April 18, 2019

9 Dairy Free Products You’ll Actually Like

At this point, I don’t even know what dairy is.  Unless we’re talking eggs.  Because is that dairy? If so, then I eat eggs but no other dairy, & I mean none.

I also can’t give a super validating reason as to why I don’t eat dairy, because there’s not one reason that sticks out.  Overall, avoiding dairy helps with my skin & my weight.  I also love animals (but still eat meat).  And I’ve been hearing more & more how dairy can effect your health negatively.  Somewhere along the line I stopped eating it, felt comfortable, loved real food, and stuck to it.  Now it’s easy for me.

One thing that’s very important to mention when looking for alternatives or “healthy” food… Not only does the food have to have great ingredients, it also absolutely HAS to taste good.  Those are my 2 non-negotiables as far as food.   I highlight the importance of ingredients SO much that I don’t want you to forget the taste matters just as much!  That’s why it took me an entire year to find dairy free foods I like, & I’m still looking.  Whatever diet you’re trying to follow, you absolutely deserve to actually ENJOY the taste of it as well.  And there’s always a way to have good ingredients & food you enjoy, it may take a little work to find, but you will get there!

If you’re at all interested in cutting dairy, for whatever reason, I’m here for you.  Yes, I used to LOVE cheese & used to drink cows milk by the gallon.  I would wake up in the morning craving a huge glass of milk like my life depended on it.  And I literally ate a brick of cheese on a road trip once.  I didn’t even slice it, I took bites off the 1bls brick of Sharp Cheddar.

If I can get away from dairy, you can too.  Below are my current DAIRY FREE favorites that have made life without it easy peasy.

Dairy Free Favorites

Dairy Free Favorites

Dairy Free Favorites

Dairy Free Products

9 Dairy Free Products You’ll Actually Like

  1. Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips:  I’ve landed on these exact chocolate chips when baking, or even as an ice cream topper, or mixed in some almonds as a snack mix?  They’re sold at several grocery stores now & taste sugary like real dairy filled chocolate chips.  Also worth noting, they’re an affordable alternative. You also have the option of Enjoy Life dark chocolate or semi-sweet & mini chips, regular size, or chunks!  You can find these in the baking section by other chocolate chips at several grocery stores!
  2. Hu Kitchen Chocolate Bar: My all-time favorite non-dairy chocolate (& I’ve tried a lot of them), the Hu Kitchen Chocolate Bar.  The blocks that break off the bar are the perfect size for a sweet snack.  I also like to put a mallet to the bar & break them up to sprinkle in cookies or on top of ice cream.  These chocolate bars are worth the extra money, especially because I’m only eating a little bit at a time.  I invest in my food, I feel like the money is worth it.  My favorite is the “SALTY” flavor but the “Mint Crunch” is like a girls scout thin mint cookie! YUM!  You can find Hu Kitchen Bars near the rest of the chocolate bars in the candy section!  Or order them online!
  3. Unsweetened Original Foragers Cashew Milk:  Yep, I wrote an entire post on this delicious milk & it’s worth sharing again.  This is the only milk I can pour for Wafiq & he’ll barely notice the difference between his regular cow’s milk.  IT’S GOOD.  I find it at Whole Foods & Central Market.  Not too expensive, great ingredients, & dairy free.  The only issue, everyone else knows how good it is & I often find that it’s sold out.  This brand also has a yogurt drink to keep an eye out for too, I’ve heard it’s delicious!  You can find this in the cooler section near the real dairy milk!
  4. Elmhurst Unsweetened Cashew Milk:  When the above is sold out I go for this Cashew Milk.  2 ingredients!?  That I understand?!  YES.  It’s also super delicious & can be found at Whole Foods or Central Market.  I think it’s a little more expensive than the Foragers Cashew Milk & a little smaller packaging, so it’s my runner up but definitely a strong option.  It’s hard to beat two ingredients unless you’re making cashew milk yourself… You can find this is the cooler section near real dairy milk!
  5. Miyoko’s Vegan Butter:  WOW. So this is the freaking butter that Vegans use…  I’ve been searching for a dairy free butter for over a year & finally found this vegan Miyoko’s Butter at Whole Foods.  I’ve found other vegan butter’s but they tend to be made of mostly weird oils, this one’s main ingredient is Cashews! I can use this butter as a replacement for dairy butter in any recipe & it always turns out the same.  The ingredients are a major plus too!  You can find it by regular butter in the cooler section.  Beware, other people like this butter too & it’s often sold out or hiding, so make sure you look for it!
  6. Miyoko’s Vegan Cream Cheese:  And the Miyoko’s Vegan Cream Cheese?!  I don’t even want dairy products anymore, I feel spoiled w these options honestly.  Miyoko’s carries several flavors of this cream cheese but my favorite is the “Un-Lox Your Dreams” cream cheese.  Described “The perfect Lox schmear for your bagel. It’s smoky, rich, creamy, and well, a bit ‘seafood-y’ without the fish.”  I find it at Trader Joe’s near the rest of the cream cheese in the cheese section!  So delicious, trust me.  I spread this cream cheese on carrots (ha!), on a burger, w gluten free flatbread – whatever!
  7. La Tourangelle Olive Oil:  Olive oil has been there for me in times of need.  When I first cut out dairy & was following a really strict diet I felt abandoned by food, but Olive Oil was there to cheer me up!  This brand in particular tastes like butter so I use it that way, especially when my diet was strict.  I sprinkle it on a salad w salt & pepper.  I’ve used it to cook my eggs.  I also mix it into my rice dishes as a finishing flavor.  I love it so much!
  8. Tessemae’s Creamy Ranch Dressing:  Personally, I’m not a huge ranch dressing person but I know some people require it.  This dressing is a show stopper.  I had it at dinner a few times & everyone was asking where I bought it.  They were literally dumping it on their plates & dipping absolutely everything served in it – pure joy in my eyes!  I found this beautiful dressing in the cooler section near the fresh veggies at Whole Foods.  If you want to get away from your regular ranch options & want a healthier alternative, check this one out!
  9. Vanilla NadaMoo! Ice Cream: This ice cream w a few pieces of Hu Kitchen Chocolate on top?  Luxury.  NadaMoo! Ice Cream was conceived in Austin TX & I definitely recommend going to their scoop shop if you’re ever in the city.  You can also find it at Whole Foods & a few other grocers, just check for the brand in your regular ice cream section!  I prefer the vanilla flavor because it’s the least amount of ingredients, then I add my own fav toppings, like Hu Kitchen Chocolate.

Dairy Free Cream Cheese

Dairy Free Favorites

Dairy Free Favorites

You might be thinking… Pizza?  Lasagna?  Mac & Cheese?

I don’t eat those things anymore.  I was never a huge fan of them so it doesn’t hurt me as much as it would to others.  My comfort food is more like a warm chocolate chip cookie & I have that covered w a few recipes.

I’m thinking!  I’ll try to update this list as I go, so check back whenever you’re grocery shopping or making a diet adjustment.  I have several new dairy-free products in my fridge right now, so I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list again soon.

If you have any dairy-free favorites, share below!

Have a great day everyone!

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