The Spring To-Do List

Spring is officially here!

I’m obsessed with Spring because it finally allows me to wear floral print {everything} without needing an explanation.


It’s also the time of season that I realize stuffing my face with 3 breakfast tacos every Sunday isn’t working out well for my body.

{The shorts are out and the jiggle can’t hide.}


Spring is fresh + airy.  Time to get out of the stuffy house, open the windows, and prepare for fresh air, fresh looks, and a fresh attitude!

Spring Week: To Do List (Get er done)



Hardcore. Get rid of everything. After moving internationally, and having issues committing to one location for too long + traveling…  I’ve realized the importance of having L E S S.  One of the downers to living in the same place for too long is all the shit you end up collecting. Having clutter, or unnecessary things, weighs you down. I promise, one of the best feelings is having close to nothing – you can do anything! I’m a hoarder at heart but I KNOW having less brings clarity. I load up a box and drop it off before I have time to think twice. BYE.



Or any flowers for that matter. You can get them super inexpensively at the grocery store and it’s worth it.  You’d be surprised the fresh attitude a tiny bouquet of flowers can bring into the house, and if there’s any time to give it a try –> it’s SPRING!  Buying a little bouquet of flowers is my new Sunday tradition and I’m currently loving it.



You know how good fresh flowers makes you feel inside your house? Imagine you wear that feeling around….



Make a colorful spring salad, or buy pretty veggies. Take on some lemon cookies or strawberry shortcake.  Once you’ve purged, bought flowers, look like a flower, and feel like you’re blooming into a monarch butterfly… Nothing will top it off better than some freshly tossed salad and a homemade lemon cookie.  I’m ALL ABOUT cooking at home these days, and filling the house with that homemade scent is what you need to be doing this week.



That’s right, don’t forget to bring that happiness right inside the door of someone else.   With the Spring + Easter feelings in the air it’s super important to think about more than your own purging to-do’s.  Giving, completes the circle.  If you’re me, and won’t be going over to anyone’s house on Easter, than think of another way to give for Spring this week. Send a thank you card, make a surprise, share cookies, be extra kind…

Any other Spring MUST-do’s I’ve missed? Please share 🙂

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