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Funny & Light Podcasts for Ladies

Did You Know?  The same number of Americans listen to podcasts that use Twitter.  The podcast audience is 57 million Americans in total. And while Twitter has more members than that, research shows their active user base is on-par with the overall podcast audience. ( v i a )

The people around me have likely been annoyed with my presence lately because I’m on a huge podcast kick.  I can’t stop trying to bring the light conversation style of the podcast’s into my day to day interactions – definitely confusing people.

The deal is, podcasts don’t have filters.  People sit behind a microphone and talk, about anything, and use whatever language they choose.  I’ve found this avenue of media to be extremely refreshing.

Favorite Podcasts

I had a lot of resistance towards podcasts because I’m barely a fan of TV & talking in general, if I have spare time I’ll read a book of my choosing or listen to music, or shop online – Podcasts sounded like another avenue of annoying voices.

I first forced myself into listening to a podcast when I was in the middle of a long, boring day at work and my anxiety started kicking.  I was looking for something to distract my mind & I opened the podcast app on my phone.  I landed on a random, gossipy, sans substance podcast… exactly what I needed.  Stress free people talking about Brad Pit, the real housewives and sex noises. SOLD.

Since then I’ve been glued to Podcasts.

I’m very picky.  I don’t like anything too serious.  I want something to take me out of my own head.  Anyone else have that feeling?  Overthinking the world problems & constantly diagnosing myself with terminal illnesses is an easy task, it’s removing myself from them that’s tricky.  I would love listening to funny, light conversations that mean nothing more than a good laugh.

Funny & Light Podcast’s: 

Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

This is strictly for women, and probably older women, whom have homes & families. I don’t know why/how I listen to it because it’s very out of my element but for some reason I’m hooked.  GOSSIP GOSSIP GOSSIP. Think – Real Housewives, The Bachelor, E News!, Scientology, and whatever other hot topics are in the media.  The host, Heather, used to be on Chelsea Lately and I always found her to be pretty funny so I landed here.   She’s desperate & I love it.  Spread the word!

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

YES!  This podcast is like a dream I never imagined possible.  Anna has celebrity guests on her show that she interviews & then takes calls with listener’s life questions.  She has A LOT of fun with the celebrities & doesn’t take anything too seriously.   Tons of improve & acting that I’m obsessed with!  I’ve recently started asking anyone/everyone if they want to improve with me.  I’m desperate.  So desperate, I bought this improve game and force Wafiq to play it with me on Friday nights. Current obsession. I can’t say enough with this Podcast.  Wonderful for both men & women.


By now, I think everyone has listened to this murder mystery podcast, but if you haven’t I wanted to throw it in here.  Great for long car rides.

The Chick Show

This one again, doesn’t exactly fit my demographic but I’m addicted.  These women are older than me but there’s something about listening to women older than me gossip that’s humbling.  Ha! These two ladies are hustling hard & I’m loving it.

I’m a die hard for fun, easy to listen to, not very serious podcasts.  Very drained from the hustling – do this, do that, know this, know that style media.

Podcasts are brand spanking new to me and I’m almost caught up on Anna Faris is Unqualified so send me your favorites!! Needing new material ASAP.

I’m off to rub oil on my eye lids, thank you allergies. Then prep for the weekend of SXSW adventures, let’s see if this year I can actually figure out what the F SXSW is…. Hmmmmm

Have a great weekend & be thoughtful


Shop St. Patrick’s Day Green:

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Best of 2016: Findings

Did You Know? This year, 212 million copies of the IKEA catalog were printed in 29 languages and 62 editions. For comparison, that’s more than double the average world sales of the Bible each year. ( v i a )

And my last & final Best of 2016 list is: Random Findings.   Every once and awhile something pops into your life & changes it forever…

Best of 2016 Findings

1. Cravings

Starting with the obvious here, this cookbook allowed me the opportunity to appreciate cookbooks again.  I was a loyal fan of “pinteresting” recipes, but after reading this cookbook I’ve spread my wings and began the exploration of other colorful cookbooks with a hot model on the cover.  I don’t know if Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are so hot that all of a sudden I’m attracted to the steak sauce on pg 72, but it’s happening all the way from the front to the back of this book.  I haven’t tried a recipe that I haven’t fallen in love with, the only caution – calories! Portion control is necessary.

