Saturday in Venice, CA

Although I’m currently unemployed and I don’t work during the weekdays –>  I spend most of my week applying to jobs, planning the week, figuring out life, figuring out Wafiq’s life, making sure Bernice (the dog) eats, and trying to find homeopathic ways to keep my anxiety from crippling me. All this mess makes for stressful weekdays.

Wafiq decided that because it’s Saturday we needed to get out and take a mental day off life thoughts. We hit up Venice Beach because we haven’t really gone to explore that area.  I think I drove by a few times but the parking situation was enough for me to keep on moving.

So this time, we made the decision to get in there. IMG_6846

Venice is… for stoners. This might be obvious, I’m not sure. But I had no idea. I assumed it was hippie and happy but they’re really crunk over there. Lots of smoke shops, rasta clothing lines, incense, and cheap stores.

I’m not a stoner, but I was down to try and look like one.  Fake it till you make it, no problem. We did see a couple people get arrested, but I think they were just spray painting public property? I saw some of that “art” and wasn’t impressed. Why did they do that? At least gain artistic ability.. AND THEN spray paint + get arrested. That’s just my advice.

Anyways, there were the skateboarding areas that you always see in movies, I’m sure plenty of scenes were filmed there. Also, the HUGE, BEAUTIFUL, not to be underrated BEACH! Damn, California is the place to be just because of the unlimited beach real estate.

And then my favorite part was Muscle Beach. Holy smokes, this was close to one of the most fabulous things I’ve ever seen in person. Wafiq called it perfectly: “A Human Zoo”. The biggest muscled men I’ve ever seen were slowly lifting the largest weights I can even imagine in a gym the size of your kitchen. With 1,000 onlookers. And all the passerby’s had to stop while their jaw dropped to the floor for a minute before they could get it together enough to keep moving.  The whole scene was more funny than anything, but even funny can stop you in your tracks at some point.

I wouldn’t recommend this area to my parents.. Not that they wouldn’t appreciate it, but there are so many other places I’ve discovered that offer more accommodating atmospheres. I’ll keep it at that.

For me, it was an adventure. Interesting. Rasta. I embraced it to the best of my abilities and did manage to eat some good food while I was at it <3





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