Catching Up – Why I Don’t Want Wafiq To Get A Job

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I feel like it’s been awhile since I did a little life update and chatted about everything going on…

 Malibu Beach

Hopefully! Wafiq will be able to start working soon (…after patiently waiting a year to figure out the visa situation.)

I was on the way to work the other day and started wondering – why don’t I want him to start working?

I would welcome the extra income with open arms & would be happy he could finally push forward in his career – BUT, for some freakish reason, I couldn’t figure out whyyyy, in the back of my mind – I did not want him to get a job.

I was almost hoping his work permit would s l o w down, or maybe never come…?!?! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (I know, I’m terrible).

I realized, it’s because he’s not stuck in the conventional work schedule yet –>  He still has that freedom we were living with for so long & by seeing it in him, I feel happier and oddly safe?  Like – I can’t get stuck, as long as he isn’t.

What worries me about him starting a job is drowning in routine, which has always been my biggest fear.   I’m already in it,  and coming home to someone who isn’t – has been giving me l i f e .

Both of us having a full time (conventional) job freaks me out.

Constantly proving yourself to climb the ladder, follow orders, punch in / punch out. Ewwwwww.

I’m fully aware I don’t make sense to everyone.  Because everyone is not the same. For some people – working in a conventional position, with routine, fulfills their purpose.  They’re able to participate in activities that allows them to shine.

For some people, it doesn’t.  We all have different ways to fill our tank, and that’s what makes each individual so cool & special. I’m obsessed with these differences, it’s what makes each person so interesting.

My feelings: Don’t work Wafiqqqqq! Saveeeee yourrrrsellllllfffffff!

But that’s out of control. I get it.

Malibu Beach

I’ll say, from experience, there’s something about being broke that brings out the feels.  (My never-get-a-job-speech.)

When you don’t have any money, life is creative.   You don’t go buy whatever you want & do whatever you want – You figure out other ways.  Keeping up with the Joneses doesn’t exist –  fuck having a posh vacation, a new car, organic toothpaste, or a fancy purse – you’re busy figuring tomorrow out!  (<— As you can see, I’ve been dying to write a post on money… I’ll get into that rant another day.)

Not that money isn’t also incredibly wonderful, but there’s something about being pretty broke that sparkles at night.

Malibu Beach

Howeverrrr, Wafiq will start working soon whether I like it or not… BUT we’re both running our engines with optional career paths to find another, possibly unconventional, way.

[Lucky for me – our crazy minds think alike]

Other news to receiving his work permit: a driver’s license + travel permit + temp social security # + normal, every day opportunities – so we’ll be more ecstatic than you can imagine.

Our life has hit somewhat of a Pause button figuring out those technicalities, but hopefully it’s coming to the end! (Not our life, just the Pause button.)

 Malibu Beach

Being June already! We’re reserving this weekend to check in on our goals & reevaluate where we’re headed.


Anyone else taking some time to check in?  It’s crayyy zeeee how fast time flies isn’t it?! I feel like it was JUST January… shiiiiiiiiiiii

What’s everyone else up to? What do you have going on?!?  Anything spicy?  A new dog?  A new baby?  A new boyfriend?! A favorite compliment?! (love those)


Have a great summertime weekend everyone, hope your days are as happy as you dream them to be 🙂



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4 thoughts on “Catching Up – Why I Don’t Want Wafiq To Get A Job

  1. Oddly enough, I’ve been in your shoes before. When my wife and I were married, it took nearly two years to get her temporary work permit. It’s good you’re able to enjoy that time and you’re making the most of it. Looking forward to hearing about other career ideas! Congrats, you two!

    1. Thanks!! – Gosh! 2 years?! I can’t imagine… That makes me feel a little better about having to wait a year, sounds quick compared to your situation. Just have to make the best of it 🙂

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