2. Amazon Prime

How/Why/Where/Who am I?! I can’t believe I haven’t discovered the glory that is Amazon Prime until this year!  Amazon Prime is the way cool people use Amazon, for a super small annual fee you can order wonderful amazon products and get 2 day shipping for free!  2 days?!  (I ordered by toothbrushes last night.) I almost skipped Christmas shopping outside my apartment all together thanks to all the glory that is Amazon Prime and I haven’t been to Target in months!  This is where we’re headed people, if you’re not on board now – it’s time.

3. Jazz Music

Jazz is the perfect background noise & has a way of making you feel fancy while sitting in your pajamas, drinking cheap wine, and reading your favorite book.  Need I say more?

4. Camp Gladiator

Camp gladiator is a work out group that I recently joined, they likely have something similar wherever you are. The reason I bring this up is because it’s the one thing that’s helped me consistently be on top of working out.  I’ve always been pretty good at going to the gym or more particularly, running – but in a group fitness camp I feel like I’m held accountable for showing up to workout, to the point where I start having FOMO when I miss one.  If you’re looking to start 2017 in a healthy way and want to stick to it, try a group camp in your area so you’re held accountable to show up.  As hesitant as I’ve been for years to join one, I’m glad I finally did.

5. Betches / My Therapist Says

These two Instagram accounts have saved my existence as an honest human being…  Don’t you love when you start following an Instagram account that clicks with everything you’ve ever felt?  These two accounts have the power to take my anxiety away with their realness and 0 fucks given attitude.  Bless them real hard.

6. Waterproof Phone Case

This summer, I was obsessing over my discovery of this $10 waterproof phone case, but I bought it near the end of the season and barely had time to use it.  I don’t know why everyone doesn’t own a couple of these. Super affordable, easy to use, and great to have on hand for a quick trip to the pool. Eeeeeek Snapchat lovers embrace.


I started listening to this band about 2 years ago but really engaged this last year, the music speaks to me!  It’s not too much of one genre.  I feel like if you’re listening to Rap, Jazz, Pop or Rock you’re really committed to that style – where this band feels somewhere in between, making it perfect when there’s people with different preferences together.  And, lucky me I got to see them live this year 🙂

8. Ikea Knives

No, I haven’t fell off my rocker and bumped my head – I can not live without these knives!  How do people cook without them!?  They STAY sharp, SUPER sharp.  And they’re $2!  I’m telling you, I can’t imagine a kitchen without these knives, change your life and buy a (sharp) knife.

That’s it!  All my favorites of the year 2016.  Is it weird I’m already over it, feeling deep into 2017?  Nothing better than a fresh year with a fresh outlook. Other wonderful new things – The Bachelor. I’ll be catching up tonight & feel pretty excited about it – I’m a Nick fan, poor guy needs a wife.

Remember, kick ass and be thoughtful!


+ Best of 2016 TV & Movies: HERE
+ Best of 2016 Beauty: HERE

shop the post:

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Holiday Feast for Two

Did you know?  “The average American spends about $786 on holiday shopping” and “the average holiday shopper will spend $107.50 on themselves” ( v i a )


This is for everyone having an itty bitty Christmas dinner…

Feast for 2

That’s been my routine the past several years, traveling over the holidays is becoming more & more unappealing – too many people, snow, money, problems, and stress!  Staying home, taking the time to relax, enjoy some OFF moments is the gift I’ve been giving myself.


Wafiq and I have made it a routine to cook a full dinner w appetizers + desserts as our own personal Christmas treat.  I’m becoming a pro at an easy feast for 2.  If you’re alone or w one or two other people, here’s a great menu for you.  You can still have everything a Christmas feast brings, all the way down to your favorite cookie.  And if you’re not celebrating Christmas, you can still take the extra day off work or the weekend to cook yourself an extra special feast.  (<< I’ve been known to do this often.)

