Glamglow Gravitymud Mask – I Tried It For You

Did You Know?  In Mauritania, Africa – Obesity has long been the ideal of beauty, signaling a family’s wealth in a land repeatedly wracked by drought. Nomadic people struggling to survive the harsh desert came to prize fatness as a sign of health.

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I’ve been reading beauty blogs & watching beauty YouTubers for a few years now.  They suck me in & before you know it I’m 10 videos deep with a long list of new products I NEED.  Then, I get to the store & notice the first item on my long list is .5oz of face cream that’s $90… and I have no money left for anything else.  Story of my life.


I’ve gotten better at prioritizing.  What’s worth the money & what isn’t.  There are bloggers/YouTubers that I’ve learned not to trust & others that I have to rush out & buy their product suggestions immediately!

Face Masks are always a big deal for me.  1 – they’re all super expensive, so experimenting isn’t very easy.   2 – They’re ideal because taking good care of my skin helps with my no makeup routine.

I noticed this silver Glamglow face mask all over the place & finally thought, fuck it.  I’ll spend the money, try it for a month, then tell you what I think.  Are the expensive face products that everyone flaunts worth it??  I’m determined to find out & this mask was the first one off the picking block.


I went to Sephora & bought the Glamglow Gravitymud Firming Treatment Mask.  It comes in a large package but a very small jar.   Already kind of annoying considering it’s $70, but I’m committed.

The box says: “Firm, Lift, Tighten, Tone, Sexy Contours” and it’s supposed to be a solution for fine lines & wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and loss of firmness & elasticity.

I brought it home & immediately tried it.  There’s a small brush inside the box that’s super helpful with the application process, which I loved.  Once it was on my face I let it sit for 30 minutes, then proceeded to “peel” it off.

This is the part that annoys me about the mask.  Everyone is so pumped up about the mask peeling off, but it doesn’t.  I mean sure it kind of peels off if you use a super thick layer of product & carefully spend your time trying to successfully peel off as much as you can, followed by rinsing off the rest.  I’d just as well wash the whole damn thing off.  Weird for me, the “peeling” part.  Maybe the same people that enjoy popping zits would enjoy attempting to peel off a mask? Doesn’t get me going.  So, that part of the mask for me is a major fail & a dumb reason to spend money.


I continued to use the mask 3x a week for an entire month. Sometimes before bed, other times before applying makeup, and also in the mornings on days where I wouldn’t wear makeup. I should mention, the little jar of product does last awhile & it’s a more comfortable mask to wear with a yummy sent.

Once I took the mask off, my skin felt fresh & a little gummy.  In a good way, almost like a dewy primer.  That part I liked.

Overall, I think this mask is good when you have somewhere to go.  Keep in your drawer for the days you have an event to go to or you’re traveling & need a wake up for your face.  After a month, I didn’t notice any super noticeable differences in fine lines or firmness.  Unless I used the mask that day or night before, my face doesn’t look or feel any different than before I bought the little jar.  You know what I mean?  It was nice to have for the day, but it’s not a miracle worker long term.

Would I buy it again? Maybe.  I can see where it’s nice to have in the rotation of your face products but I don’t see what the rage is about the mask.  I wish I could rage about it.  I’m going to try a few other Glamglow masks that also have positive reviews & see if there’s one that really makes me a believer.  I’d be happy to report back.


For now, you’re not alone if you don’t buy the magic, silver peel off mask. The mask is ok.  But it’s not the fountain of youth.

Does anyone have mask recommendations? I have a few that I actually do love, but am always looking for more!

Have a great day today & be thoughtful,


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I Finally Bought Cravings, By Chrissy Teigen & This Is What I Think

Slayyyyy bae slay! The cookbook of all cookbooks.  I’ve had my eye on Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook Cravings for a long time & finally bought it earlier this month.

Guys, it’s the shit.  This review is going to the results, real quick.


I READ the entire book before cooking anything in it.  Are Chrissy & John hot as F*** or what?  (I say Chrissy and John as if we’re on first name basis.)

Normally, I’m anti cookbooks because, Pinterest.  BUT I love Chrissy Teigen so I felt obligated, plus her snapchats of recipes makes me really hungry.

The book (we’re calling it a book, because there’s so much more than recipes) is packed with humor, reasons why she loves each recipe, fantastic pictures that I’m super envious of, and my favorite – THE RECIPES!

I easily get bored w/cooking, hence my mystery ingredient challenge. Basic recipes kill me over a period of time.  If you don’t enjoy cooking, perhaps you’re bored with WHAT you’re cooking.  That happens to me, then I start eating out. Which, blah.

This book is creative, the ingredients are across the board & it incorporates several cultural mixes. Bingo.


We cooked Chrissy’s Mac & Cheese with Cheesy Garlic Bread Crumbs, BTI (Better Than Ina’s) Roast Chicken And Vegetables, & the Dutch Baby Pancake.

The roast chicken calls for 23 cloves of garlic.  23 cloves….   WOULD I EVER CHOSE A DIFFERENT RECIPE?!  It’s as if the recipe was created for me, anyone who has balls to write 23 cloves of garlic in their ingredient list is a winner to me.

The Mac & Cheese was so healthy, I ate the entire pan.  (Not healthy, so much cheese, soooo much cheese!)

