How To Wear A White Dress – Mistake Free!

Did You Know? The theory for the fashion rule to wear white after Memorial day started at the height of its popularity, the color white signified upper class and refinement. You wore white at summer resorts and society events, while the masses wore drab colors as they labored away. “By the 1880s, in order to tell who was acceptable and who wasn’t, the women who were already ‘in’ felt it necessary to create dozens of fashion rules that everyone in the know had to follow…That way, if a woman showed up at the opera in a dress that cost more than most Americans made in a year, but it had the wrong sleeve length, other women would know not to give her the time of day.”

( v i a )


I love wearing white. The color is fresh, clean, young and classy.  I feel like white is a perfect color for any occasion and is definitely a go-to for me.

I used to fear white.  I either risk my outfit getting dirty (hello spray tan) or wearing a fabric that was see through & revealing of all my precious undergarments.

However, I fear no more! Mostly because I don’t care if either of those accidents happen, but also because I’ve mastered avoiding them.


How I Wear White, Mistake Free:

Start with the White Dress:

I wear white shorts & pants all the time, but dresses are also an easy option.  To avoid anything see through or too revealing go for a flowy style or a piece w/layers. I avoid maxi dresses that are white & super long because that’s more fabric to get sabotaged by dirt or stains.

Add Bright Shoes:

The fun part about white is that it matches everything. I’ve been known to pull out my hot pink heels when I wear white because the pop of color adds dimension, if you ask me.  It takes away from concentrating too hard on the dress.  If you’re trying to be a little more casual, white also looks classy & pretty with a nude shoe.

And A Bright Lip:

You’re either doing a bright lip, bright shoe, or both!  This lip stain does NOT move.  Once it’s dry, you really don’t have to worry too much about getting it on your outfit. And a bright lip really pops when you’re wearing all white. I love that combo on anyone!  OoOoO la la

Classic Gold Jewelry:

Subtle gold jewelry, tan skin, and a white dress?!  Yes!  To keep it smooth & classic, go for these skinny chains. Subtle, but the perfect detail for pulling all the pieces together.  I realized when you add a simple piece of jewelry it shows effort. HA! I used to always skip little jewelry, too lazy.

Oil Up w/Avocado Oil:

This one & my next are the biggest secrets.  I’ve been using Avocado Oil as moisturizer lately, it’s not very greasy & soaks in the skin just right.  I would typically recommend a bronzing lotion because I’m obsessed with fake tans but when you’re wearing white that can be a little risky.  Avocado Oil will shine perfectly on your bronzed skin to help you glow – without risking stain.  I put oil on any skin that’s showing!  Also, if you have a spray tan, make sure you do 1 day & 1 shower before your big white moment.  That ways the tan is super stuck on your skin & won’t make your dress brown. You get it.

Never Skip the Highlighter:

The key to life throughout the summer? Highlighter.  Who doesn’t want to glow?! I put it on my shoulders & collar bone, if they’re showing.  It really helps everything POP!

And Finally, Makeup:

Less is more when it comes to wearing makeup while you’re wearing white! Especially if you’re in a hot weather area where make up tends to slide after a while.  There’s nothing worse than foundation marks on your fresh white clothing, right?!  That’s my nightmare, looks cheap & high maintenance to me.  So, I do my face routine that I do for work days – concealer, highlighter, maybe blush & a little bronzer, then my eyes.  But that’s it!  You don’t want to risk touching your face & having the product transfer to your clothes.

Welcome Memorial Day & the summer heat! Welcome! Today, I walked outside my apartment & actually had a hard time breathing because the humidity & heat was so thick it felt like I was breathing under water. (Dramatic?) Anyone else feel me?! NOT a hot person, most definitely dreaming of a thick snow storm.

Also… note, Last Man Standing was canceled. I found out the news yesterday.  I’ve only watched the entire season through about 4 times on Netflix so I was really depending on fresh, new seasons to start soon. Anyone have other light comedy sitcoms to share?  I’m totally open to cheesy.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Be thoughtful,


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5 Things I Can’t Go A Day Without

Did You Know? 68% of the people suffer from Phantom Vibration Syndrome, the feeling that one’s phone is vibrating when it’s not. ( v i a )

I love investigating peoples routines & what they do every single day, meaning they’re obsessed.  For a long time that was Target for me.  Not a product, but a place.  I went to Target all the time & it was the one thing I desperately missed when I was out of the country.  I’ve gotten it together since then.  (*Amazon Prime*)

But of course, there are still products you use every single day that you can’t go without & those are the secret’s I need to know about!