Feast for 2

Holiday Feast for Two Menu:


My go to appetizer is guacamole or hummus.  Both are easy to make, but the most important part – they won’t make anyone full, the perfect app to snack on while cooking without getting stuffed.  Both of my favorite recipes for those are: HERE

Whole Roasted Chicken:

A whole chicken is not only better than turkey, it’s the appropriate size for 2.  You still get the cozy feeling of a whole turkey or ham cooking in the oven, but it’s a more realistic (and easy) main menu option.  If you ask me, you have to buy Cravings by Chrissy Teigan for this whole roast chicken recipe but here it is online: RECIPE.  The recipe is unexpectedly easy, super juicy & delicious.  For this meal specifically, I don’t use the veggies that the recipe calls for, I throw in the onions and garlic (of course), but not the carrots, potatoes, ect.  Use the juice left in the pan as a smothering, buttery gravy.

Green Bean Salad:

This salad compliments the meal perfectly.  It can double as a salad + veggie for the table.  {SO. GOOD.} Also, it’s super easy to make, you can find the recipe: HERE.

Loaded Mashed Potatoes:

I can not eat a holiday meal without potatoes.  (I can not eat most meals without potatoes.) I also think I happened to master a perfect comfort style mashed potato combo –


4 Russet Potatoes (Peeled & Chopped)

1 Cup Cheddar Cheese

½ Cup Plain Yogurt

½ Cup Milk

1 Stick Butter

¾ Green Onions Chopped Small

Salt to tasting

Pepper to tasting

Directions: In a large pot boil water, then throw in potatoes.  Boil until you stab a fork in a potato and it easy falls off, approximately 15 minutes.  Drain potatoes.  Put potatoes back in hot pot.  Throw in the rest of the ingredients.  Mash until smooth.  I usually mash the potatoes with my fork or a large wooden spoon because I don’t mind lumps, but go ahead & mash how you prefer.  The potatoes should be soft enough for mashing to be easy.  If you want smoother potatoes, add more milk + yogurt + butter until you have a mix you prefer.  (YUM!)


Addicting crack mix is the best way to finish the night.  The perfect sweet ending for two.  The whole meal is the easiest dinner of all time, and to stick to the theme you’ll need an easy dessert – find the directions on Instagram: HERE.

Feast for 2

This meal will make your Christmas stress free!  Even if you’ll be with family & friends through the holidays ,I suggest this meal for any weekend, especially as it gets colder & you’re looking for that perfect comfort meal.

Affordable, grand, and fucking delicious.


Can’t. Stop. Eating. { Recipe }

I wish everyone the most relaxing week leading up to Christmas, remember to give yourself a break! Family, friends, kick ass food, and your dog are the only things that matter…

And most importantly, remember to be thoughtful 🙂




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Boost Your October with a Halloween Ready Wardrobe

Queen of searching the internet goes to me, absolutely convinced.  I’m aware that might not be something to brag about as it’s proof of me needing to get a life but here we are.

One of the best parts about the conclusion to summer is the exciting festivities of fall.  Halloween, nice weather, Thanksgiving, nicer weather, Christmas and  anything in between.   I consider myself a festive person & try to fully emerge myself in any celebration I can find.  The idea is to easily change up boring day to day routines by adding a cute festive shirt, a new type of dinner, different music, new friends, random restaurants…   Life is too short to do the same things every day.


Black Dress: 

Perfect for a Halloween party you don’t necessarily want to dress up for.  Throw on some cat ears for an extra kick.  I think this dress qualifies as an October festive look, a little cob web yet super pretty vibe happening. Accessorize with all black and a dark lip to truly fulfill the Halloween feel or accessorize with nude shoes & gold jewelry with a red lip to wear throughout the year.

Orange Shirt:

Sometimes the most important place to change up your routine is at work.  You spend so much time at your office you’d be surprised how much a small change can help make the day feel a little easier.  Since you might not want to wear a baby doll dress or cat ears to work, here’s the alternative way to still contribute to the season while at your office chair.

Boo Shirt:  

This is cute.  If you’re fully ready to dive into Halloween (because why not) here’s an option that would be fun to rock on any given Sunday.


