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10 Amazon Products Under $10

Did You Know? Amazon began in the garage of founder Jeff Bezos’ home in Washington State. The site was launched on July 16 1995

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Like I’ve mentioned before, the one complaint I have about Amazon is the browsing options.    You can’t really get on Amazon & browse through it like you would at a store or another website.  You have to know what you’re looking for in order for Amazon to be useful.  That’s why I like sharing what I buy.

Today’s list is 10 Under $10.

I tried to keep all of the items Prime eligible so you don’t end up paying for shipping, if you’re a Prime member that is – which at this stage in the game, how can you not be?

 10 Under 10 on Amazon

10 Products on Amazon Prime Under $10

1. Waterproof Phone case:

This is your friendly reminder to order this awesome, super affordable water proof phone case before Summer is in full swing.  It’s awesome for the pool/lake/ocean when you want to keep your snapchat & photos going strong – but also convenient to protect your phone from all water concerns.

2. Real Techniques Beauty Sponge:

I was using the original Beauty Blender for a while but I hated how dirty they got.   I attempted cleaning them but am never satisfied.  Spending $20 every time I wanted a new one seemed ridiculous, so I started using these beauty sponges instead & haven’t looked back.  I use them for a majority of my makeup & it honestly makes the application too easy.

3. Wet Brush:

This. Is. The. Shit.  Really, praise Jesus.  This brush goes through my thick, tangled mess with ZERO problems. Enough said.

4. Vacuum Wine Stopper:

If you didn’t know this vacuum wine stopper existed, and at such an affordable price, then I apologize. I was also missing out for a long time & I understand that unfortunate feeling.  Like all your best friends knew about a secret pill to keep you skinny & never told you.  I’m there.

5. LED String Lights:

I love fairy lights because they make the perfect relaxed ambiance.  I’m also a 7 year old girl inside.  I was using old Christmas lights during my morning Yoga to achieve the perfect lighting but since then have discovered these string lights & love them!  I hung them all over the place & get away with it because you can’t see the string until you turn them on 🙂

6. Feathers:

I recently discovered how AMAZING Amazon is for costume & craft supplies.  I went to Carnaval a few months ago & made costumes for Wafiq & I.  After searching costume shops & craft stores I compared all the prices with what I found on Amazon & it was incomparable.  I don’t think I’ll be in a costume or craft store again for a long time, the savings are that awesome. ( Body Jewels, Costume Glue, Yarn )

7. Collapsible Dog Bowls:

If you don’t already own these bowls for your doggies then you need to!  They’re so easy to transport – you’ll always have a dish available for water. My dog still acts like a 2 year old & inhales all her food in mili-seconds so I find it helps to collapse her bowl when she’s done & easily put it away. I’m trying to help her work through her binge eating habits.  (Also, THESE dog treats!)

8. Dog Bags:

I pick up ALL my dog’s droppings & if you have a dog you should too.  I get red with fury when I bring my dog on walks & there’s dog shit everywhere.  Even super large mounds of dog shit in the middle of a path, really?! Who the fuck does this?   It really pisses me off. And, I’ve done so well with my animal,  I’ve managed to teach her not to shit on walking paths – she goes on a little gander off the path to take her bathroom break, then I proceed to pick it up & throw it in the trash can. You also notice I say:  throw it in the trash can?  That doesn’t mean you put the shit in a bag, tie the top, & drop it on the ground for someone else to pick up – doesn’t work like that people.  I know I’m venting on behalf of other people & am definitely not alone.  The dog bags on Amazon come in huge packs so you will NOT run out & they’re super affordable! No excuses.  Pick up your dog shit!

9. Batteries:

You know how annoying it is when one of those small, round batteries dies?  Because you’ll never remember to pick up another one at the store & you definitely won’t remember what battery it is, RTJ-0078 or WJO-2833 or NWH-9340293, – not happening.  They’re typically cheaper on Amazon AND all you have to do is open the app on your phone, click, and order. Easy!

10. Toothpaste

I buy all my dental products on Amazon, and here’s a toothpaste for you.  I like Tom’s products.  I haven’t done research about them but they seem to work the best for me, rather than the typical Crest or Trident brands.  The world made me paranoid of chain products so I trick myself into feeling better by purchasing Tom’s.

If you get the Amazon App you can order everything on this list for under $100 and have it at your door in 2 days.  It’s a miracle, isn’t it?  What else do you guys buy on Amazon, it’s as if Amazon users are in a secret little club of all things easy!

I hope you’re all rounding out your April in the best way! I’m about to finally confront myself with the reality that this may be the last weekend I see 80 degree temperatures in awhile – at least while in Texas.  I’ve had a long talk with my dog about this, as we both hate it equally.  Soon, I think we’ll get our minds right & be able to handle our reality – let’s see.

Have a great day & be thoughtful!


+ Amazon Prime, Beginners Guide: HERE

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Three Wish Worthy Easter Dresses

Did You Know?  67% of Millennials and 56% of Gen Xers prefer to shop on online rather than in-store.

