5 Instagram Handles I’m Afraid To Admit I Love Following

Kourtney Kardashian

Hi everyone!  I have my war with social media all the time because I’m not a big phone person, therefore I don’t check social media all the time.  And I’ve been sort of blah with Instagram lately.  It turned Facebook on me with all the ads & sponsored posts.  They also seem to show me to same 10 photos every time I login and I end up missing new pics from accounts I love to follow… Hopefully this changes.  BUT, I started thinking, there are a few accounts that I get excited to see a new post from.  Below are 5 that I’m kind of shy to admit I follow… eeee!

Please share some accounts you love, or your own! I’m trying to brighten up my feed a little 🙂

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Best of 2016: TV & Movies

Did You Know? There’s no reason to feel guilty next time you indulge in your favorite shows- 70% of Netflix users binge-watch their tv series ( v i a ) The most important conversation of 2016, what was binge worthy?!  What was worth those hours missed in front of the TV??  I have a few favorites — they […]

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Affordable Office Outfit Series: Target

Let’s be real, working at a desk in an office with a tiny window, doesn’t exactly feel like a fashion runway.  The last thing anyone working inside an office wants to do is spend ANY money on office clothes.  Ew…  My friends & I discuss the cheapest ways & places to buy office clothes and […]

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10 Perfect Housewarming Gifts

I spent a lot of time on this list!  I’m going to a housewarming brunch this weekend & have been thinking about helpful gifts to bring.  It’s a bit tricky.  I had to take it back to when I last moved & what would’ve been a helpful gift rather than a burden. When someone’s moving […]

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How Coconut Oil Saved Me From Hormonal Acne

My life w/coconut oil.   I know there’s lists of 101 ways to use coconut oil, and I doubt very few of them, but there’s ONE thing I use coconut oil for that makes me a believer – face moisturizer for chin acne! I’ll be the first to say I have major jealousy issues w/girls […]

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Life Goals: Packing Light

I’m going to New York this weekend – Ouiiiiiiiii! Wafiq’s sister is traveling to New York, so we thought it would be a fun weekend to meet up – Stay tuned.   TODAY I want to discuss packing.  How do you guys pack for weekend trips?  Except for the past 7 months or so I […]

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