My Love Affair… with Rap

Rap has saved my life a couple different times.

 My favorite music, rap

I happened upon Rap.  I used to make fun of an old boyfriend for listening to Eminem. (I still think he looked ridiculous –  shame on me, I know.)

For whatever reason he left this CD in my car. I turned on the radio one day and the rest is history. Full-on believer in the genre.

One of the reasons is the energy. The hustle. The go hard lyrics.  There’s no skipping through meadows, kissing on the second date, twirling across dance floors.  There’s hustle! Sex, work, parties! Struggle!

Rap tends to carry heavy material.  And even if what you’re going through isn’t as dramatic as the lyrics, whatever you’re carrying can feel dramatic in its own way. SO, adjust and relate.


Thank God, one of my friends was in the car listening to “I Got the Juice” by Meek Mill and after he finished rapping along to the lyrics (Obviously turnt) –>  He looked over and said “Doesn’t that song just make you want to “RAWWWR?!”

Finally.. I knew.. I was not alone.

I knew EXACTLY what he meant.  Certain songs can make you feel unstoppable, alive, and validated.

 My favorite music, rap

This Eminem album got me through what I thought was hell. I had it raging on the radio after work every single day.  The job I had at the time was the closest thing to a jail cell + abusive police officers that I can imagine.

This music helped me leave that feeling at work.

 My favorite music, rap

Rap is poetry.  When you listen to each word, then verse, and chorus.. You’ll see what I mean.   It’s sooooooo good & such an art! I’m completely obsessed you guys.  Once you find the song that speaks to you, you’ll be on board with me.

 My favorite music, rap

There’s another version of rap.  The more-raunchy-the-better style.

I happen to enjoy that music as well.  This is the real –> zero fucks given lifestyle. And I appreciate that.  Lyrics I hear on the radio shock me, how can they say this stuff?

How many people can say or do whatever they want… & not care?  They can rap about literally any single thing on their mind!

What a luxury.

I feel like everyone today, myself included, cares so much about what other people think or say about us.

We’re so careful.

These songs, are NOT careful.

Rap is a genre that discusses love, work, loss, money, and injury in a different way. Raw & intense. Full throttle. Not your average frills and flowers.

My favorite music, rap

 So it’s either Jazz or Fetty Wap.   Extreme, I know.

It all depends on the audience & mood. Jazz is great for company, or a relaxing night.  A way to turn off the mind.

Rap is great to work through your thoughts, give yourself the confidence you deserve, walk through the door with your shoulders back & head up!  Rawrrr amongst the lions!

My Favorite Music

Rap is most definitely not boring, let your mind go there and give it a try next time you’re sitting in traffic.

Currently loving Fetty Wap station on Pandora. But this Eminem album gives you all the feelings & so does Drake, because he’s easy to understand. LOL!

What music speaks to you?! I’m always on the prowl…

Have fun and hustle hard!!



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2 thoughts on “My Love Affair… with Rap

  1. I 100% agree with you! Music is powerful! I enjoy listening to many genres of music but I love country and rock! Cute puppy by the way! I love your pictures!

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