( v i a )

Happy Monday!

I made the mistake of trying to go shopping recently & immediately regretted my decision to skip shopping online… Ughhhh… is anyone else online only?!  It’s so much easier than parking at a mall, going into a crowded store, digging around for your size, (and most recently) dealing with the hottest dressing room of all time!

So, I’m back to strictly online shopping & spent the weekend looking for Easter/Spring looks.   Spring is my favorite because I get to wear flowers, pastels, lace, pink, dresses – everything that runs through my blood.


Three Wish Worthy Easter Dresses:

Natasha Ruffle Bodycon Dress

I like dresses that can multi-task.  Something that I feel like a girl in but can dress up for a sexy little night out or dress down for a casual day at brunch.  P.S Nasty Gal’s inventory is always changing & with their sales you can count on finding budget friendly options.  (Similar: HERE)

White Garden Party Maxi Dress

Works for Easter or any day this Spring, right?  I’m not always about the long, flowy, maxi dresses because they’re so loose & allow too much room to comfortably eat – several days of that in a row will add major pounds to my waistline without even knowing… But I think one really pretty maxi for Spring is manageable.  (Similar: HERE)

Jumpsuit with Frill Peplum in Scuba Crepe 

If you haven’t noticed from Instagram, I would wear a jumpsuit every single day.  I bring my dog with me everywhere I go, even places that are a little more formal – so I prefer wearing something a step up from my workout tights.  Jumpsuits allow me to manage the dog without showing my hoo-ha, & look decent.  (Plus, I’m loving hot pink… always.)

Have a great week everyone!  I’m about to start the Last Man Standing series on Netflix for the 3rd time in a row… It’s too funny & I hate to admit, has possibly tied New Girl for my fav shows. I watch the episodes over & over & over… & over. Wafiq hates me.

Enjoy your day & be thoughtful



Shop More:

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3 Sassy, Affordable Online Stores & A Few Tips for Shopping Online

Did You Know?   Could 2017 be the end of shopping malls?  JCPenney announced Friday that it would close up to 140 stores in the next couple of months.  That follows decisions by Macy’s & Sears to close a collective 218 stores in the first half of the year. Other mall-based stores including American Apparel, The Limited, Bebe, BCBG, & Payless have also recently announced that they are shutting down all or most of their stores. ( v i a )

I feel like I’m giving away my biggest secret here… You know I’m obsessed with online shopping, specifically Amazon.  I literally buy everything off Amazon, I’m currently waiting for Banana Nut Cliff Bars.  When I have conversations with other Amazon addicts I get hot & heavy.  Really spikes my heart beat.

Favorite Online Stores

Since this discovery I wanted the same freedoms for clothing, mostly because my anxiety is the devil & going into shopping malls is hot & overwhelming – at least all the shopping malls near my house feel that way.

Enter, the following websites… They rescued me from overwhelming shopping malls that are always too hot, full of people, the pretty clothes piled up on the floor & long lines in fitting rooms.  Nastiness.

Wafiq is proud to report I haven’t dragged him into the mall in ages!  WOOT WOOT!


ASOS: Here

1. Asos

Asos is the go-to clothing website for anyone & any style.  In college, I used to find the most affordable dresses possible – whether for Saturday nights or weddings, and my budget was a powerful $10.

Now, I use Asos for the variety of styles & accessories the website has for both myself & Wafiq.    What makes Asos different than the other 2 websites I go to is the variety of brands, which you can see in the range of choices.    There’s something for everyone!

Some of my favorite brands that I find on ASOS:  Miss Selfridge, River Island & ASOS Brand.  They also have an awesome unlimited 2 day shipping policy for $19.99/year!


Wedding, prom, or a casual Saturday in Sequins? Windsor Store: Here

2. Windsor

The only thing I don’t like about Windsor is the shipping.  There’s never free shipping for budget shoppers! You know those annoying specials: “Spend $3M, get free shipping” ?! What!? No. I want to spend $19.99, only!

BUT, I love pretty much everything else about Windsor.  They’re constantly changing their inventory so there’s new pieces being added all the time.  I ordered a gown for the wedding we attended in Mexico & I couldn’t have been more impressed.  The dress was affordable & fit like a glove.  Because of the price I was concerned it would be poor quality but I was pleasantly surprised, as I have been with all my orders from Windsor.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Sassy T Shirt Dresses? Missguided: Here

3. Missguided

Missguided’s inventory goes on for days x days.  I use Missguided when I want to look… sassy?  The outfits have a little more flare & sex appeal – Oh lala-ness?!  You’ll get what I mean when you scroll through.

They also do collaborations with bloggers & fashion designers every once & awhile which makes a fun & affordable adventure down the fashion isle.


