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5 Things I Can’t Go A Day Without

Did You Know? 68% of the people suffer from Phantom Vibration Syndrome, the feeling that one’s phone is vibrating when it’s not. ( v i a )

I love investigating peoples routines & what they do every single day, meaning they’re obsessed.  For a long time that was Target for me.  Not a product, but a place.  I went to Target all the time & it was the one thing I desperately missed when I was out of the country.  I’ve gotten it together since then.  (*Amazon Prime*)

But of course, there are still products you use every single day that you can’t go without & those are the secret’s I need to know about!

Below are mine…

5 Things I use Every Day

5 Things I Can’t Go A Single Day Without:

1. Coconut Oil:

I’ve recently started experimenting with other oils as moisturizer, which I’ll update on later, but I still use coconut oil every single day in the kitchen.  I love the taste it brings to a dish.  I use it as oil when sautéing, mix it in my oatmeal for breakfast, or give my little doggie a spoonful as a treat.    I prefer cooking fresh meals as often as possible & coconut oil goes right along with that – I use it for everything in the kitchen & I love that it doubles as a use for pretty much anything else.

2. Hair Clips:

I can’t go through an entire day without using a hair clip.  My entire life I’ve had long, thick hair which I’ve loved but have only been able to manage with a tight ponytail.  I started hating the huge line mark that a tight  ponytail was making so I made the brave switch to hair clips & haven’t looked back.  I either: 1. Half dry my hair & twirl it into a bun, securing with a clip 2. Pull half my hair up once wearing it down has had its moment  3. Clip up when I get out of the shower when my hair is still wet.

Keep in mind, hair clips give your hair room to move so you’re less likely to have breakage.  And I should note, I currently do not own a curling iron so the only way I achieve any volume or curl is by wearing my hair in a bun w/a clip all day or overnight.. When I let it down, BOOM – curls.

3. White Shoes:

They’re too easy.  I wear these either letting my dog out in the morning, at work, after work, a quick run to the grocery story, the beach, with a fancy dress for a night out… Shit, I’ll wear them with anything, anywhere.  I buy a new pair OFTEN because they’re so affordable & there’s nothing better than clean, bright white shoes.

4. Moisturizer / Chapstick:

Cannot survive a day without my moisturizer.   I’ve always had super dry skin & I’m pretty much always trying to hold a self tan, so a moisturizer is an absolute MUST.  The past year I’ve been using my oil of choice & this Tepez Cream.   My face is super sensitive & will break out if you look at it incorrectly, so I’ve tried TONS of products that haven’t worked.  Oils & Tepez Cream never let me down – but I’m still looking.  Anyone have a fantastic moisturizer or eye cream that pumps in moisture they swear by?!  I’ll send you a thank you note if you tell me your secrets… Seriously.

And of course I carry chapstick everywhere.  The one place I NEED it daily is next to my bed.  I smear it on before I sleep and it moisturizes my lips all night long so I wake up fresh.  I can’t fall asleep without it.

5. Huge Sunglasses:

Even on a cloudy day I’m wearing sunglasses if I’m outside (or in a bright room?).  I can’t stand the strain on my eyes from squinting.  Once you realize how much huge, dark sunglasses helps your eyes you’ll never be able to go a day without them.   {They also come in handy when you’re super hungover, at the grocery store, buying frozen pizza, and run into your ex boyfriend.}

When I think about the things I can’t go without, these come to mind.  I feel like each of them serves a purpose in my day to day functioning, including my $15 H&M pants I was wearing in my recent Instagram pic.  As long as I have these items, I’m good to go, ready to conquer the world!

What products can’t you live without?

Have a great week & be thoughtful!



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May Monthly Favorites | MissBassmaster

My favorite blog posts to read are the Monthly Favorites.   They take out all the beating around the bush of products that are sort of good or kind of suck.

Instead, it’s more of a monthly obsession list.

(Yessssssss, me too!)

For that reason – I wanted to join the monthly favorites club.

This is going to be a list, but I would eventually love creating a short video each month.

{There are times my love for something comes across better with a little video action, rather than just writing.  You feel me?}

May Favorites 2016

1. Sinful Colors Endless Blue Nail Polish:

I’m not typically a fan of colored nail polish, but this blue does it for me.  It’s summery, but not bright pink, typical white, or black.  And it’s pretty subtle.

