A Day In San Antonio, Texas

Last week Wafiq & I went to San Antonio for a couple days because the immigration office is located there and he had a meeting… I took it as a stellar excuse to get out of Austin.


We stayed at The Crockett Hotel & what a pleasant surprise that was. Great location for everything we had to get done – cute, clean, affordable, great customer service & delicious breakfast (HA!). // Tippidy-Tip: If you plan on going, ask for a room with a window facing The Alamo.


The Riverwalk & The Alamo are probably the most known parts of San Antonio, or draw in the largest tourist crowds. {Besides Sea World & Six Flags – but captured killer whales + sky high roller coasters aren’t my ideal situation.}

I’m all about playing tourist.

Crockett Hotel, SA

The Alamo was part of the Texas Revolution, I can’t think of specific movies w/ The Alamo story line but I know they’re out there.  “Remember the Alamo!”

The Battle of the Alamo was the defeat a large Mexican Army had over a small group of Texan Soldiers. Bravely, the Texans managed to hold off the Mexican Army for nearly 13 days!? (I’m not a history buff so I know there’s a ton more to the story but I believe that’s the general idea for anyone scratching their heads) // v i a 

The Alamo

We walked around outside the Alamo, as it was closed when we were in the area.  And I don’t go outside before 4:00pm, as it’s too hot. (hi)

The entire area near the Alamo is a nice walk.  The buildings are huge & older so there’s history you can easily see.


We took a recommendation from a local friend of ours and went to The Pearl.  Very pretty, great recommendation.  We got there when the sun was setting & the river was gorgeous.  Lots of wedding & graduation pics happening, as they should be.

Hotel Emma

I noticed Hotel Emma is all the rage in San Antonio right now.   I’d be interested to stay there on our next trip down.  We didn’t have a chance to check out the inside of the hotel, but the outside was beautiful, similar to the surrounding areas.

Wafiq always says: “Now point @ the camera”…. ??

I also noticed, the entire area by the Pearl was extremely dog friendly.  Which, hi, yes please.

And after researching the restaurants nearby we landed on a Peruvian-Asian restaurant called Botika Pearl. New, fresh w/a light menu.  Big & open – totally our style.

Besides the unfortunately long, uncomfortable wait at the bar, the restaurant was excellent.  Our waitress was excited, knowledgeable & confident (which I notice can sometimes lack at new restaurants) and the food was gone. We ate it all. Several plates.  Fresh, light, unique and delicious.   Totally recommend.

Chifa Ceviche – Botika

The next day we walked around the Riverwalk, walkways lining the San Antonio River, in downtown San Antonio.  I made an effort to avoid restaurants.  In such touristy locations they tend to be overpriced & freezer style food – which I can’t stand <–  It’s hurts me to eat that shit.

So we stopped at In & Out Burger on the way home. LOL! My life.


We also stopped at the San Marcos Outlets on the way home.

OMG OMG OMG if you ever question living in America – go to that outlet mall and all questions will be answered.  I can’t stay away, thanks God Wafiq doesn’t allow me to stay for too long.  Someone savvveeee meeeee!


And that’s it for the quick couple days in San Antonio!

Even though it was short, it felt like a long & comfortable break.  A few days of a break from your regular routine are super underrated. No matter where you go – go!


And if you go to San Antonio let me know what you find! I can easily tell there’s a lot more to see & do.

I want to go back soon, anyone from San Antonio want to weigh in?!  I love when locals share their love for their city.

Talk to you laters, stay happy!



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