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Life Chats: MissBassmaster Gone Missing

“You have this one life. How do you want to spend it? Apologizing? Regretting? Questioning? Hating yourself? Dieting? Running after people who don’t see you? Be brave. Believe in yourself. Do what feels good. Take risks. You have this one life. Make yourself proud.”


My favorite day of the week has turned into Wednesday’s because I’ve somehow managed to get myself addicted to Survivor.  I haven’t watched the series since the first season but have come full circle, watching again.  I love competition, but that is one show I would never want to be a part of!

The Real Hosuewives of Atlanta really had me hooked as well.  JUICY. I have never wanted to be a part of a group of friends more in my life. They are the baddest.  And I’m addicted.  I can’t turn the show on while Wafiq’s home because he can’t stand the yelling, but I sneak it in when I can.

I have so many super exciting posts coming up but I’ve stalled a little because I have a Web Designer working on my website… I want MissBassmaster to to be functioning & professional, and I am not good enough to get the job done myself so I’ve finally found someone to help.  Editing & working through the new site has taken a ton of time so I haven’t been as present on MissBassmaster as I want to be, but I REALLY believe it’ll be worth it.

Hopefully this will all be done in a week or two.. or three! We’ll see…

In the meantime, I’m only going to post a few times a week  & spend energy creating more!

I thought I’d fill you in as there may be a chance someone looks forward to my posts & notices they’re not happening as often.  I have not disappeared or slowed down… Just making things smoother!

Have a fantastic day & be thoughtful


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Three Wish Worthy Easter Dresses

Did You Know?  67% of Millennials and 56% of Gen Xers prefer to shop on online rather than in-store.

( v i a )

Happy Monday!

I made the mistake of trying to go shopping recently & immediately regretted my decision to skip shopping online… Ughhhh… is anyone else online only?!  It’s so much easier than parking at a mall, going into a crowded store, digging around for your size, (and most recently) dealing with the hottest dressing room of all time!

So, I’m back to strictly online shopping & spent the weekend looking for Easter/Spring looks.   Spring is my favorite because I get to wear flowers, pastels, lace, pink, dresses – everything that runs through my blood.


Three Wish Worthy Easter Dresses:

Natasha Ruffle Bodycon Dress

I like dresses that can multi-task.  Something that I feel like a girl in but can dress up for a sexy little night out or dress down for a casual day at brunch.  P.S Nasty Gal’s inventory is always changing & with their sales you can count on finding budget friendly options.  (Similar: HERE)

White Garden Party Maxi Dress

Works for Easter or any day this Spring, right?  I’m not always about the long, flowy, maxi dresses because they’re so loose & allow too much room to comfortably eat – several days of that in a row will add major pounds to my waistline without even knowing… But I think one really pretty maxi for Spring is manageable.  (Similar: HERE)

Jumpsuit with Frill Peplum in Scuba Crepe 

If you haven’t noticed from Instagram, I would wear a jumpsuit every single day.  I bring my dog with me everywhere I go, even places that are a little more formal – so I prefer wearing something a step up from my workout tights.  Jumpsuits allow me to manage the dog without showing my hoo-ha, & look decent.  (Plus, I’m loving hot pink… always.)

Have a great week everyone!  I’m about to start the Last Man Standing series on Netflix for the 3rd time in a row… It’s too funny & I hate to admit, has possibly tied New Girl for my fav shows. I watch the episodes over & over & over… & over. Wafiq hates me.

Enjoy your day & be thoughtful



Shop More:

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Unknown Ingredient Challenge: Kelp Noodles

One of my favorite places in the world is –> THE GROCERY STORE!!!!!!!!


There are so many interesting ingredients in there, how do you not spend 3 hours inside each time you have to pick up eggs?! (<– Wafiq hates me)

I’m always down to try new foods.

Some ingredients I’ve happily added to my diet that I didn’t previously understand:  Amino Liquids, Dates, lentils, tahini, sesame seed oil, fresh ginger, saffron…

So, last weekend Wafiq & I decided to walk into the grocery store, pick something out that we haven’t seen before, and cook it!    (I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.)

Our target was to find a main ingredient.

We landed on: KELP NOODLES

There were only 2 packages left, we considered that a good sign & went for it.  Since I didn’t know what Kelp was, much less how to cook it, I checked the back of the package for a recipe and felt confident in my findings.


Kelp Noodle Chicken Stir Fry w/ a MBM Twist

1 Package Kelp Noodles

1/2 C. diced chicken

1/2 C. sliced onion

3 Tbls Coconut Oil

1/2 C. Broccoli

1 Red Bell Pepper, Thinly Sliced

4+ Garlic Cloves Minced

2 tsp. Liquid Amino’s

2 tsp.  Sesame Seed Oil

Salt & Pepper

Sesame Seeds (sprinkle on top of finished dish)

Lime wedges

Directions: Saute garlic in coconut oil. Add chicken & veggies. Saute until chicken is cooked.  Then add Kelp Noodles, Amino Liquids & sesame seed oil.  Stir until noodles soften, add salt and pepper to taste.  Serve with (tons) of lime juice and sprinkled w/sesame seeds. (YUMMMM!)


Kelp noodles for the win!  This recipe was DELICIOUS!

I was a bit scared at first because the noodles looked like octopus legs or a slimy worm?  (CLEAR?!)  But it wasn’t slimy… and it wasn’t a worm.

Kelp Noodles have a little crunch which made them a fantastic alternative to regular noodles or rice in a stir fry.  They absolutely taste nothing like seaweed, they barely have a taste, and they are not sticky!

