May 2, 2019

I Have 100 Makeup Brushes, These Are The Only 5 I Use

Ok, maybe not officially 100 but I have an excessive amount of makeup brushes, considering I use 5 of them.  Sometimes I’ll grab a new brush hoping to actually need it, but never do.  I like makeup, I like the brushes, but I only need 5 of them, the rest are just for decoration.

Remember that phase where I would watch makeup tutorials on Youtube like it was my full-time job?  No?  I just moved to Dubai & had NO money or tv.  I accidentally stumbled on a YouTube makeup tutorial & the binge-watching commenced.  Watching one after another after another for… months! Searching the Dubai stores for “drugstore” makeup I would see used by my fav beauty YouTubers.  (That was an impossible mission by the way.  Different country, different drugstore products.)   Dubai was the birth of my makeup hobby, that’s what happens when you have no money & a lot of time – new hobbies.  Now, makeup is what I do when I’m bored.  For me, it’s creative & relaxing.  Put on a good podcast, light a candle, get out the beauty products!

During the height of my makeup hobby, I collected a ton of brushes.  Different sets & styles, thinking I needed them to do my makeup properly.  The Beauty Bloggers of YouTube got me.  I was got.  Now I have 100 makeup brushes, but only use 5 of them & I think I look as good as I would with any others.  Sometimes it’s not the brush, it’s the artist.

Favorite-Beauty Brushes

I Have 100 Makeup Brushes, These Are The Only 5 I Use:

Favorite Makeup Brush

Eye Brush: Morphe m533

My routine has become extremely simple.  Sometimes I’ll add a little sparkle or bright color, but that’s rare.   This brush is perfect, I tap it in an eyeshadow & blend it all over my eyelid trying to swipe most of the product back & forth over my eye crease, up towards my eyebrow.  I’ll use a more dramatic color some days or a neutral on others, but no matter what color I choose, I land on this brush.  It’s big & fluffy so it blends whatever eyeshadow you use across your entire eyelid easily, quickly & it’s foolproof.

Favorite Brushes

Eye Brush: Sigma F70

I like to use a light eye shadow or highlight on the inner corner of my eye to brighten the area & help make them look open.  This little brush is perfect for that because it’s small & specific.  The brush head isn’t fluffy allowing you to get the color exactly where you want it, quickly.  Which also makes it perfect when I’m applying eyeshadow on my lid that I don’t want all over the place.  When I’m trying to be fancy, I’ll spray this brush head with a little rose water before adding a sparkly eyeshadow so it sticks better & shines bright!


Face Brush: Sigma F40 

I use basically two of these exact brushes to both bronze my cheeks & apply blush to them.  It’s something about the fluffy brush & size that makes application easy!  It’s not too fluffy or stiff, making my product blend easily. You could also use this brush to apply any powder you own.


Eyebrows: Brow Spoolie

I’m not sure if this is technically a brush but it’s something that I use every day.  If your eyebrows are brushed, you immediately look awake.  I don’t know why as I’m not an eyebrow technician, but it’s the truth.  Having your brows in place makes a difference, & how easy is that?  Brush your eyebrows?  I can handle that even on my no makeup days, which have been adding up recently.

Beauty Sponge

Everything: Beauty Sponge

If you’re not using a beauty sponge, you’re late to the game at this point.  This is the easiest way to apply almost all of your makeup, mistake-free!  If I had all of my makeup & only a beauty sponge, I bet I could do a full face masterpiece without any actual brushes.  These sponges can do it all!  First, you get it soaking wet, until you squeeze it & water has completely filled the sponge, then you squeeze out all the water.  You’ll notice it about doubles in size, that’s perfect.  From there, get creative applying your makeup, bouncing it across your face.  I use this for my foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer, powder, blush.  Whatever I’m in the mood for!  I use a different side of the sponge for each product.  I prefer buying a more affordable version of these beauty sponges so I can change them out often to prevent mold/dirt/bacteria from ruining the sponge & getting on my face.

You’ll be able to figure out how to apply any of the products in your drawer easily, w one of these 5 brushes.  Trust me, they’re the only ones I use.

Now!  Allow me to thank you for being patient w my posts this month!  I missed 2 of my regular Tuesday morning posts?!  Who even am I?!  I absolutely love creating these blog posts, they excite me & I look forward to writing each of them.  Somehow, TIME seems to keep happening & it won’t slow down for me, very frustrating.  I’ve been telling myself if Beyonce can do everything she does, I can too!  (Have you watched her Netflix special yet?  Homecoming?  If you’re a female, it’s definitely one of the most empowering things I’ve seen in a long time. Go watch it!!)

Alright, that’s it for now!  See you guys next week.  Love youuu, mean it.

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