Why ALL Single Ladies Need A Dog


Put your hands UP!

Beyonce for dayzzzzzzzzzz!!! HOW is she soooo good?! HOW?!

Today we’re talking being single + having a dog.

 Why you need to adopt a dog

I promise not to go off on a tangent about how cute my dog is and all the reasons she’s the best and blow up this post with 9,000 photos of her sleeping.  I love people who love dogs, but I get it, not everyone wants mine all up in their face.

I’m here today to tell you singles out there that you absolutely need to go to the Humane Society and adopt a dog…  TODAY! <– Cut right to the point.

Here’s why.

When I was considering getting a dog there were a lot of people trying to talk me out of it.  For months and months I was on the fence. People kept convincing me that adopting a dog was a terrible idea, with a list of reasons why.

At my age, being single, having fun – a dog was way too much of a responsibility.  At the time, I would stay out of my house all day! Work, straight to the gym, straight to a friend’s house,  then to have drinks, and finally get home just to start over.

This was NOT a recipe for a good dog mom & people were not afraid to tell me that.

 Why you need to adopt a dog

The problem with people telling me what to do is… I don’t listen.  I try to stick to my gut.

So, one day after work I drove to the shelter, picked up my dog, and took her home.  The rest is history.

Single ladies – The EXACT thing you need is responsibility.

And love.  Both of which a dog can give you.


Sure, my routine changed, but I had no idea how happy I was to change it.

When you’re single you have zero people depending on you.  Or at least it can feel that way.  You can run around doing whatever you want.

Having a dog brings you back down to earth and gives you that responsibility again.   Which you don’t even realize you need.  All the excuses I used before (time, travel, commitment, money, annoyance, ect) sound ridiculous to me now.

 Why you need to adopt a dog

Bernice changed my life.

I hated the job I had at the time, and coming home to this little animal made me forget it.

Although she ate some money, had a violent stomach bug as a puppy, and peed on clothes right in front of me –> I’m the one that owes her.

I look back at that day I went to the shelter and I’m SO fucking grateful I didn’t listen to the people telling me a dog was too much of a commitment. OR whatever other reasons they were giving. I easily consider it one of the BEST decisions I have made in my life.

She’s my BFF.

 Why you need to adopt a dog

SO SINGLES (and non singles) if you don’t have a doggie it’s time to get one! I’m the person telling you YES!  No more excuses.  There’s a reason so many people have dogs & it’s time to find out for yourself.

Off to go make out with mine.





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9 thoughts on “Why ALL Single Ladies Need A Dog

  1. This is so sweet. I also have a small pup myself. I’m sure your Bernice would be all about her . Dogs are girls best friends! I couldn’t agree more with your post! Thanks for sharing the advice; I couldn’t agree more.

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