Happy St. Patrick’s Day, here’s to having luck of the Irish!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m not a fan of beer or green, HOWEVER if there’s a day of celebration + happy people then I’ll wear green and drink beer proudly amongst them!

Last year I got my first real experience with St. Patrick’s Day while in Dubai. The “Irish Village” threw a huge St. Patrick’s Day festival.   The extra popular kick was the amount of Irish people in attendance.  Real Irish, from Ireland – expat’s living in Dubai.

Can’t say I’ve been a part of St. Pat’s like that before.

(I’m sure because there was large quantities of beer involved) I witnessed a TON of dancing.

Irish dancing.

Now. I’m a huge fan of dancing. HUGE. Love it. Want to learn all styles. From Beyoncé to the Waltz.  Teach me please?

But this Irish dance is h y p e r . Same energy as the Jive?  (I only know that term from watching Dancing with the Stars).  Jumping,  bouncing, up, down, up, down.. over and over again. And kind of hugging at the same time?

Shall we say —> Riverdance.

I wasn’t built for Irish dancing.   I feel a little grateful I got a headache shortly after trying to participate or I would’ve continued – which would’ve disclosed my poor athletic stamina.

None the less, I’m smiling wide this St. Patrick’s day because I feel like I really know the energy of the Irish! TURNT.  And I totally want to be a part of it. I’ll steer clear of the dancing, but I’m going in hard on the green, a little less hard but still attempting the beer, and DEFINITELY keeping up the pace.

Side note: As far as wearing green is concerned. Either go hard or go soft, but definitely go.   It’s the one single thing you can do to participate in St. Patrick’s Day with very little effort.


Rock that bright green like you were born in a small village in Ireland waiting patiently every year to celebrate St. Pat’s day.  Because that’s F U N. And different, and fearless.


Wear a soft green, almost teal color. Walk the line, but don’t jump full in.  That’s me at work today.  In the spirit, but not submerged 😉

Either way, spread the happy!!

P.S. Where are you celebrating?

St. Pats Day

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