May 28, 2019

4 Ways To Wear White This Summer

In Minnesota, Memorial Day was always the true start of summer.  There was a possibility the snow melted off the sidewalks the weekend before.  But, we all head to our Cabins & throw our docks in the lake once it’s Memorial Day, declaring summer.

I never understood the excitement for Memorial Day weekend in Texas the same way I did in Minnesota, it’s already 95 degrees.  That’s kinda annoying?  In my mind, summer kicked off a few weekends ago when we hit 75 degrees.  I’ve been wearing my white pants, shorts, & shoes all through the year because summer never truly leaves the South.  Who makes up the rules anyway.

Of course, one thing to keep in mind as we all get back to work with summer in front of us –  Memorial Day is a day to remember the fallen soldiers & be especially grateful for all the freedom we have in America.  We’re incredibly lucky to have been born on the dirt in America & have so many people willing to protect what we value.  There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t feel lucky.

Back to WHITE.  You know I’m obsessed with white shoes, HERE.  I’m also a huge fan of white clothing, I think it makes people look fresh, young & awake.  If you’re looking for some reliable white pieces to bring into your wardrobe this summer, I’ve got a few options I know you’d be happy with!



White for Summer

4 Ways To Wear White This Summer

High-Waisted Tomgirl Jean: The key to white is making sure you’re not wearing something that is “see-through”.  Especially, white pants. I prefer a thick, slightly baggy, high waisted white denim.  They’re super easy to style & match w everything – perfect for summer.  When the denim is too thin, it tends to make me feel like I put weight ON?  Not ideal.  These pants from American Eagle are PERFECT.  I love the patching detail on the upper thigh, helping add dimension to your leg.  The distressed look gives a relaxed feel & I absolutely love the high waist. I sized up in these pants so they weren’t too snug.

High Rise White Short:  I LIVE in denim cut-offs all summer.  A white pair allows me to mix things up a little, & once again, white is so easy to wear!  Ok, my two favorite places for shorts are American Eagle & Abercrombie.  Both are affordable w lots of options.  I tried on white shorts from both places yesterday & landed on Abercrombie.  I don’t like a lot of stretch in my shorts because I prefer a loose, relaxed fit.  When there’s too much stretch, they tend to stick to your legs & look tight.  Not for me.  I always order my shorts a size UP to make sure they have a relaxed fit & my asshole isn’t showing.  (Don’t act like that’s not an issue w shorts these days.  Something happened where ass cheeks became cool.  Again, not for me.)  These Abercrombie shorts have the perfect amount of stretch, they’re thick enough, cover your butt, and are high-waisted!   Total win.  If they’re sold out in your size, check back often, they always restock.  Abercrombie has a Mid Length short (here) & a classic short (here).

High Rise Wide Leg Linen Pant:  I’ve had a pair of white linen pants for a few years & I pull them out often.  Obviously, they’re super comfortable but they’re also versatile.  They work in the summer because they’re thin enough to keep you cool, but offer some coverage.  You can pair them with a crop top for a nice dinner or wear them as a cover up to your swimsuit.  The perfect summer wardrobe piece.  Not to mention they’re affordable.  I got mine at Target a few years ago but saw them again recently (here), I love them! I’ve also seen a very similar pair at Old Navy (here).

Ted Baker London Janne Bow Leather Tote:  If you don’t want to WEAR white, you can carry it.  A white bag adds a pop of fresh to your wardrobe.  Look, there’s nothing better than throwing on whatever you can quickly grab from your closet & then add a clean, fresh white bag to make everything look together.  EFFICIENT.  Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the difference between “just got out of bed” & “my closet is clean & organized, I’m perfect”.  I love Ted Baker.  When I was living in Dubai, I used to work outside a Ted Baker store so I would often find myself strolling through the gorgeous displays.  The brand attracts me w it’s rich fabrics & cute details.  Here’s another white tote I think is super cute (here).


The only place I wouldn’t wear white?  A wedding.  Unless it’s yours, ha!  What’s your favorite color of the summer?  I feel myself gravitating towards yellow once again, it’s so bright like the sunshine.

Have a great short week at work everyone, I love uuuu

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