Earth Day Inspo. (Yes. Earth Day).

With Earth Day right around the corner I wanted to address a major pet peeve.


Excess paper and plastic.

It’s VERY 1999 to bag your groceries with paper or plastic, drink out of plastic water bottles, or use ziplock bags. Ew.

If you’re doing any of the above, this is an intervention.

Earth Day Inspo, think green

Once you train your mind to bring your own shopping bags to the grocery store, have reusable water bottles at home, and use containers rather than ziplocks… Your life will never be the same. (Wiiiiiii!!)

Earth Day Inspo, think green

The three plastics you’re ditching FOREVER:

1. Plastic/Paper Grocery Bags: Bring your own. They’re cute, stylish, sleek, and won’t break on your walk to the car.  My favorite are the sturdy, lined bags that keep your groceries safe and cool like these.

2. Plastic Water Bottles: Water Bottles are bad news! For your body and mama earth + so unnecessary.  Buy some sleek, reusable water bottles and you’ll never drink out of a silly plastic one again. My fav.

3. Ziplock bags: I first ditched ziplock bags using these containers.  They snap on and I quickly became addicted.  (The size varieties couldn’t get better).  I’m actually so disconnected from Ziplock Bags I don’t even know how people use them…?


Earth Day Inspo, think green

SO. Earth Day – Anyone working on producing less garbage, driving electric cars, or saving the earth? I need to hear. I’m totally on board protecting this beautiful, badass, planet we live on. Gotta show mama some loooove.




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