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3 Things You Need To Stop Using – TODAY

Did You Know? “Already, the ocean is filled with about 165 million tons of plastic. That’s 25 times heavier than the Great Pyramid of Giza.  By 2050, plastic in the oceans (is predicted to) outweigh fish.”

( v i a )

One thing that drives me nuts is throw-away plastic.  I really can’t stand it.

And because it’s Earth Day this weekend I thought it would be a good time to address throw-away plastic.

Earth Day

Earth Day

I use old glass coconut oil jars for nuts & mixes too!

Earth Day

Veggies always ready to snack on…

Earth Day

Chopped onion ready for recipes & lunches //  Beans ready to go for salads!

Earth Day

THESE containers are perfect for lunches – great portion size & love that they’re wide, not deep

3 Things You Need To Stop Using, TODAY

1. Plastic Serving Items:

Plastic plates, utensils, cups, bowls, straws – all need to go!  I can’t remember the last time I purchased any of those items.   I remember in the 19th century when we thought using plastic items was incredibly smart because it made clean-up easier, but that was the 19th century when we didn’t know how much that was effecting our mother earth.

Honestly, it takes two seconds to get everything through the dishwasher & once you get in the habit of it, you don’t even notice the clean-up.

Large garbage bags filled with plastic serving utensils is disturbing.  Not to mention half of it blows away or breaks in the process & isn’t even used.  Instead – use real, affordable, inexpensive items that you’ll easily be able to wash, store, & reuse.

2. Zip Lock Bags:

Zip Lock Bags are dumb.  Wafiq had a hard time letting go of these but after much trickery I’ve managed to keep them out of the house & he’s barely noticed.

I use these red containers for EVERYTHING.  I chop onions, broccoli, jalapenos, and other veggies – then leave them in the containers to easily pull out & use for a quick lunch or recipe.

This size is particularly awesome for the Oatmeal I eat every morning.

And the containers make your refrigerator look so organized!!  Much better than bags hanging out all over the place.  This size is the perfect portion for your meals, anything bigger allows room for too much food!

I also use containers to freeze meat. Rather than the whole package, I’ll separate the pieces & freeze them in portions of my choosing.

Time to ditch zip locks people!  These containers are awesome, $23 for a set of 40, and you can buy them at Target OR Amazon Prime!

3. Paper Towels & Plastic Water Bottles:

I put paper towels & water bottles together because I understand avoiding these two items completely is not realistic for some people.

As far as paper towels are concerned – you can no longer be the person who grabs a paper towel EVERY SINGLE TIME you wash & dry your hands.  My jaw drops writing that.  You know how many paper towels you use & go through?!  Buy a few kitchen towels to dry your hands & switch them out as often as you need to in order to keep them clean.  Period.  Paper towels should be more of a back-up option.

As far as water bottles – I never drink out of the plastic ones unless I’m desperate for water & forgot to bring my own, which is rare.  I always have a huge water bottle with ice that I carry around & refill.   Every time I leave the house & of course while in the house.  (I shamefully became a Yeti addict recently, nothing like a freezing cold drink of water.  I use a metal straw with mine. )  If anyone buys those God forsaken small, 8oz, water bottles still – It’s time to stop immediately. What a waste!

 Earth Day

Earth Day

The Oatmeal I Eat Every Single Morning // Recipe: HERE

Earth Day

Fail Free (homemade) Ready To Bake Cookies // Recipe: HERE

Earth Day

What do you think?  Anyone else have any obsessive ways to ditch trash/recycle build up?

I’m not a huge climate change advocate but it does break my heart to see what mother earth is going through, especially with some of our wasteful decisions – so I try my best to do little things that will hopefully make a difference. Creating less trash sounds like a good start.

Let me know your thoughts!

Have a great weekend & be thoughtful


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My Easy, Everyday Makeup (free) Routine & 5 Reasons You Should Get On Board

Did You Know? The thinnest skin is found on your precious eyelids measuring at .02mm thick.  The thickest skin is found on your feet measuring at 1.4mm thick. ( v i a )


I never thought I’d see the day where I wouldn’t want to wear makeup all day, during work, but here we are.  For the past 2 months I’ve abstained from MOST of my makeup at work.


