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October is O.V.E.R.  Time to get a few workouts in before the November thanksgiving meals come rolling through.  If you can keep a consistent workout routine in, you can make it through the holidays like nothing happened!  Stay moving & step away from the cookies!  (Yeah right, my fav food group is cookie… and I’m past the point of denial. )


October Favorites:

  1. L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation: Because I have such dry skin I’ve never pursued matte foundation.  I imagine the foundation getting in every dry skin crack & making my face look sucked of life.  However, I accidentally came across this foundation & have used almost the entire bottle already.  The finish is soft matte w a pretty full coverage & doesn’t squeeze in my wrinkles. I add highlight to a couple spots of my face if I’m still wanting the glow, otherwise matte it is!

  2. Tepezcohuite Cream: You already know!  I love this moisturizer, really.  It’s exactly what I was looking for. Something natural, that I can throw on my face as often as I please.  I still slab on large amounts of coconut oil or other face products here & there, but this is a perfect lightweight, non greasy option I always feel comfortable putting on my freshly washed face.  This product will have a place on my bathroom shelf for a long time.

  3. F21 Choker:  I bought this because I had a couple dollars left to spend on a gift card & I’ve been wearing this choker ever since!  Somehow it’s managing to go with every single wardrobe, including my pajamas.  LOL!  Although it’s super affordable, it hasn’t broken or became a dingy color – good find, had to share.

  4. Chelsea:  My new idol.  Before you turn away, I wasn’t a HUGE fan of her show Chelsea Lately on E!, so don’t disregard this favorite thinking I’m simply a fan of Chelsea anything.  This show is on Netflix & has a late night talk show feel to it, but different.  She tries to teach you shit.  Her interview questions go a step deeper than the typical “tell us about your movie”.  You have to give this show a try, at least 1 full episode!! I LOVE IT & it’s seriously inspired new blog directions to take next year.

  5. Ikea Paring Knives:  I can’t believe I haven’t spoken of these knives yet?!  They. Are. Amazing.  I can NOT stand being in the kitchen, trying to slice a fucking tomato, and it turns into a mashed tomato because no knife remains sharp enough to cut through it!  You’ve been there.  If you want to talk about a torturous cooking experience, bring in the dull knives!  From my deli department days I can also remind you that it’s dangerous to have these dull knives in the kitchen, makes room for accidents.  Some how these Ikea knives WORK.  They can cut through anything (including fingers), so be VERY careful.  I think they’re like $2!!!!!!!!

That’s it for October ladies and gentleman! Anyone have an favorites they’ll share w me?  Always looking!

Have a great week & be thoughtful!


other favorites:

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