What’s the costume plan this year??  I tried to convince Wafiq to be Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik but that went down burning.  I’m not a model & he’s not One Direction, apparently we don’t make the cut.  Still brainstorming!  I’ll probably find something the week before Halloween again, but those costumes always turn out the best.  I’ll share some suggestions for you last minuter’s soon.

Off to officially hang up my October window clings! Yep, that’s how I’m going to enjoy my Monday.

Have a great week & be extra thoughtful.



shop more halloween:

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Fuzzy, Calm & Loving – Midwest Inspo

A taste of the Midwest!

While spending way too much time browsing the internet I came up with a few Midwest inspired items to add into your non Midwestern lives – because why not.

It’s the nicest (literally) place to be so why not bring that feeling into your everyday lives.  If you can’t have a Midwestern human being w/you at all times – here’s your alternate:


1. Bear Plate:

So cute!  When I came across this plate my heart fluttered.   I feel like it’s cute enough not to be cheesy?  For a little winter dinner w/friends.  Maybe a small set for snacks, cheeses, & munchies.  With a crackling fire in the background perhaps?  I love them.

2. Hot Dish Pan:

You will find one of these in every Minnesotans kitchen.  I particularly like this one – a little fancier than a plain, all white casserole pan.  Pretty enough to bring over to a friend’s house for a little get together. Throw in the Tator Tot & Green Bean hot dish & you’re a real winner.

3. Faux Fur Blankets:

One thing I learned from living in the Midwest – how to stay warm comfortably.  How incredibly delicious do these blankets look?  The more the merrier.

4. Long Fur Jacket:

How do people survive the winter cold?!  They wear the right clothes!  And one thing I learned from surviving winter months in Minnesota is that there’s nothing more comfortable than a huge, LONG, warm jacket.  Preferably one with a hood.  And when I say long, I mean one that will truly cover your whole entire ass area & be able to keep it warm!  I love these jackets, once you put one on you’ll see what I mean.


Finally, I have an announcement to make: We hit 70 degrees in Texas this week.  PRAISE THE LORD!  Miracles do exist.

I’m sure it’ll go away as fast as it came, but I can appreciate the moment.

Have a great rest of the week & remember to be extra thoughtful!




Shop the post:

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Affordable Office Outfit Series: H&M

Week 3 of affordable, comfortable, EASY office clothes to complete your {I-never-see-the-light-during-the-day} wardrobes comes from H&M!

For me, H&M is either a major hit or a super flop when it comes to affordable office clothing.  Sometimes I’ll go through looooooong phases of being unpleased with the clothes, pricing, OR both.  And other times I’ll end up buying the whole store & walk away spending a little less than $50 (<<< some of the best days of my life).

Right now, we’re in the later of the two options.


H&M is killing it w/their options & pricing at the moment.

Comfortable, basic, affordable clothes to revamp the office wardrobe for CHEAP!  Yes. Please.

I would’ve done an H&M post first, but I know their store locations are not as easy to find as a Target or Forever 21.  I have to say, totally worth shopping online through H&M’s website.  The stores are always so busy!


Pants $10!  (  Similar:  HERE  ) These pants look a little like leggings at the top, as they don’t have belt loops, but they aren’t stretchy & still hold in your legs (LOL is that a thing?) so you won’t look like you rolled out of bed & went to work in yoga pants.  They have them in so many colors & I will be purchasing them all.

Shirt $15!  (  Similar:  HERE  )  Seriously.  This one and about 100 more similar to the one I’m wearing are available at H&M now – I would hop on it!  The mix & match between the pants & shirts, you’ll never need to shop stupid office clothes again #blessed.

I should also note, H&M jewelry has always been the place I like to buy affordable (it’s ok if I lose/break it) items.  They have pretty pieces that don’t tarnish quickly & are super affordable.


That’s it for my affordable office series!  I really wanted to show you how affordable & easy new office clothes can look at a few super common retailers.

It’s a battle I’m always discussing w/friends – you don’t want to spend $$$$$ on clothes only your computer screen is going to see BUT you have to look like you tried a little for that one time your boss walks in…  I hope this inspired that mission.