My Daily Makeup Routine

I used to think makeup was important at work because it helps you look awake, alert, professional, clean, put together, on time – but I’ve had a shift in mentality recently.  I don’t want to put shit on my face when my computer screen & a few people are the only ones reaping the benefits.  Most of the time I don’t even look in a mirror so I’m not even able to marvel at my artwork.

I’ll admit, I’ve never been the person that’s afraid to go outside of the house without makeup, or in my sweatpants (sometimes pajamas).  So going without makeup wasn’t necessarily fearful for me, as I think some people that wear makeup every day can end up feeling.

I decided to ditch the bronzer, foundation, blush, eye shadow, highlight, or whatever else I was using every day.

I think the first week was a little shocking for the other employees.  Like maybe I had an illness or was SUPER hungover or Wafiq & I were breaking up.  In my defense, I don’t think I looked like an ailing ghost, I think it was different from what they were used to seeing.  ESPECIALLY in the mornings when my eyes are puffy and usually red because of allergies + without makeup my freckles & sun spots are visible.  I definitely don’t have the smoothness & dimension that foundation & bronzer bring to the table.

After a week or so went by I perfected the moisturizer, concealer, and mascara routine to a point where I still felt put together, but free.  I think all makeup wearing people, including lovers of makeup, can admit there’s nothing like a fresh, bare, clean face.  YUM.

 My Daily Makeup Routine

My Routine:

  1. Clean Face: Stick to your normal face wash routine.  Full disclosure, I skip this step most mornings. I like the oil that my face accumulated overnight & prefer not to wash it away.

  2. Moisturize: As you know, I’ve been using this Tepez Cream, but am always looking for a stellar moisturizer (tell me!!)

  3. Oil: I like an oily face.  Lately, I’ve been trying Avocado Oil.  I put a thin layer all over, including my neck.  Even Wafiq does this step now 🙂

  4. Conceal:  Use any concealer under your eyes to brighten your entire face with little effort. Lately, I’ve been using this one, but I switch all the time.  Make a huge triangle under your eyes & the spots you want to cover << for me, it’s always around my chin.

  5. Blend:  Wet a beauty blender, I love this one, then start dabbing the blender all over the concealer until it’s blended out & looking smooth.

  6. Powder:  Unless it’s really hot outside, I can skip this step.  Otherwise, I put a translucent powder or a nude eye shadow from this pallet under my eyes to keep the concealer in place all day.

  7. Curl Lashes:  I have stick straight lashes, so curling is a must!

  8. Mascara:  I’ve used this one since I was 16.  I noticed doing both the top & bottom eyelashes helps A LOT.  Sometimes I’ll do the top only & when I look in the mirror, I get scared.

  9. Chapstick: Don’t forget to moisturize your lips!  This finishes it all perfectly!


That’s my new every day, work “look”.

I’m feeling a bit empowered, when I look at my gorgeous coworker’s fully contoured & looking like a hard 10 face – I still find myself happy that my face is clean & nearly makeup free. Confident that I can wear my oily, moisturized face with a dab of concealer & way less product.

So much less to think about, right?!

 My Daily Makeup Routine

5 Benefits of Less Makeup During Workdays:

  • Save money on expensive makeup products

  • Easy & fast – meaning less time getting ready in the morning & more time sleeping

  • Focus on the health of your actual skin – moisturizing & clarifying the skin that you have

  • Enjoy weekend makeup again – you’ll be creative & energized when you get to do a full face of makeup with all your products on a well-rested face

  • Boost of confidence – You’ll feel proud & confident to rock the carefree make up look at the office! Trust me 🙂

My Daily Makeup Routine

I throw on layers of makeup on the weekends or a night out or anytime I’m bored.  Bring on the blush, glitter, bronzer with a glow, fake lashes, red lipstick, and whatever else I can find –  but as far as day to day, super minimal is my new routine!

I totally understand this sounds silly to a lot of makeup-free people but once you get used to wearing makeup it’s kind of weird to walk away from it…  For anyone that sits behind a desk the majority of the day & doesn’t see the point in spending $$$ on an expensive, gorgeous, high glow, foundation to wear all day at work.  Skip it! Save it for the weekends & weeknight outings.