Below are mine…

5 Things I use Every Day

5 Things I Can’t Go A Single Day Without:

1. Coconut Oil:

I’ve recently started experimenting with other oils as moisturizer, which I’ll update on later, but I still use coconut oil every single day in the kitchen.  I love the taste it brings to a dish.  I use it as oil when sautéing, mix it in my oatmeal for breakfast, or give my little doggie a spoonful as a treat.    I prefer cooking fresh meals as often as possible & coconut oil goes right along with that – I use it for everything in the kitchen & I love that it doubles as a use for pretty much anything else.

2. Hair Clips:

I can’t go through an entire day without using a hair clip.  My entire life I’ve had long, thick hair which I’ve loved but have only been able to manage with a tight ponytail.  I started hating the huge line mark that a tight  ponytail was making so I made the brave switch to hair clips & haven’t looked back.  I either: 1. Half dry my hair & twirl it into a bun, securing with a clip 2. Pull half my hair up once wearing it down has had its moment  3. Clip up when I get out of the shower when my hair is still wet.

Keep in mind, hair clips give your hair room to move so you’re less likely to have breakage.  And I should note, I currently do not own a curling iron so the only way I achieve any volume or curl is by wearing my hair in a bun w/a clip all day or overnight.. When I let it down, BOOM – curls.

3. White Shoes:

They’re too easy.  I wear these either letting my dog out in the morning, at work, after work, a quick run to the grocery story, the beach, with a fancy dress for a night out… Shit, I’ll wear them with anything, anywhere.  I buy a new pair OFTEN because they’re so affordable & there’s nothing better than clean, bright white shoes.

4. Moisturizer / Chapstick:

Cannot survive a day without my moisturizer.   I’ve always had super dry skin & I’m pretty much always trying to hold a self tan, so a moisturizer is an absolute MUST.  The past year I’ve been using my oil of choice & this Tepez Cream.   My face is super sensitive & will break out if you look at it incorrectly, so I’ve tried TONS of products that haven’t worked.  Oils & Tepez Cream never let me down – but I’m still looking.  Anyone have a fantastic moisturizer or eye cream that pumps in moisture they swear by?!  I’ll send you a thank you note if you tell me your secrets… Seriously.

And of course I carry chapstick everywhere.  The one place I NEED it daily is next to my bed.  I smear it on before I sleep and it moisturizes my lips all night long so I wake up fresh.  I can’t fall asleep without it.

5. Huge Sunglasses:

Even on a cloudy day I’m wearing sunglasses if I’m outside (or in a bright room?).  I can’t stand the strain on my eyes from squinting.  Once you realize how much huge, dark sunglasses helps your eyes you’ll never be able to go a day without them.   {They also come in handy when you’re super hungover, at the grocery store, buying frozen pizza, and run into your ex boyfriend.}

When I think about the things I can’t go without, these come to mind.  I feel like each of them serves a purpose in my day to day functioning, including my $15 H&M pants I was wearing in my recent Instagram pic.  As long as I have these items, I’m good to go, ready to conquer the world!

What products can’t you live without?

Have a great week & be thoughtful!



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Stars & Stripes – For Your Home

YAY! Memorial Day is coming in HOT! (Literally, if you’re in Texas.)

Nothing says summer like Red, White, and Blue + Stars and Stripes.

Am I right!?

Even in the house – I love adding a little holiday color into the long weekends.

Let those colorful vibes roll…


Memorial Day - Stars and stripes

 1. Stars & Stripes Painted Wine Glass & Cup:  Cute, with a smidgen of classy. I feel like using this glass throughout summer parties will give you an excuse to drink more wine… (As if we need one.)

2. Glowing Star Votive: Memorial Day is not only about Red, White, and Blue – go for something a little more subtle, but still making an effort with this shiny star.

3. American Bake Cups:  Details.

4. Set of 3 – Bowls with Lids: Perfect for summer.  Nothing is better for your BBQ’s! Makes serving look good & cleaning easy.

5. Reversible Stars Hidden Throw: Cutest summer throw of all time.  (And the reverse side is white stars with a blue background.)

6. Stars & Stripes Assorted Straws:  It’s the little things.

7. Wine2Go Silicon Wine Glass: Has anyone tried these?! How perfect do they sound??

8. Small American Flags:  My 6 year old self has emerged full throttle. These flags are awesome for the summer! For multiple reasons – sticking in the yard, flower vases, photo ops, table decorations, and waving around in people’s faces like an annoying child.  Sounds ridiculous, but buy them and you’ll see what I mean.