We made the Dutch Baby Pancake the morning after the food coma for Wafiq. But I ate half.  Fantastic.


Overall, almost every recipe appears tempting.  I’m planning on the Chunky Creamy Mushroom Soup this weekend.

I noticed some of recipes can look a little intimidating w/unusual ingredients & methods of cooking, however that’s exactly what I need when I’m buying a cookbook – different. Do not be afraid!  And she does an excellent job of explaining each step & what you can do to make the meal an overall success.

I highly recommend it.

If you don’t enjoy cooking, buy this book and flip to a random page – then go for it! Cooking new foods might shine light on your kitchen counters.

If you love cooking, you’ll appreciate the recipes in the book – very different.

And if you want to read a funny book about food w/hot pictures – here’s your answer.

This won’t disappoint, and having Chrissy’s face on the cover doesn’t make for a bad coffee table book either.


Alright, I’ll report back on twitter how my Chunky Creamy Mushroom Soup turns out & whether or not mushroom haters approve.. aka Wafiq.

 Tonight, I’m hating myself for getting into this HBO series, The Night Of.  WHY?! Why watch such tense TV series? Who creates these??  I overkilled New Girl with Wafiq, but I’ll strategize a plan to get it back on the TV ASAP!

Go dream of Mac & Cheese!

Talk soon,


+ You can buy Cravings on Amazon (Prime) for $20: HERE

+ Not Sponsored, just loving the book 

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Netflix: Sense8

In my defense, I haven’t blabbed about Netflix or random TV shows in a long time… So I feel it’s acceptable (and necessary) for me to share. And I’m sorry to anyone reading in Dubai that doesn’t have access to Netflix (hopefully you’ve figured out VPN to get around that problem), I’ve been there and I understand.



Watch it. Binge watch it. Love it. Hate it. Think about it.

I had to watch the entire season before I admitted to myself that this is a good show, but I’ve decided it’s a very good show. One that you really have to sit down and think about, but so addicting and worth the brain stretch. Nothing you would expect. Also, give it a couple episodes –> you’ll end up watching the whole season.

From now on my TV reviews will have 5 words I would use to describe the series.

Sense8: Suspense / Empowerment / Hot / Sci fi / Action / What

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My Dumb Idea To Try The Master Cleanse

I’ve run out of things to talk about.

Which is why I’m going to tell you about my stupid idea to do the Master Cleanse.

Being in Dubai I’ve eaten SO much terrible food! In my opinion, terrible means non-organic, super processed, deep-fried, grease machine foods.  That’s been my diet. As hard as I try it not to be.

Mostly because the food options here are limited. In Austin, I think most people are eating an organic/healthy diet without even trying.  The organic grocery stores, restaurants, even fast food (shout out to P-Terry’s), tends to be easily accessible and affordable.

Dubai is most positively no where near the organic food train.

Anyways, since the day I came to Dubai it’s been one of my major frustrations.  I want to eat healthy. I feel better about myself, inside and out.  Now that I’ve learned about the grocery stores that have little sections in the back corners with organic food, I decided I’m going to do my best to eat as healthy as I can.  But I needed something to clear the old stuff out and prepare my belly for the new  improved food.

That’s where my dumb idea for the Master Cleanse comes into effect.


I’ve wanted to do a detox/cleanse type thing for a long time.  Not for any reason other than the fact that if indeed a detox did work, how neat would that be.  I looked at Juice Cleanses but they felt too complicating. And the chances of me finding all the juice ingredients I needed was very unlikely.  So I started reading about the Master Cleanse. I’m not going to lie to anyone here, this idea originated from that hot mom on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda.  I mean, she can validate that the Master Cleanse is a good idea right?

I have to drink 6-10 glasses of lemonade made of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup for 10 days…

Did you read that right??  10 DAYS!!!!

(What the hell was I thinking?!?!)

I have a “Smooth Move” tea at night and a “salt water flush” in the morning. (I’ll spare you the details of why)

And that’s it. For 10 days.

I’m on day 4.  Barely.

On day 1 I wanted to die. I thought that might be a better option than fighting to survive. The headache alone nearly made my head fall off.  I thought there’s no way I’m doing this for 2 whole days, much less 10! This is the dumbest idea I’ve ever had! And who would ever do this?! They’re liars!

On day 2 I was delusional. I almost passed out in the shower in the morning and couldn’t stop laughing in afternoon.

On day 3 I felt sad.  I wanted to eat. At this point I wasn’t starving but I was realizing how important food is in life. Eating with friends, having popcorn at the movies, eating dinner with the family, morning coffee with coworkers. I felt I was missing out. I felt depressed.

On day 4. Today.  I feel surprised. I can’t believe I made it this long.  I was telling Wafiq on the way to work today that I might actually make it. Maybe I can do it. Still doubtful, but it’s possible.  And with a very serious laugh he responded, “You’ve lived 3 days now without actual food and you’re not dead so yeah you probably can make it”.  As if “making it” in his head meant not dying.

So tomorrow I’m on day 5.  I think that means by the time I sleep tomorrow I’m more than halfway done?  I can’t promise I’m going to make it all the way to day 10. I want to.  It will seriously be one of the largest achievements of my life, good Lord.  But I also might need to eat a baked potato on the way home from work today. Who knows!


Read the conclusion: HERE

Shop master cleanse essentials:

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