Overlooked and Oh So Good, Date Night Ideas

Welcome, weekend. Please come any time..


P.S. Has anyone found that sneaky little devil SUGAR hiding anywhere? If so, spill the beans!! Save us all!!!

As I plan my Saturday evening, I wanted to give you guys two overlooked date night ideas.

Wafiq and I have had our ups and downs and overs and across’s the past couple years with traveling/money/moving/deciding/thinking/ the list goes on…

What we always try to do is find affordable, fun, date nights. Wherever we are. And nothing over the top.  Because, dinner date every Saturday night = > Blaaaaah.  Not only are dinner dates a little boring if they’re done consistently, but we also notice they’re easier to ditch.

Would you rather stay in and watch a movie?”  “We cook better food ourselves anyway”  “And it’s expensive” “Then we have to get ready” “I will if youuuu want to” “but I already said, only if youuuu want to”

The excuses start flowing like water down a rapid river.

SO. Two underrated, surprise Saturday Date Night ideas:


B O W L I N G     &    M I N I   G O L F

You know, the activities you begged your parents to do when you were 7 years old?  Those activities are actually fun, even as an adult. TRUST me.

Admitting you’re going to the bowling ally as a 20 something year old for date night does sound a little old lady.. But honestly, worth it! And F*** it anyways.


If you can get past the thought of wearing bowling shoes instead of heels to date night, and focus on the experience you’ll be having.. You’ll see the adventure is worth it.  Bring some fancy socks + a killer outfit and you won’t even know what shoes you’re wearing 😉

Same with mini golf. Do you know the photo ops at most mini golf courses?! So romance! Slap on them fake eye lashes and show off all the skills you learned as a 7 year old golfer.

Give it a try! (Let me know any other easy peasy date nights I need to try. We’re up for anything!)





Xx MissBassmaster

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