I tried pulling these blue nails off in more professional settings rather than just at the beach or on vacation and I don’t think it freaked anyone out. The color isn’t as shocking as it sounds and every time I slap it on my fingers I’m obsessed with my nails!

2. Set of 3 Dot Coat Hooks:

I have been searching HIGH AND LOW for coat hangers for my itty bitty entry since I moved back in October. I love these sooooooo much – I’m thinking of buying another set.  They’re both an art piece + a perfect coat hook.

3. Lace-Trim Cotton-Blend Shirt:

I’ve been living in this shirt. Too much. I’ve managed to find a way to wear it with anything, in any weather condition.   Hot, cold, windy, rainy, sunny – this shirt is my go-to.

It’s the perfect thickness where it’s impossible to be too hot or too cold. It’s light enough to lay on your body comfortably.  I’ll tie it up into a shorter shirt with a high waisted skirt, wear it long over leggings, tuck it in cut off shorts.  I’m in love.

4. Braids:

Rapunzel length hair finally became worthy of its maintenance.  I’m digging the (pigtail? boxer?) braids this month. Never did I ever think I would be wearing two braids after turning 7 years old but here I am.

Braids are the B E S T thing for hair because they’re so low maintenance! (If you don’t know how to braid – I would learn.  It’ll be worth it.)  Lately, I’ve been putting in two braids after work on Friday and leave them in all weekend.  They go everywhere with me and I love it.  Hair Gods: please don’t let this trend go away.

5. Carli Bybel Highlighter:

Highlighter is the best make up friend for anyone with dry skin like me.  My skin always looks cracked and dry and thirsty. Sick.  Since using massive amounts of coconut oil and throwing on highlighter, I’m much happier.

And this month my go-to has been the Carli Byblel palette.  {Anyone her YouTube fan?}  If you’ve been wondering whether or not to buy this palette, BUY IT.  So affordable – and for the highlighters alone, worth it!

6. Zarbee’s Honey Cough Soothers:

Leeeeeet the sun shineeeeee!! Leeeeeet the sun shine in!!!!! Holy mother of pearl it’s here.  I’ve looked F O R E V E R for cough medicine that doesn’t have stupid sugar as one of the first ingredients.  FINALLY I found Zarbee’s.

I am not a doctor, but I consider this common sense.  If you’re taking medicine that has processed sugar in it, especially as a main ingredient, how is that doing your body any favor?  That’s a freaking candy cane. Take a look at your cough drops and you’ll feel me.  Zarbee’s is the first miracle of an answer that I’ve found in the sore throat department.  Honey on the go, ouiiiii!  This will FOREVER be found in my medicine cabinet. Get excited. Game over.

7. Forever 21 Classic Skinny Jeans:

I have been living in these!  I’ve never purchased jeans from Forever 21 before.  I’m super particular about jeans so I always go “jean shopping” to dedicate some time to trying on different styles & brands… Well, I didn’t have time and was desperately seeking skinny, grey, jeans so I grabbed a $10 pair from Forever 21.  The rest is history!

I’ve even washed these jeans a couple times and they’re still staying true to style.  Is this real?  Anyone else try jeans from Forever 21?  I also love that they’re not super thick, which is a life saver in this Texas heat.

8. Straws:

…and these particular ones, have been serving me well lately. We have several cups that require straws and because sooomeone continuously puts them in the bottom of the dishwasher – they melt away, leaving us with no straws to use in our wonderful cups.

SO, a quick stop in Target and these bad boys came to the rescue.  I bought several different straws and these are my favorite.  The length, the amount of water you get with each sip – I can’t drink water without them now.

9. Cole Haan Polarized Sunglasses:

As you can probably tell from pictures, I’ve become slightly obsessive over these sunglasses.  I’ve been on the hunt for sunglasses that were huge, black, and reflect just a little… My wishes were answered when I stumbled across these.

I like huge glasses because they cover more of my face from sun & I like when they reflect just a little so people can’t see me staring at them.

10. The Blacklist:

Last but not least, my full on dedication to The Blacklist this month.  I’ve completely caught up – and can go to bed at a decent time again.

Has anyone been watching?  I love the constant twists & turns! Can’t shut it off.  I can focus on one tv show at a time, so it’s one guilty pleasure a month & this one takes the cake! (Obviously, this month is The Bachelorette…)

That’s it! May is gone, ready to get into June.  I’m totally looking forward to recording next month’s favorite’s, I feel like writing about them just isn’t compassionate enough!! lol

What are you guys loving this month?  Inspire me please 🙂


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