Yas Waterwold in Abu Dhabi

I HATE rollar coasters, water slides, and anything with heights. For many reasons -> the long lines, the risk of death, I don’t understand why people voluntarily enjoy fear. I mean just No.. No, No.


Wafiq and I won tickets to Yas Waterworld so we had to use them while we still could.  We had an agreement prior to going that I will not do any rides with him, but I’ll be at the bottom holding everything and taking photos. Yay.


I have to tell this story because I’m THAT ridiculous.  We arrived at the water park early, before too many people showed up and the long lines started. As soon as we put all our stuff away I told Wafiq to run and do the water slides right away – before the lines get long later in the afternoon. He agreed, so he took his GoPro to the slides. He walked up the stairs of the first slide we saw and I went to wait at the end.

As I was waiting, where people were finishing the slide, I noticed it looked like everyone just saw the face of God.  They died and came back to life. Hmmmm, then I tried to see what kind of slide this was. “The Jaw Drop”.   From what I heard, you stand in an incubator type thing and the bottom falls out from under you. And you drop. Far.

I panicked. He doesn’t know this is what he’s getting into! The hardest slide of the entire park! I tried to get his attention in line but I couldn’t find him. I saw a girl going down get stuck in the slide halfway and they had to come get her out and all I could think is that’s going to be Wafiq and it’s my fault because I made him go on the first slide we saw!

I finally caught Wafiq’s attention, he could see me. So I motioned large enough for the whole park to see that he’s about to go STRAIGHT DOWN. It’s a DROP! He seemed to get the message, but he didn’t get out of line. He either doesn’t know what I’m motioning or he’s trying to be brave and complete the mission.

I started to cry a little. I imagined myself and the drop and my panic and death and so many other things that must be racing through Wafiq’s mind. The fear is real!

Then.. about 5 minutes later, Wafiq came out of the slide laughing, excited, and pumped up ready for more.

Well this is awkward. Get over it Katie. Biggest bore of life award goes to me!

Here’s a video we managed to kind of put together. A little sloppy but better than nothing!

Also, side note. I’ve gone to both the water park at Atlantis and Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi.. I highly recommend the Atlantis one.  The rides are really similar at both but the set up in Atlantis is really cool, and I think there’s actually more rides there too. Just in case anyone was wondering 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Yas Waterwold in Abu Dhabi

  1. bravo bravo!!!!!!! love it!!! thank you for taking me on this ride with y’all!! so fun! Love how Wakiki is more concerned on his go pro camera shots instead of chance of instant death! high fives for YOLOS! xoxox

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