5 Uncommon Ingredients For Your Kitchen: Middle East Inspired


Did You Know? Most of us are used to eating popcorn at the movie theater, but in parts of Columbia they snack on Ants.  “Known in Spanish as ‘hormigas culonas,’ the brown, cockroach-size insects are roasted, salted and eaten like peanuts. Considered a delicacy, they can fetch more than 10 times the price per pound […]

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F*** It Friday – I’m NOT Down With Turmeric Milk

I love trying pretty much everything I read about.  I obsess over other bloggers & their ideas + creativity.  New food, new makeup, new skin product, new style, new idea, new adventure – I’ll try it. Wafiq laughs at me. After my garlic discoveries I went wild on the internet, fell in love with a […]

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