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3 Sassy, Affordable Online Stores & A Few Tips for Shopping Online

Did You Know?   Could 2017 be the end of shopping malls?  JCPenney announced Friday that it would close up to 140 stores in the next couple of months.  That follows decisions by Macy’s & Sears to close a collective 218 stores in the first half of the year. Other mall-based stores including American Apparel, The Limited, Bebe, BCBG, & Payless have also recently announced that they are shutting down all or most of their stores. ( v i a )

I feel like I’m giving away my biggest secret here… You know I’m obsessed with online shopping, specifically Amazon.  I literally buy everything off Amazon, I’m currently waiting for Banana Nut Cliff Bars.  When I have conversations with other Amazon addicts I get hot & heavy.  Really spikes my heart beat.

Favorite Online Stores

Since this discovery I wanted the same freedoms for clothing, mostly because my anxiety is the devil & going into shopping malls is hot & overwhelming – at least all the shopping malls near my house feel that way.

Enter, the following websites… They rescued me from overwhelming shopping malls that are always too hot, full of people, the pretty clothes piled up on the floor & long lines in fitting rooms.  Nastiness.

Wafiq is proud to report I haven’t dragged him into the mall in ages!  WOOT WOOT!


ASOS: Here

1. Asos

Asos is the go-to clothing website for anyone & any style.  In college, I used to find the most affordable dresses possible – whether for Saturday nights or weddings, and my budget was a powerful $10.

Now, I use Asos for the variety of styles & accessories the website has for both myself & Wafiq.    What makes Asos different than the other 2 websites I go to is the variety of brands, which you can see in the range of choices.    There’s something for everyone!

Some of my favorite brands that I find on ASOS:  Miss Selfridge, River Island & ASOS Brand.  They also have an awesome unlimited 2 day shipping policy for $19.99/year!


Wedding, prom, or a casual Saturday in Sequins? Windsor Store: Here

2. Windsor

The only thing I don’t like about Windsor is the shipping.  There’s never free shipping for budget shoppers! You know those annoying specials: “Spend $3M, get free shipping” ?! What!? No. I want to spend $19.99, only!

BUT, I love pretty much everything else about Windsor.  They’re constantly changing their inventory so there’s new pieces being added all the time.  I ordered a gown for the wedding we attended in Mexico & I couldn’t have been more impressed.  The dress was affordable & fit like a glove.  Because of the price I was concerned it would be poor quality but I was pleasantly surprised, as I have been with all my orders from Windsor.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Sassy T Shirt Dresses? Missguided: Here

3. Missguided

Missguided’s inventory goes on for days x days.  I use Missguided when I want to look… sassy?  The outfits have a little more flare & sex appeal – Oh lala-ness?!  You’ll get what I mean when you scroll through.

They also do collaborations with bloggers & fashion designers every once & awhile which makes a fun & affordable adventure down the fashion isle.


Online Fashion Shopping Tips:

  • Watch your favorite websites for sales. Scan through a few of your favorites when you first get online & see if there are any big sales happening << sometimes they’re very random clearing inventory

  • Sign up for mailing lists! This is not an annoying Spam situation, it’s great for the heads up on super sales or free shipping opportunities

  • Free Shipping, always a great idea << Find this opportunity & pounce!

  • Read sizing reviews to find what fits you.  Several online stores now offer sizing reviews for each item of clothing available for purchase.  A great example of this: Lulu’s.

  • Check out the return policy before buying so you know if it’ll be easy to return, if need be

  • Pay attention to expected shipping times!  I’ve ordered items online that have taken 2-3 weeks to receive, which feels like an eternity when I’m used to Amazon Prime.  Plan plan plan if you’re relying on your order

Favorite Online Stores

Online shopping is the best kept secret, if you don’t know where to start it can be overwhelming & you’ll want to surrender to the shopping mall.  But then you’ll be in zone Forever 21 for life!

Once you discover the world of affordable online shopping – you’ll grow into a wonderful adult woman & you feel fashion forward… even if you aren’t.

Having said that, where are your go-to online shopping spots?  Share!!

Be thoughtful today,


Favorites In The Online World:

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July Monthly Favorites 2016 | MissBassmaster

I’m pretty happy it’s August, that means approximately one more month of torture temperatures & then we can start praying for a nice 80 degree day.  1 more sweet summer month left.

Here are my July favorites – majority of them you’ve seen me talk about before, but they’ve been with me all month, tried & true.


1. Few Moda Paneled Self-Tie Midi Skirt:

I can’t find the exact skirt I’ve been wearing nearly  every day but this one is close. Something about a pretty skirt makes the heat of the summer look less miserable & manages to keep you as cool as possible.  And yes, I wear my white sneakers w/the skirt too.

2. Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base:

Anything bronze makes me happy.  I’ve been on the hunt for a bronzer that doesn’t make my face feel dry or look orange + blends nicely, I finally found one.  Perfect for summer!  It’s on the expensive side, but it’ll last a long time.  I’ve been using it every day for 2 months and I haven’t made a dent in the product.  I also love that it works on my pale skin OR my fresh spray tanned skin.  Buildable… & I would like to use it all over my body.

3. Keds Champion Oxford Sneakers:

No explanation needed.  I hate sandals.  Toes and feet and the dirty ground – No.  I’ve always been a shoe person.  I’ve been living in these classics.  Not super big & chunky, basic, great for work & weekends.

4. The Americans:

My series this month has been The Americans.  EEEEEEEE, I’m still working through the recent seasons but this show will get you HOOKED!  Russian, undercover spies living in America. EEK, so good.

5. Tinted Plastic Mason Jar:

I’ve been bringing this w/me to every pool, all summer.  I make one, big, delicious drink. This cup keeps it safe & cold all day. I love the size, style & color. Large and in charge baby.

6. Kelp Noodles:

Mystery ingredient recipe for the win!  Because Kelp Noodles are affordable, easy, healthy & delicious – they’re a staple in our kitchen now.  There’s nothing easier than whipping up a stir fry with Kelp Noodles at the end of a long day.  Too easy not to.

7. Waterproof Phone Case:

You already know! I bought one to test & now I’m ordering a few of them to leave at the house.  F-ing fantastic for beach vacations & summer days at the pool.  I’ve already said enough in my post so I won’t overkill it now.

And that’s it for July! Let me know if you have any summer favorites I need to run out & try.



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