What I miss about the United States

I promise I’m not writing this post because I’m super depressed.  I’m actually the happiest I’ve been since I’ve moved.

When starting this blog I told myself I was writing to forever remind myself what this experience was like. I recently started thinking, I want to write down the things I really miss about the States now.  That way, when I go back, I remember how much I missed the little things I take for granted.  Also, a reminder to everyone reading in the States to be grateful for what we have 🙂

(Hopefully this doesn’t offend anyone here :/)

What I miss:

Target ($1 nail polish, work or party dresses, milk, movies, and kleenex all in one place and affordable?!)

Chipotle (Quick, easy, healthy, and delicious!)

Gas Stations (A 5 minute refill on gas? Worth the extra expense)

Shorts and Tank Tops (Can a girl just show a little leg please)

Nice People (…(Sorry))

Family (Duh)

Happy Hour (I’ll need to attend more of these)

Freedom (Home of the brave, land of the free! For real.)

Traveling (So many big cities in one country)

Non-smoking (Pretty sure I’ll still smell like a cigarette when I get back)

Laundry (Who would’ve thought I would miss the day of doing my own laundry, cooking my own food, and washing my own dishes)

Parks (Also, I miss snow)

Clouds (Can a girl get some shade in this heat?!)

Mexicans (Who wouldn’t miss Mexicans.. and their language and food and culture)

Therapists (I never saw one before, but I should. As should everyone)

Prices (I’ll have a shopping addiction when I get back)

Confident people (I’ll explain more at a later time)

Things to do (I’m currently stuck in a small city in a big desert)

Convenience (Everything is just so easy to do in the States: eating out, mailing a package, parking, grocery shopping)

Intelligence (……….)

Phone Packages (Topping up on credit and running out of data at the end of the month, so 2010)

The color green (…and blue, and purple, and green, and green)

Thunderstorms (This is definitely me missing Minnesota)

Order (Like, Law and Order)

Central Market (Or Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, anything organic please)

Parking Lots (yes, you read that right)

Hippies (I feel like one, just need some companions again)

Happy people (Hand in hand with confident people, right?)

Dancing (And people doing crazy things)

Wine (…can I buy my first bottle from the gas station when I get back?)

My baby girl (And all dog lovers)

YOU (Because why not? I probably do miss you.)

Photo Diarrhea... Couldn't help myself
Photo Diarrhea… Couldn’t help myself

Ok, in defense of Dubai, I’m sure I’ll have a list when I get back to the States of things I miss from here.  I can already think of some off the top of my head…

And things I do NOT miss about the states…

But one list at a time 🙂

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