So it’s time to go get your Memorial Day shopping on!  Even if it’s only a couple little things…

Changing up your day to day routines – by what you look at, what you do, where you eat makes you feel like something special is happening.  And that’s important!

So embrace the holiday, change it up! Drink out of a blue cup and take some pictures with an American Flag

It truly is the little things,


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Memorial Day {Closet} Inspiration

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and lucky you, I have some goodie {red white & blue} closet items ready for you!

I LOVE taking advantage of wearing our beautiful country’s colors loud and proud. YAY!

Let’s get in to it…

 Memorial-Day-Outfit inspiration

1.  Endless Rose Louvre Top

Time to take full advantage of white being technically acceptable again – White x white x white x white! YASSSS hun-ayyy! White clothes are my favorite. So crisp. So clean. So fresh.  And nothing is better than white for Memorial Day.. right?  This shirt is cute + perfect for a little family time or extra day off. Comfy & fresh!

2.  Stay White Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans

To my excited surprise, I happen to know these white jeans are bomb.  I bought them at one of Old Navy’s sales a long time ago and haven’t looked back.. and they DO stay white.  {I don’t know how, but they do.} These jeans, that shirt.. Perfection!

3.  Sanibell Sandal

Rocking some red heels like these is the perfect pop of color for your all-white look.  Totally ties in the Memorial Day feel (…and gives you an excuse to wear bright red heals).

4.  H&M Sunglasses

Pair any outfit with these easy breezy blue shades and you’ve completed your look! You can picture it right? White shirt, white jeans, red heals, blue shades…

5.  Endless Summer 100 Degree Dress

If you live anywhere that’s already feeling like 100 degrees, like myself, then a cute dress will be your best option. I love this red, fluffy, flowy + happy dress for Memorial Day, & the rest of the summer season.

6. Le Kate Sleeveless Ruffle Jumpsuit

One word people: Target.  It’s so good! Target AND this cute little jumper.  .I got really excited when I saw this. (I may or may not have had a dream of myself wearing it… TMI?) And imagine it paired with the red shoes?!  Yep.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Sporty Embroidered Stars Set of 3 Pouches

Stars work around Memorial Day & July Fourth extra well – I love these little bags.  I separate all the things in my huge purse into smaller bags, and these look like a perfect way to do that.  Again, this would add a perfect little touch to your Memorial Day weekend, and the summer days to follow…

Awwww summertime.

What are you guys up to for Memorial Day? I’m still trying to make plans – BBQ, beach, pool, travel, clean?!… However, this household is still healing a bit from the missing appendix situation.  Nothing a little time + garlic can’t fix.

Ok, nighty night!


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One Piece Swimsuit Goodness

I love one piece swimsuits.

First of all, they’re so versatile. You can wear them to the pool and beach + throw on cute bottoms to dress them up or down for evening and night.

I’ll admit, I used to be very basic with my swimwear – I avoided tan lines like the plague… Now that I sit in the shade & spray tan – tan lines are the last of my concerns.

Bring on the rope straps and cutouts, I’m ready!

The best one piece swimsuits


1. Nasty Gal Alina Swimsuit

Hot! Hot! Hot!  Black, swim, one piece, low cut, high cut.  If you throw on a skirt you can take this swimsuit anywhere, any time and be THE knockout. Also comes in different colors, so if you’re really feeling yourself go for nude or red.

2. Gathered Deep Plunge 

I’m a sucker for white. It’s just sooo clean and fresh! How can you not?!  This white piece is pretty & classy too.

3. Virtue La Boheme Lace

The details + color has me like: “Hiiiiiiiiiiii, I’m Katie and I want to wear you around for everyone to see. And possibly sip tea after.”

4. Mesh Plunge

When your one piece meets skin + sexy.  I love this color in the summertime, awake and fruitful.

5. ASOS Mesh Panel

If you’re not daring enough to go for the black low cut/high cut above, this is a perfect alternate.  Black is sexy and easy to pull off –> on anyone & pretty much always.  This super cute one piece could easily be paired with a maxi skirt or shorts to complete any look you’re going for.

6. TopShop Sequin Cactus

One pieces should be fun too! How fun is this all pink with a little shimmer? I want it yesterday. Imagine fun pool party – wanting to look good, but running around and playing water games at the same time.

7. South Beach Issy

Ok… Do you ever want to participate in water sports or jump around and dance or play water volleyball or do a cannon ball or dive off the dock in a swimsuit…. WITHOUT the risk of it falling off?  All hail this beauty. Everything is locked in AND you look pretty!



Your turn, where did you find your one piece swimsuit for the season?!

Now I’m off to dream of sun and beach water…




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