Ok, so of course I hit up Google Search (aka: Pinterest) to see what I was eating.

First, Kelp is a sea vegetable. Meaning, it’s seaweed.

{I thought this would freak Wafiq out, but it didn’t.  I think because the meal tasted so good.}

This is what I learned:  ( v i a / v i a )  

  •  Mostly used in Korean dishes

  • Contains NO fat, cholesterol, protein or sugar & they’re gluten free

  • Can arguably be considered RAW, depending on how they’re prepared

  • Contains calcium & iron

  • Like most seafood, Kelp noodles contains Iodine which helps with thyroid & metabolism function!

For a completely random find I’m overly impressed!  And the best part, you can buy them on Amazon &&& it’s Prime.  Hello Kelp Noodles!  [I was reading a lot of people are having trouble finding them in their local stores, so per usual – Amazon to the rescue.]

++++ they’re super affordable.

Done & Done!


Not only did I love how easy this particular package was to throw into a stir fry + their nutritional bonuses (goodbye carb filled noodles & rice), I’m also excited to incorporate seaweed into my diet for the iodine benefits.  I’ve been reading the benefits of Iodine & many people don’t get enough —

I’m anxious to continue my relationship with Kelp Noodles.

(I’ll do a little update w/some other uses & benefits after we hit 3rd base together.)


YAY! This was such a fun time & I definitely want to do the mystery grocery ingredient again soon.  I feel like it was an activity that mixed up routine, changed the menu, & assisted in learning about a new ingredient + it’s benefits.

TRY THIS!  Spend a hot summer Saturday w/a new ingredient and let me know how it goes!

OR let me know your uncommon ingredients that I can try next time 🙂


I hope you’re all making it through the week!

I’m pretty sleepy this week, I think the workouts & steamy weather has been knocking me down.  But who doesn’t love a good nights rest?!

Can’t complain!

Stay happy!!!


shop the post:

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What I Miss About Living In Dubai

Never did I ever, expect to be writing this list.  What I Miss About Living In Dubai. 

What an adventure that was! I’m in the U.S. now, have been for awhile, and am FINALLY able to look back on the experience of living in Dubai and come to terms with the fact that I DO miss particular parts.  Whether I want to admit it or not, I sit down some days and think about my life as an expat with a little grin. Other days I sit down and praise Jesus I’m back in the U.S.  I appreciate both.

What I Miss About Living In Dubai:

–  The beautiful Burj Khalifa (that gorgeous beast)

–  Driving.  (PSA: American’s, SLOW THE FUCK DOWN)

–  The Palm Jumeirah (nothing like vacation out the front door)

–  Work. (Independence, Confidence, Flexibility, Variety, Equality)

–  Shopping. (Waaaaaaaahhhh!! <Literally, eyes watering>)

–  Bahraini’s (and Bahrain being so close, little doo doo island life)

–  Feeling safe. (All. Of. The. Time.)

–  Mosque’s (+ the call to prayer)

–  Camels (Cutest wild animals ever!)

–  Dubai Fountain (Magic)

–  Open desert (much like the ocean – open, peaceful space that brings calmness)

–  Lebanese Food (Hellooooo beet salads and tabbouleh)

–  Orange sunsets (with a huge ass glowing orange sun)

–  Dubai Marina (…because WOW. Not a bad place to spend happy hour every day)

–  Australians (Wafiq and I can not forget our gym instructor. SO. HOT.)

–  Real rules (..and people actually following them)

–  Fresh dates (My sweet baby loves, come to me)

–  Cleanliness (from the houses to the cars to the shopping malls to the streets)

–  The Shopping Malls (Yes, this needs to be added twice)

–  Religion (proud believers. No if’s / and’s / or but’s)

–  Diversity (travel, culture, conversation)

–  Biryani (Specifically from Wafiq’s house)

–  Friends (the couple of people I had to leave behind that truly impacted my life)

Calling all expats! Anything else I’m missing? What do you miss? 🙂


Xx MissBassmaster


Burj Khalifa

Open desert



Dubai Marina


Palm Jumeirah


Sand Storms


Burj Al Arab


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Celebrate! It’s Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!!




(Done with the caps.)

I wish Valentines day happened once a month, or at the very least quarterly. Like I’ve said before, Valentines Day reminds us to give an extra big hug, share a cookie, and buy some flowers.

If you’re the Grinch of Valentines Day, I ask –> WHY? WHY?!?  WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?! You’re obviously over thinking it.  I don’t associate Valentines day with romance or even buying gifts. I associate it with love, happiness, hugs, pink, flowers… what’s so bad about that?

Offer a compliment, or a hug… Draw some hearts, hang them on the fridge… Wear pink!

S h o c k someone with kindness!

Because, why the F not?! We (the human population) need a lot more kindness going around.  Save the bitchen and moanin for another day, because TODAY is the day we’re being n i c e and k i n d and extra touchy.

As for me…
In Austin, the weather is perfect. I say perfect confidently. Sun, blue sky, water, lush, perfect temperature accompanied by a perfect breeze.  There’s nothing more I desire.
Wafiq and I are bringing our leading lady to the green belt, a hiking trail close to where we live. Water + Freedom + Fresh Air
Then we’ll be working on our vision boards. I’ve been wanting to set aside time since Jan. 1 but haven’t squeezed it in. Since we envision only positive adventures in the future, this plan sounds like a great ending to a loving day.
Add some wine, flowers on the table, smooth jazz, candle lit, and some afternoon cooking = We have ourselves a winning Valentines Day!
DON’T overthink Valentines Day, but DO think about it 🙂
Valentines Day 2
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