Affordable Office Outfit Series: Target

Let’s be real, working at a desk in an office with a tiny window, doesn’t exactly feel like a fashion runway.  The last thing anyone working inside an office wants to do is spend ANY money on office clothes.  Ew…  My friends & I discuss the cheapest ways & places to buy office clothes and not look like we’re wearing items from high school.

Affordable Office Outfit from Target

Because how completely boring to spend a ton of money on items only the creepy dude that comes in once a week will see? Not ideal.

For the next 3 weeks I’m going to give you a conservative, realistic outfit from super affordable, accessible stores to help complete your weekly office uniform – for cheap!  I say office uniform w/confidence.  You only need a couple major pieces to wear throughout each week.  No need to have a huuuuuuge variety, stick to basic essentials & accessorize from there to mix it up.

 Affordable Office Outfit from Target

Also, I KNOW you’re no basic bitch.  This is simply the reality of the situation.  I know after work in your athleisure, then cocktail hour outfits – you’re a hard 10 in your lululemon’s & tiny black dresses.  I’m there with you, but office walls won’t see you and that’s where the skimping needs to happen.  I say skimping hesitantly, these outfits may be affordable, but I think they’re still good for after office activities when necessary.

Office Outfit Number One: Target.

Affordable Office Outfit from Target

This black dress can transition you from summer to fall to winter.  Black never goes out of style & always looks professional no matter the price point.  As it gets cooler, pair it with tights, then a scarf, and eventually big winter jackets & boots.

Below are 4 different ways to change up this ONE black dress – all affordable and available at Target 😉


Main Piece:  Black Dress & Nude Purse

Accessorize to change up the look:

1. Watch / Shoes

2. Watch (similar) / Tights / Shoes

3. White Blazer / Shoes / Tights / Watch

4. Scarf / Shoes / Watch (similar)

Toooooo easy! Plus it’s super comfortable & can easily transition through the seasons… Layer it with different jackets, shoes, tights, scarves and accessories as the cooler months role in and it’ll look like you’re buying a new dress every week.

Oui. Oui.


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