and inconsiderate to other’s time) but be realistic with time slots.  Leaving your house, driving to the grocery store, buying groceries, driving back home, creating a meal, while calling your family members and getting ready – IS going to take longer that 15-20 minutes.  Start creating realistic space that allows time.  Understand that you may have to skip the movie or a dinner with a friend or coffee with your mom or a walk with your dog or a workout at the gym – prioritize and eliminate.  Appreciate the present moment – let it live, don’t rush to the end.


I think I’ve said before, each Sunday I loosely plan my week to make it a week I’m proud of.  Workouts, dinners, work, entertainment.  If it happens the way I wanted it to, that’s awesome, if it doesn’t – fuck it.

We’ll see how this year goes without the ridged goal setting.  Come 2018 we’ll see if that was a fun little idea of mine to skip goals OR if I’m liberated and strong OR feeling lost and abandoned!  Mentally, I’m already feeling excited and relief, so throw some points in the non-goal making bag.

Thoughts?  Goals vs no goals?!

Have a GREAT WEEKEND and remember to be thoughtful, always.


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