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Basic Burgers

Sticking with BBQ & summery themes –> today I’m sharing my SUPER complex burger recipe. (I kid I kid)


Basically… This is the most basic recipe of all time.

I’m sharing the Basic Burger recipe because I see people F-up their burger meat all the time & it drives me cray cray.


Missbassmasters Best Basic Burger Recipe

I went through a phase of burger making – I would throw in all kinds of ingredients: Bread crumbs, spices, peppers, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, gouda, eggs, onions, garlic, parsley…


Missbassmasters best basic burger recipe
So delicious!

I also tried every ‘Best’ burger recipe I could find.

And I totally understand why a chef would be proud of their extravagant burger recipe, much more intriguing than a basic burger.

But the deal is, sometimes less is actually more.  And with burger meat, that IS the case.


Missbassmasters best basic burger recipe

Don’t be in denial like I was for far too long.  Burgers really are this simple.

A game changer in the burger department: simply add less.  Letttt it gooooo, let it goooooo!  Trust me.


 Missbassmasters best basic burger recipe


Grass Fed Ground Beef




Mix all ingredients to the proportions of your liking (*I go heavy on the S & P) -> Form into a patty -> grill!


Missbassmasters Best Basic Burger Recipe

Khalas! That’s it folks.

I believe basic is best when it comes to actual toppings as well.  Bun, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese, pickles, ketchup mustard.

I have a little more understanding for adding different toppings though… Just don’t mess with the meat!


Missbassmasters Best Basic Burger Recipe

I throw my burger meat on top of a salad that includes: Romaine, cilantro, onion, cheddar, tomatoes, olive oil, lime, salt, pepper & PICKLES! (I love pickles, I chop up a spear & top it over the salad)

P.S. The biggest secret weapon in the kitchen is this badass grill.  Not lying – it was the first thing I bought for my apartment when I moved.  Already decided to pack it in my precious bag space next time I make a move.

Adding nothing to the beef is too meaty, and adding too many ingredients is just blah…

Ground Beef + Salt + Pepper = Perfection

Let me know if I’m completely off my rocker with this, but I’m feeling confident.

Any other super basic recipes that just shouldn’t be messed with?  I know they’re out there…

Off to catch up on The Bachelorette! Story of my life this season, always an episode behind. I’ll have to work diligently to make up for it.




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