5 Personal Fav Posts from 2017

Muslim Ban

For anyone that hasn’t had a chance to read my old posts, below are a few of my favorites from 2017!  Enjoy!
Dating A Muslim Immigrant… During The “Muslim Ban”
Tis a sign of the times…  I love this post because, Wafiq.  What an interesting time it was.  We happened to just be finishing our own immigration journey during this time & learned TONS of immigration info we never knew before.  Which I think is why we were super comfortable.  Even though people were freaking out.  I remember we were happy, lucky & together 🙂

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TOP 5 NETFLIX SERIES: For the Ladies

TOP 5 NETFLIX SERIES: For The Ladies (I say ladies loosely. No judgment if a guy participates in the binge.) Like I’ve said here and here, not sharing addicting Netflix series feels like a crime. I carry guilt. (Selfishly, I want to gossip about how badly I want Nick and Jess to hook up! Come on […]

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