SXSW: What I Wore (all day long)

The perfect SXSW outfit.


Guyssszzz, this outfit took me through an entire DAY of walking — aka: SXSW’ing!  (I feel like I solved a 5,000 small piece puzzle of an all blue abstract painting.)

Texas  Pretty  Festival  Cool-Girl

 smack dab on the head!

I went from a pop up conference, to the wild wild west of 6th street, to lounge life with disco dance floors all in one day… and all in one outfit.


You know when you want to look professional enough for a conference with innovative speakers in the morning… but then not over-done for day time, 6th street, beer drinking – all afternoon… and most definitely not old lady frump for the night time hotness crowd.

The struggle is REAL.



Key factors —>  incorporating a thick heal in order to put some distance in but still look fly, and denim with a pop of color.  (I die for fringe, but that seemed too expected?)



Other killer outfits that got you around SXSW for a day? Please share cuz I’ll be heading out {into the chaos} again this weekend – inspiration is always welcome <3


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