As for me, I’m needing to vent that I’m completely over hot weather.  Anyone living somewhere that is cold or slightly cold right now?  Tell me about it please, inspire me to move.  We were out at a fundraiser Saturday & I almost passed out from heat stroke, we’re still pushing 100 degrees!  No thanks, over it.  Until the temps change, you can find me enjoying the comforts of my own A/C.

Have a great week everyone!! Remember to be thoughtful 🙂



Other awesome h&m office items:

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Relax & Enjoy – A Classic Margarita

My drink of choice: A classic Margarita.


Cold, delicious, simple & a refreshing treat to the weekend.

Since making my own classic margarita’s at home I can’t stand ordering one that’s made incorrectly.  I’m assuming it’s either cheap tequila, added sugar, fakey fake premade mix, or an extra cheap ass ingredient thrown in as filler.  Who knows!

I always ask for my Margarita with no added sugar and that usually forces the bartender to mix a fresh drink, w/fresh ingredients.  And surprisingly, the bartenders never seem bothered – more appreciative that they get to use their mixology skills to create a delicious, fresh margarita.  Love it!

 Classic Margarita

3 Oz Tequila

2 Oz Triple Sec

1 Oz Lime Juice

Splash of Orange Juice

 Directions: Mix in a cocktail shaker w/ice & pour over ice.  (*I go light on the tequila & heavy on the lime + orange juice)

For Wafiq’s Birthday, we mixed a large batch and put it in a water bottle for people to pour over ice.  It was a big hit!  We were at the pool so something cold & refreshing w/out a ton of added sugar was the perfect touch.

And this tequila is my favorite. One of my most memorable nights is drinking it w/cheese & crackers at the house we stayed in while living in Los Angeles.  The owners bought it & invited us in – great conversations and memories tied to this bottle.  Perfect little buzz w/out a hangover too.  You get it.

Mix it up & pour yourself a glass! Unwind, relax, & enjoy.



Shop the post:

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Beat The Sahara Heat In These Comfortable & Sexy Undergarments


I’m in a great mood this weekend! Knocked so many things off my to-do list & set myself up for a productive week.  {It’s the little things, always.}

However, this heat SUCKS!

And sometimes, you can’t be sitting poolside.

I don’t know why its taken me almost 10 years to figure out the correct undergarment’s to wear when it’s 9 million degrees?! This is some hidden secret I was unaware of.

Wearing any of these comfortable & sexy bra’s will change your summer!

You’d be surprised how much wearing a comfortable undergarment can boost your confidence when battling the sky high summer temperatures. Tolerating the constant sweat beads dripping down your body will start to feel a little more sexy & a little less hot mess.

Look good! Feel good! And be confident!




Stay Comfortable In the Summer

1. Sports Bra’s

There are so many pretty sport’s bra’s these days – you can get away w/wearing them even when you don’t have a workout planned.

Calvin Klein Logo Cotton Bralette / H&M Pink Sports Bra

2. Lace Bra’s

I’ve been living in the thick strap, lace bra’s this summer. Game changer to battling the heat for sure. Super comfortable & you can always wear them as a crop top too!

Out From Under All Over Scallop Lace Racerback

3. Strappy Bra’s

Sometimes less IS more. These don’t overheat your body & they look super pretty underneath your lose fitting summer tops or dresses.

Contrast Triangle Bra / Crossback Strap Bra / Limited Edition Triangle Bra


My favorite, beat-the-heat finds of the moment!

I’m overjoyed at this discovery. (HA!)


Happy Monday everyone!!





shop more summer bra’s:

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Going to the Pool? I Have Your Back.

I forgot how much I dread living in the Sahara Desert – also known as Texas.  One thing I did NOT leave in Dubai: Heat!

Summer burns.  Which means we’re either inside, or in water.  Doing anything else is dreadful.  If you’re living somewhere with scalding temperatures, you feel me.

There’s a couple essentials I keep in my pool purse that are MUSTS for days in the water.

Feeling comfortable & confident in your swimsuit every single weekend is not always the easiest – having these items packed helps feel prepared, comfortable & confident.

