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I’m actively working on improving my social media! I may not be uber addicted to a phone, but let me start scrolling on a computer & I’ll end up browsing every crack of the internet.  From people, to blogs, to etsy shops, to the ends of social media.

I love finding cool people, projects & knowledge!  They motivate me to think uniquely, be creative, laugh, ask questions.  I love people & their ambitions – what floats their boat.

…so lets C O N N E C T !!  Find me in all the places below, currently working on keeping them active & ready for you! AND US!

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Olympic Viewing Party Menu

Pinterest got the best of me.  Last Friday I decided to throw an Olympic Opening Ceremony Party… with Myself, Wafiq and Bernice.  I found a few excellent looking party dishes + I was super excited for the Olympics. I had a long list of recipes ready to go in an email titled: “Olympics Party Food” […]

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