My Daily Makeup Routine

To make my life even easier, I roll my hair up into a clip before bed & let it down the next day for a super relaxed curl.  That’s it.  My morning routine is 10 minutes max.

Anyone else started wearing less makeup during the day when you’re staring at the computer for hours? Let me know! I need a support group.

Have a great start to the week & as always, be thoughtful


Shop Everyday Face Products:

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Easy, Delicious & Different – Wild Rice Soup Recipe

Did you know? Wild Rice is very difficult to grow commercially because it’s best harvested with canoes or non motorized boats as the grass is super fragile – which is why it comes from it’s native land Minnesota & neighboring areas, including Canada. ( v i a )


I worked in the deli department of a grocery store (Byerlys) for about 4 years in high school.  I would cut cheese & slice meat. Very cool.

I learned a lot in that grocery store.  I was easily the youngest person in my department which meant quickly learning to have confidence & a large ball sack.  No more sweet, innocent Katie – time to grown the F up.  So, thank you to the grocery store, wouldn’t have made it far without you.

I also learned a lot about food.  Many of my shifts were spent maintaining the salad bar. I learned all about ingredients, what they smell like, how long they last, how they taste, what they look like.  (To this day I can’t eat pickled jalapeños, I can still smell them.)

There were also a couple foods I couldn’t get enough of.  Never got old no matter how many pounds I served a day.  Mmmmm corn soufflé, Ruben Panini and… cheese.

Wild Rice Soup was one of them.  Every single time I indulged, it was as delicious as the last.  After visiting home a week or 2 ago I felt it was time to share a recipe, perfect timing for fall + the cooler months.  Soups are the best, comforting & delicious.  I did my best to twist this recipe a little & keep it as healthy as I know how, basically avoid foods I don’t know or heavy creams.

A Couple Quickies: ( v i a / v i a )

  • Wild Rice is not a grain or rice, it’s aquatic grass

  • Grain Free & Gluten Free

  • Rich in magnesium & fiber to help digestion

  • Super flavorful & affordable

  • 30 times higher in antioxidants than white rice

  • Naturally, the Minnesota state grain (If you want the good stuff, make sure it’s Minnesota grown).

wild-rice-soup recipe

Interesting Wood Wick Candle: Here

Wild Rice Soup Recipe

6 Tablespoons Real Butter

½ Cup Minced Onion

3 Cloves Minced Garlic

½ Cup Flour

4 Cups Vegetable Broth

2 Cups Cooked Wild Rice (*cooking time takes a while, prepare ahead of time)

½ Cup Finely Grated Carrots

3 Tablespoons Chopped Slivered Almonds

Salt & Pepper

1 Cup Whole Milk Plain Yogurt

2 Tablespoons Dry Sherry

Parsley or Chives

Directions: In a large saucepan, melt butter over medium heat.  Sauté onion & garlic until translucent.  Blend in flour.  Slowly add broth. Stir constantly until the mixture comes to a boil, then boil & stir for 1 minute.  Stir in rice, carrots, almonds & S+P.  Simmer for 5 minutes.  Blend in yogurt & sherry.  Allow soup to simmer.  Serve with parsley!  (*Feel free to add small cubes of ham, or chicken if you want a meaty soup)

 wild-rice-soup recipe

What’s your favorite fall dish?

Have a great end of your week & be thoughtful.


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That Time I Tried Out For THE BACHELOR

That time I tried out for The Bachelor.


In celebration of The Bachelor season in full swing, I thought it would be a perfect time to share my Bachelor audition story.

The Bachelor is a TV Show where one hot single person goes on TV to date 25 other hot people, eventually narrowing it down to potentially marry one of them.  It’s wonderful.

So here we go.

A couple years back I decided auditioning for The Bachelor was a good idea.  I had little dating fear at this point in my life so I thought I could nail the opportunity.

The process was N A R L Y from the start.

I raced to the audition after work.  Changing into a cheap, bright yellow, jumper from Forever 21.  Entered the building to find girls prepped for the Miss America pageant.  Even after this I felt pretty confident. Hoping the producers would realize I’m a working woman, I don’t have time to prep for the Miss America pageant. I can only go up from here.