What's In My Purse: Pool Day

1. Cold Shoulder Beach Dress

White, light & easy.  Having a lose fitting cover for your swimsuit is perrrfect. When necessary – roll it up and throw it in your purse so it doesn’t get lost at a busy pool.

2. Orikami Sushi Sack

Isn’t this cool?  You can roll it up super small when you’re not using it.  I love bucket sacks for the pool because they can easily be thrown or hidden anywhere.  Keep in mind, don’t spend a lot of money on a purse for the pool – it’s wet, dirty, possibly sandy & not the best place for you covetted accessories.

3. Hattie Hexagon Sunglasses

BIG SUNGLASSES ARE A MUST.  Always.  They cover so much of your face & there’s only positives to that.  Having constant shade on your face allows you to be more tolerant to the sun all day.

Also, don’t spend a lot of money on the sunglasses you wear to a pool day.  I’m the only person I know that hasn’t lost expensive sunglasses and it’s because I take cheap ones to places they’re likely to get lost or damaged – the pool.

4. Makeup Remover Wipes

Nothing in the world feels better than finishing your time at the pool with a refreshing face wash.

5. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Music makes people feel good. And no one remembers to bring a speaker –> Be the hero.

6. Tinted Mason Jar

I bought this for Wafiq and am soooooo jealous!! We wanted a plastic cup for pool days because glass isn’t allowed – this cup is the coolest.  (Red solo cups are very college, we’re past that right?_

Fill up a large plastic cup with a drink of choice.  For pool parties, bring alcohol, you’ll feel better in your bikini with a little buzz.  🙂

7. Comb & Hair Clips

To organize the strands after a dip.

8. Lip Balm + SPF

If I don’t have chapstick, I’ll drive to the nearest store & get some before I go out to the pool. That dramatic.

9. SPORT Sunscreen

I’ve tried every sunscreen I can imagine.  Although this sport sunscreen isn’t the most organically friendly option, it’s the only thing I’ve found that protects my skin.

I spray it on and it covers evenly & lasts all day – in and out of the water.  No missed spots. IF you have fair skin like me, you know this is a treasure to find.  No more sunburn!

10. Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer

For that one zit that sticks out like a shinning dragon



Ok, what did I miss?? Any pool day essentials you can’t go without?!



shop pool day essentials:

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Stars & Stripes – For Your Home

YAY! Memorial Day is coming in HOT! (Literally, if you’re in Texas.)

Nothing says summer like Red, White, and Blue + Stars and Stripes.

Am I right!?

Even in the house – I love adding a little holiday color into the long weekends.

Let those colorful vibes roll…


Memorial Day - Stars and stripes

 1. Stars & Stripes Painted Wine Glass & Cup:  Cute, with a smidgen of classy. I feel like using this glass throughout summer parties will give you an excuse to drink more wine… (As if we need one.)

2. Glowing Star Votive: Memorial Day is not only about Red, White, and Blue – go for something a little more subtle, but still making an effort with this shiny star.

3. American Bake Cups:  Details.

4. Set of 3 – Bowls with Lids: Perfect for summer.  Nothing is better for your BBQ’s! Makes serving look good & cleaning easy.

5. Reversible Stars Hidden Throw: Cutest summer throw of all time.  (And the reverse side is white stars with a blue background.)

6. Stars & Stripes Assorted Straws:  It’s the little things.

7. Wine2Go Silicon Wine Glass: Has anyone tried these?! How perfect do they sound??

8. Small American Flags:  My 6 year old self has emerged full throttle. These flags are awesome for the summer! For multiple reasons – sticking in the yard, flower vases, photo ops, table decorations, and waving around in people’s faces like an annoying child.  Sounds ridiculous, but buy them and you’ll see what I mean.

So it’s time to go get your Memorial Day shopping on!  Even if it’s only a couple little things…

Changing up your day to day routines – by what you look at, what you do, where you eat makes you feel like something special is happening.  And that’s important!

So embrace the holiday, change it up! Drink out of a blue cup and take some pictures with an American Flag

It truly is the little things,


Shop the post:

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