May 23, 2019

These 5 Things Will Help You Eat Vegetables

I thought of this while I was making a 25 ingredient salad for lunch the other day.  I do not recommend it.  I don’t care what anyone says or how much meal prep they do, having fresh & diverse food every meal is difficult.  But, I have helpers that make it easier.

One area in the veggie department that I’m trying to diversify is the GREENS!  As in salad leaves.  I added butter lettuce, romaine lettuce, micro greens, & a few others to my shopping list.  As I was spinning my leaves dry I thought to myself – can you imagine how horrible life would be without this salad spinner?

That’s when I realized I needed to share!  There ARE a few kitchen tools that make eating veggies an easier task, that will also help them taste good.


These 5 Things Will Help You Eat Vegetables

Salad Spinner: I’m assuming if you don’t have a salad spinner you don’t eat salad?  How do you rinse your lettuce otherwise? I’m asking.  Because I cut up any lettuce or leafy veggie I’m planning on eating, toss them all in the spinner together, rinse (super throughly), spin & eat!  Having your leafy veggies dry helps them from getting soggy or tasting too watery.  Trust me, trying to pat dry your veggies doesn’t compare to the 2 seconds it takes to spin them.

Sharp Knife: What the fuck are people doing w dull knives?  I know that’s you.  Not only are dull knives dangerous, I can NOT cook anything without a sharp one!  My ride or die knives are these $2 ones from IKEA.  They are so sharp they will cut your finger off if it gets in the way.  These knives never go dull.  It’s also necessary for you to have a large knife AND a small one – both sharp AF.

Huge Cutting Board:  Hello! Veggies take work that requires space.  There’s the layer of onion that needs to come off, the rinsed veggies waiting to be chopping, the garlic skin sticking to the cutting board, the diced celery – get yourself a huge amount of space so ALL your veggies are welcome.  Again, we’re trying to diversify our ingredients so the more space the merrier.

Steamer: Tisk tisk if you don’t already have a piece of equipment that can steam your veggies.  TISK. TISK.  I use the instant pot & throw in any veggies I’m trying to eat.  Broccoli & carrots have been my recent favorites.  Steam those babies up, top w a little chunky salt & EAT!  I should also note, I’ve read steamed veggies are a healthy way to consume them.  They keep a lot of their beautiful nutrients to heal your miraculous bodies.

Veggie Scrubber:  I’m paranoid about cleaning my veggies before eating them, I used to work in a grocery store, I know what happens.  At the very least, I like having this veggie scrubber on hand to clean the outside of my sweet potatoes or peppers.  My hands just won’t be as successful.

I promise if you have those 5 things in your kitchen AND you make an effort to use them – you’ll eat more vegetables.  I can’t eat healthy without them.

On that note, I’ve decided to cut back on cookies.  I was eating a lot more of them than I was sharing, mmmmkay.  I see everyone working out & veggies giving me the evil eye because summer is right around the corner – the cookies had to go.  They’ll be back!

Have a great memorial weekend everyone, love you!

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  1. Great post and great tips! If people don’t have a salad spinner / I hope they aren’t Pat drying them with paper towels – that will be horrible for the environment.