Upon arriving, someone quickly asked me to step outside to have photo’s taken. I stood up straight, smiled, arms by my side, facing the camera and she snapped her picture. Then she said “You get two pictures… I’m going to take the second one, if you want to do something else”.

Excuse me, what?

What does she mean do something else? Give a thumbs up? Flash the peace sign? Hold up a “PICK ME!” sign? She could see the confusion in my face and said, “Maybe you want to turn to the side?… Just-do-anything-else.”

So I turned to the side. Just a little. I don’t get it.

That was awkward but I prevailed.

Things took a fast turn after I filled out the 99 page application and was brought to a room through a skinny, dark hall filled with scary clown photos. I squeezed into a box sized room that was filled with production cameras + lights with velvet red colored walls. I was told to sit on a bench that all the equipment was facing. A women did some adjusting on the camera, without saying a word, and then came and sat near me. She squeezed into the corner, a little beside and behind where I was sitting. Absolutely no facial expressions or non verbal clues.

I wanted to cry. Where the hell am I?

I needed to leave. I even started trying to speak words that summed “Please let me leave”.  Nothing but air came out.

This is a horror film. Or a porn set.  I didn’t want to participate in either.

Once she was seated, the questions started coming. “Have you ever been in love?”  “What does love mean to you?”  “Have you been heartbroken?” “What are you looking for in a man?” “How do you think this show can bring you love?”

Kill me. Kill me now.

I have no idea what I said. I was answering each question with 1, maximum 6 words, mostly in question form. (..Loooove?)

Even worse, later I realized I wasn’t supposed to be answering while my neck was turned backwards to the lady jammed in the corner. I was supposed to be looking I N T O the camera.

By a miracle of the film making Gods I got through all the questions.

The women got up. I thought I was in the clear. Until she quietly mumbled me to stand up.

She took the huge ass filming camera and scanned my body. The overwhelming feeling of being in a porno was coming back to me.

She went up and down with the camera twice. I think I was probably supposed to be “posing”. Instead, I stood as if I was in a jail line up getting my photo taken to be booked.

Get me the F out of here.

After that she opened the door. FINALLY! I ran out.


When I dreamt of the Bachelor audition I did not dream of a scary dark room with a television production set. I imagined a panel of people asking me questions, in a interview setting. I would smile and laugh and throw around my blonde locks making them fall in love with me. Wrong. Very wrong. And overly confident.

There are several reasons this is embarrassing:

– I signed up to find love on the bachelor?

– I failed miserably

– I’ve obviously never had my photo taken before

– I crack under pressure

– Can’t save myself when drowning

Looking back, I was an idiot. I should have known the types of questions they’d be asking. Also, duh Katie, it’s a TV show, of course they’re going to have a camera!

BUT in my defense. The tiny room, in the skinny hallway, with the awkward interviewer, with zero instruction.. did not give me a fighting chance! After question 1 of me looking backwards, the woman could have given me a heads up. “Look into the camera dumbass”.

Took me years to tell this story, but I feel relieved to have it off my chest. Thank you for listening.

Xx MissBassmaster

Bachelor(3) (1)

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Beauty, I recommend...

Olive Oil + Hair

I saved my life.  More like my hair’s life.  I have super long, thick, blonde hair that has been severely neglected since my move to Dubai.

I rarely wash it, which is a good thing by the way. I try to go as many days as possible in the most extreme ways not to wash my hair. (The key is finding different ways to wear your hair the second & third/fourth/fifth day without a wash. You can do it!)

BUT, the problem comes the days I choose to wash my locks. I’ve been using shampoo that I believe physically assaults my hair. I’m nearly positive it’s crying when I put the shampoo through it & it continues to cry until it gets oily again. In truth, my hair has probably been crying since I landed in Dubai.

I used to buy expensive shampoo + conditioner because I spend a lot of money highlighting, therefore I need to make it last as looong as possible. I also don’t want to waste the money I spent highlighting, by ruing my hair with bad product. Miss High Maintenance, Hiiii 🙂

Well that all went out the window when I got to Dubai. I RARELY do my hair. And when I do put in effort, it pretty much means half blow drying it & leaving it down. Most often I braid it or put it up in a bun.

