Life Chats, Moving 9.8.17

Life Chats

Finally the day has come, we moved into a different space. Remember when I moved into this tiny apartment and I was so happy?  I believed that was literally all I needed in life, a perfect shelter.  I’m still on the small living environment kick, too much space gives me anxiety.   I know most people hate moving but I’ve decided I love it,  I’ve moved a lot and lived out of a suitcase more years in my life than I’ve had a closet.  Not really.

Getting rid of shit is my jam. It gives me the same excited butterflies you’re supposed to get when you see your significant other.  Moving forces you to really purge shit out.  All those things that Wafiq was making us hold on to because “we have space” are officially at Goodwill. And all the stupid clothes, cheap gimmicks and nonsense you can find on THIS list are gone!  Moving is a breeze because all our “things” (besides the bed, sofa, and TV) fit in a few boxes 🙂  Awww my favorite feeling.

One of the many reasons we’re so excited about our new place is that the view is open to trees, no more walking path!   What do you guys see when you look outside your window?  We started feeling a little like we were living in a hamster cage because our windows opened to a walking path that people loved to bring their dogs to, so we happy peeps right now.

As you may have heard, there’s a hurricane that recently f*cked up parts of Texas.  In Austin, we lost power for 20 hours & had wind + rain but nothing much larger than our regular storms.  Please remember, when you’re thinking of Houston and all the damage it’s done, there are several smaller communities that have been damaged as well & also need help + resources.  The less popular babies need attention too 🙂   I have to say, it’s refreshing to run through my Facebook feed and see all my Texas friends coming together to love & support one another.  No more wrestling over topics that don’t serve a purpose or creating fights & arguments because we’re bored.  There was awhile there I didn’t even check FB.  So, proud of Texas right now and proud to be a part of the state.

And mother earth must be freaking PISSED off right now, brewing storms all over the place.  EEEk. I pray everyone stays safe & cuddled with their people. Love love love.

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F*** It Friday – Moving Away, Solo

It’s back to school time!  I remember being in school & thinking it was never going to end. I’m a big learning person but not necessarily a big school, take tests & make grades person. This week’s F*** It Friday post is for anyone thinking of attempting their FIRST major F*** It moment. My first […]

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My own apartment, finally.

I don’t think there’s words creative enough to describe how relieved I am. After more than 2 years of living out of a suitcase and other people’s closet doors… I FINALLY managed to nail myself down enough to sign a lease for an apartment of my own. I’m fully aware this is normal life, but […]

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Up Next: Los Angeles, California

I’m moving.. again! On Sunday. I’ll be vacuum packing all my clothes and pilling them up in the little Honda Civic and start driving across the country to Los Angeles, California. (27 hours?) I’ve already reserved an apartment through Airbnb for one month so that’s where I’ll be for July. I’ll admit, that’s about as […]

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The farthest I’ve been from home.

Prior to this trip, the farthest I’ve ever been from home was the Dominican Republic. Although the DR is another country, it’s actually really close to the States.  So boarding the plane to London, then Bahrain, I knew I was about to go a long ways away… And it FELT a long ways away. After […]

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WAAAAAAAAAHHH! What was I thinking?! Because I’ve moved away from my home before, I know this part. The “what was I thinking?” And “who do I think I am” part and it’s officially hit me. Fast and not good. It started while I was packing my clothes, the last thing to do on my list […]

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