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Affordable Office Outfit Series: H&M

Week 3 of affordable, comfortable, EASY office clothes to complete your {I-never-see-the-light-during-the-day} wardrobes comes from H&M!

For me, H&M is either a major hit or a super flop when it comes to affordable office clothing.  Sometimes I’ll go through looooooong phases of being unpleased with the clothes, pricing, OR both.  And other times I’ll end up buying the whole store & walk away spending a little less than $50 (<<< some of the best days of my life).

Right now, we’re in the later of the two options.


H&M is killing it w/their options & pricing at the moment.

Comfortable, basic, affordable clothes to revamp the office wardrobe for CHEAP!  Yes. Please.

I would’ve done an H&M post first, but I know their store locations are not as easy to find as a Target or Forever 21.  I have to say, totally worth shopping online through H&M’s website.  The stores are always so busy!


Pants $10!  (  Similar:  HERE  ) These pants look a little like leggings at the top, as they don’t have belt loops, but they aren’t stretchy & still hold in your legs (LOL is that a thing?) so you won’t look like you rolled out of bed & went to work in yoga pants.  They have them in so many colors & I will be purchasing them all.

Shirt $15!  (  Similar:  HERE  )  Seriously.  This one and about 100 more similar to the one I’m wearing are available at H&M now – I would hop on it!  The mix & match between the pants & shirts, you’ll never need to shop stupid office clothes again #blessed.

I should also note, H&M jewelry has always been the place I like to buy affordable (it’s ok if I lose/break it) items.  They have pretty pieces that don’t tarnish quickly & are super affordable.


That’s it for my affordable office series!  I really wanted to show you how affordable & easy new office clothes can look at a few super common retailers.

It’s a battle I’m always discussing w/friends – you don’t want to spend $$$$$ on clothes only your computer screen is going to see BUT you have to look like you tried a little for that one time your boss walks in…  I hope this inspired that mission.

As for me, I’m needing to vent that I’m completely over hot weather.  Anyone living somewhere that is cold or slightly cold right now?  Tell me about it please, inspire me to move.  We were out at a fundraiser Saturday & I almost passed out from heat stroke, we’re still pushing 100 degrees!  No thanks, over it.  Until the temps change, you can find me enjoying the comforts of my own A/C.

Have a great week everyone!! Remember to be thoughtful 🙂



Other awesome h&m office items:

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What To Wear: A Backyard Barbecue

Awwww Sunday’s… I love how calm & peaceful they are, right?

Since I’ve been eating A LOT of barbecue lately for my Texas BBQ Series – I’ve gotten pretty familiar with barbecue vibes, including BBQ fashion.

If I could’ve gotten away with wearing this EXACT outfit – in all of my pictures, at each dining location – I would have…

Summer = Barbecue’s… and we’ll be ready!

What to wear to a BBQ




1. Wyatt Plaid Peplum Blouse  

I’m highly obsessed with this shirt. I want to wear it every day.  Not only is this blouse super comfortable, it’s flattering too. In my opinion, white plaid isn’t soooo plaidy – it’s fancy plaid. I love the white, I love the cut and peplum style, + I love the fit.

2. High Rise Raw Denim Shorts

These shorts are necessary for summer in general.  Easy to wear & a staple closet item. (I probably wear them too often.)

I forgot where I first learned this tipidty tip – but buying your denim shorts in a size or two larger than your normal size makes for a more lose look, less of:  my-ass cheeks-are-literally-hanging-out-the-bottom look…

3. Mia Issy Lace-Up Wedge Sandals 

Wedges are easy-to-wear heels.  Since you don’t want to walk into a backyard BBQ with a skinny heal poking into the dirt, a wedge is a perfect way to dress up the outfit appropriately.

4. Gold Tiny Heart Shape Necklace & Carole Amethyst Necklace

I’m loving the choker + long necklace combo – adds the perfect touch.

5. Joe Fresh East West Tote

If you’re like me – you’ll need a pretty big & easy bag for a backyard BBQ.  I mean, where else are you going to put your huge iPhone, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, bug spray + Vicks...??


EEEEE! Love it.

Have a great week everybody!

It’s a fresh start. Time to be positive and spread the happy!

Talk soon




Shop other BBQ Looks:

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