The neglect started because I ran out of shampoo & couldn’t find the one I was previously using. Then, I found some pieces of my hair that I think missed my last trim so I cut them myself..? I’ve never done that before.  Between nasty shampoo and a self trim, I pretty much thought my hair was treacherous.  I started putting it in a ponytail every single day, which again I don’t think is good for your hair. The color started fading (probably just in my head) and it turned into rupunzel length. Ew.

So I booked an appointment to get my hair cut & highlighted. BUT, I was completely terrified to show up to a nice salon with my hair being dried out & disgusting. I went to pinterest in last minute efforts to find a solution that could fake maintained looking hair until it was fixed.

Olive Oil.

That was what I kept finding. Olive oil with eggs, olive oil with water, 1 tablespoon, warmed up, towel on your head, 30 minutes, twice a week, clean, dry hair blah blah blah. The timing never worked for me. When would my head be completely dry? I barely know what a blow dryer is at this point and after the 2 days it takes to air dry I usually work out, then immediately shower. Finding the right time was just exhausting.

One day, I had it. I couldn’t believe I was surviving day to day with hair like this. What has happened to me?! I had nothing to lose because my hair was a complete disaster, it couldn’t get worse. SO, I walked into the kitchen. Took out the olive oil. Poured a HANDFUL of olive oil into my hand. Slathered it all over my hair. Everywhere. Roots, ends, and in between. Underneath, on top, I mean everywhere! My hair was GREASY. It was drenched in olive oil.

...This is an example of what I probably should have done. Found on Pinterest.
…This is an example of what I probably should have done. Found on Pinterest.

I looked in the mirror. I was happy.

The hair was out of my face & felt smooth.


Grease head. This is new.

I like it.

I think I left it in for half a day. Several hours.  I exercised with my hair like this (the sweat rolled off my head into my eyes more than normal, later realizing this was because it didn’t sit in my hair, it ran off because of the oil 😉 ). I watched TV, sent some emails, spoke on the phone, cooked. Half of the entire day my hair was drenched in olive oil.

There were only a few points I stopped to think – what if I can’t get this stuff out? Screw it, then I could go to the salon and say I tried doing this olive oil hair mask I saw on pinterest and it failed miserably. That would be much better than the truth: My hair looked like s***. I panicked. Poured all the olive oil from my kitchen on my head… and left it for the entire day.

When the sad time finally came to shower and wash out this new grease head, kitchen smelling, style of mine I was feeling sadness. Back to the dry, nasty, straggly strands. I’ll have to put olive oil again tomorrow 😉

Here’s where the pleasant surprise comes. When I shampooed my hair with the same life sucking shampoo that I normally use I noticed a difference. Once I got out of the shower I didn’t notice my hair crying as much. I could brush it a little easier. The smell wasn’t the greatest but it could brush through, it had moisture. What’s going on here? Did olive oil bring life back to my hair?! Couldn’t be.

YES! People, yes it did. This half day of cheap knock off olive oil completely saved my hair. I’m serious when I say I felt a HUGE difference. I don’t even want to cut it off anymore. It’s so precious and moisturized! I love it! How did I not think of this earlier?! The oil seemed to wash out just fine, my hair isn’t extra oily or gross, it’s perfect. Just perfect. From the roots to the ends.

I must say – I have really dry skin and dry hair. I don’t have oily hair at all so I don’t know what this would do for someone who does. If I were you, I would still try it but I’m a risk taker. Maybe just at the ends?  I also highlight my hair & I’m not sure what olive oil does to the color? For all I know, it strips the color right out of it.  In my excited opinion, the moisture it provides is worth it. If you have all grey/white hair and it strips all the color out, at least you can thank me for making it the most moisturized, slamming hot, shinny grey/white there is! And that’s hard to buy.

I left out the heated, eggs, water, towel parts of the directions and put way more than a tablespoon in my hair for much longer than 30 minutes… But it still worked miracles!

P.S. Sorry I didn’t take photo’s. I never imagined this post existing prior to this experiment. Couldn’t imagine it actually working!

Anyone else slather olive oil in their hair? Just me?

Have a light day, stay creative & be thoughtful!




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