Online Fashion Shopping Tips:

  • Watch your favorite websites for sales. Scan through a few of your favorites when you first get online & see if there are any big sales happening << sometimes they’re very random clearing inventory

  • Sign up for mailing lists! This is not an annoying Spam situation, it’s great for the heads up on super sales or free shipping opportunities

  • Free Shipping, always a great idea << Find this opportunity & pounce!

  • Read sizing reviews to find what fits you.  Several online stores now offer sizing reviews for each item of clothing available for purchase.  A great example of this: Lulu’s.

  • Check out the return policy before buying so you know if it’ll be easy to return, if need be

  • Pay attention to expected shipping times!  I’ve ordered items online that have taken 2-3 weeks to receive, which feels like an eternity when I’m used to Amazon Prime.  Plan plan plan if you’re relying on your order

Favorite Online Stores

Online shopping is the best kept secret, if you don’t know where to start it can be overwhelming & you’ll want to surrender to the shopping mall.  But then you’ll be in zone Forever 21 for life!

Once you discover the world of affordable online shopping – you’ll grow into a wonderful adult woman & you feel fashion forward… even if you aren’t.

Having said that, where are your go-to online shopping spots?  Share!!

Be thoughtful today,


Favorites In The Online World:

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Stars & Stripes – For Your Home

YAY! Memorial Day is coming in HOT! (Literally, if you’re in Texas.)

Nothing says summer like Red, White, and Blue + Stars and Stripes.

Am I right!?

Even in the house – I love adding a little holiday color into the long weekends.

Let those colorful vibes roll…


Memorial Day - Stars and stripes

 1. Stars & Stripes Painted Wine Glass & Cup:  Cute, with a smidgen of classy. I feel like using this glass throughout summer parties will give you an excuse to drink more wine… (As if we need one.)

2. Glowing Star Votive: Memorial Day is not only about Red, White, and Blue – go for something a little more subtle, but still making an effort with this shiny star.

3. American Bake Cups:  Details.

4. Set of 3 – Bowls with Lids: Perfect for summer.  Nothing is better for your BBQ’s! Makes serving look good & cleaning easy.

5. Reversible Stars Hidden Throw: Cutest summer throw of all time.  (And the reverse side is white stars with a blue background.)

6. Stars & Stripes Assorted Straws:  It’s the little things.

7. Wine2Go Silicon Wine Glass: Has anyone tried these?! How perfect do they sound??

8. Small American Flags:  My 6 year old self has emerged full throttle. These flags are awesome for the summer! For multiple reasons – sticking in the yard, flower vases, photo ops, table decorations, and waving around in people’s faces like an annoying child.  Sounds ridiculous, but buy them and you’ll see what I mean.

So it’s time to go get your Memorial Day shopping on!  Even if it’s only a couple little things…

Changing up your day to day routines – by what you look at, what you do, where you eat makes you feel like something special is happening.  And that’s important!

So embrace the holiday, change it up! Drink out of a blue cup and take some pictures with an American Flag

It truly is the little things,


Shop the post:

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One Piece Swimsuit Goodness

I love one piece swimsuits.

First of all, they’re so versatile. You can wear them to the pool and beach + throw on cute bottoms to dress them up or down for evening and night.

I’ll admit, I used to be very basic with my swimwear – I avoided tan lines like the plague… Now that I sit in the shade & spray tan – tan lines are the last of my concerns.

Bring on the rope straps and cutouts, I’m ready!

The best one piece swimsuits


1. Nasty Gal Alina Swimsuit

Hot! Hot! Hot!  Black, swim, one piece, low cut, high cut.  If you throw on a skirt you can take this swimsuit anywhere, any time and be THE knockout. Also comes in different colors, so if you’re really feeling yourself go for nude or red.

2. Gathered Deep Plunge 

I’m a sucker for white. It’s just sooo clean and fresh! How can you not?!  This white piece is pretty & classy too.

3. Virtue La Boheme Lace

The details + color has me like: “Hiiiiiiiiiiii, I’m Katie and I want to wear you around for everyone to see. And possibly sip tea after.”

4. Mesh Plunge

When your one piece meets skin + sexy.  I love this color in the summertime, awake and fruitful.

5. ASOS Mesh Panel

If you’re not daring enough to go for the black low cut/high cut above, this is a perfect alternate.  Black is sexy and easy to pull off –> on anyone & pretty much always.  This super cute one piece could easily be paired with a maxi skirt or shorts to complete any look you’re going for.

6. TopShop Sequin Cactus

One pieces should be fun too! How fun is this all pink with a little shimmer? I want it yesterday. Imagine fun pool party – wanting to look good, but running around and playing water games at the same time.

7. South Beach Issy

Ok… Do you ever want to participate in water sports or jump around and dance or play water volleyball or do a cannon ball or dive off the dock in a swimsuit…. WITHOUT the risk of it falling off?  All hail this beauty. Everything is locked in AND you look pretty!



Your turn, where did you find your one piece swimsuit for the season?!

Now I’m off to dream of sun and beach water…




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