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Loving Lately: 4 Recent Favs

Don’t count the days, make the days count

-Muhammad Ali

Hi everyone! Welcome to May, & summer?!  Anyone else?!

I had to participate in an outdoor sand Volleyball tournament last Friday & almost melted to my death.  Of course it was the hottest day we’ve had so far at 90 degrees.  I couldn’t drink enough water to keep myself hydrated & went home with a huge headache Friday.   On the plus side, 1 of the 4 games was a personal success in my book.  The other 3 had a few errors that I’m choosing to ignore.  I’m very competitive so I hate sucking at things.


Lately, I have a few new favorites I’ve happily stumbled upon, so lets share!



Nude Gel Polish:

I’m a nail bitter so I have to have my nails done or I’ll constantly be messing with them.  I love hot pinks, blue, purples, white, or really any color nail.

I have no fear when it comes to nail color.  I typically keep them really short because I’ve always thought they look better that way, until recently.  I decided not to cut my nails the last time I went for a manicure & tried a very nude color, so the length wouldn’t be obvious.

I’m obsessed.  I didn’t think nude would work for me… because I’m bright. But it does!  Classy, clean, easy, goes with everything.

I chose “Bubble Bath” Gel from Opi, ask for it next time you go!


Victoria’s Secret Knockout Sport Tights:

I know I already shared my love for VS’s sports bra’s but I’ve also been loving their tights which deserves attention too.  Again, not as expensive as other brands & in my opinion they’re better.  Breathable, move with you as you work out, high wasted, comfortable, and I’m loving the styles.  Every time I VS tights to workout someone asks where I got them.  All those Lululemon & Aloyoga people don’t know what hit them when I say Victoria’s Secret.  Also, they aren’t as thick & hot as true Yoga pants from those other brands are.

And trust me – NOT see-through.  I do several squats in a variety of lighting scenarios and I make Wafiq approve the see-through strength prior to any pants being worn in public.  We’ve seen one too many ass cracks in our workouts to take any chances.


Kygo Station on Pandora:

The perfect music station for summer!  I have this station going all, the, time.  Of course with intermediate breaks for the Jazz station but Kygo has me going.

I’m having a party MondayFriday in my earphones & I’m pretty happy about it.  The perfect music to get yourself in the summer ready mood!  I also happened to see Kygo at Austin City Music Festival last year & I loved it.  Anything to get people moving & feeling is right up my ally.


Kylie Cosmetics Lip Gloss: 

I love lip glosses but don’t love most lip gloss products.   I can’t find any that I like!  Kylie’s glosses are good you guys, really good. I know it’s hard to support & believe in a millionaire 19 year old’s cosmetic business, but that’s life.

If you empty my purse at any time you’ll find “Damn Gina” gloss inside, but I know all of her glosses are really good.  Super shiny & they DO stay put longer than many others. Also, not nearly as expensive as other brands.  My favorite look is huge sunglasses, oil on my face, and gloss on my lips. That’s it! OH! And a spray tan… Of course.



Besides my regular favorites, the above are a few I’ve added to the list.

Anyone have favorites to share?

I realized I don’t have very many beauty products lately as I’ve cut WAY down on wearing makeup.  Even the weekends can be pretty bare.  When it’s so hot, everything melts off your face anyway – sunscreen turns into the only option.

Everyone, have a great rest of the week & be thoughtful!


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Loving Lately: Three Everyday Favorites

Did You Know?  Originally, scientists wore beige coats. In the late 19th century, medical professionals chose white ones. The color white was chosen because of the idea of hope and expectations for healing and recovery that the physicians would bring. ( v i a )

Boi, why you so obsessed with me?!  If the following three items had a voice, that’s what they would say. Screw monthly favorite posts, who really has time to try 1,000 products in 1 month and know what’s working and what isn’t?! Impossible.  But there are a few items that I’ve been loving lately, genuinely loving. Let’s get real, that’s what’s important to share.

Also we’re nearing the weekend, I’m planning 0 activities.  SXSW is coming to Austin the next two weekends and although I barely understand what SXSW actually is – I do know there’s a lot happening and always somewhere to be with free drinks and free phones, so I’ll be there.

For now, if you buy all three of the below items you’ll be out a cute $30 << Pretty proud to say that.

Loving Lately

White Canvas Sneakers from Target

I should start by saying I’m a lover of socks & covering feet completely.  The very first thing I look at on a guy is his shoes, if he’s wearing sandals he’s in a terrible category.  OMG I went on a dreadful eHarmony date once & the tiny guy that was supposedly 6ft tall was wearing jeans & sandals, on a first date!  No no no no no.  I don’t have very many deal breakers, but that’s one of them.  Sandals are strictly for the beach or pool.  There’s no beach or pool on this date!

Ok, back on track, I love wearing white because it’s fresh & clean and I love shoes that I can wear with socks that lace up snug.  These shoes are the winning ticket. They’re only $16.99 so when they get too dirty you can buy another pair to keep them looking fresh.  White shoes go with everything  << you’ll notice I wear them in almost all of my pictures.  I was buying stupid expensive Reebok’s before but when I found these $16.99 Target shoes, I felt like I won the lottery.  Now they’re all over my house.

Trader Joe’s Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream

I’m a nail biter.  So it’s important that 1. I have my nails painted 2. I have moisturizer on them at all times << That combo keeps me from eating them.

The key with moisturizer is to be a little greasy so it sits on my nails without soaking in completely.  This keeps the polish looking fresh, but not too greasy where I can’t touch anything without leaving behind an oily finger print.  I’ve gone through three, yes three tubes of this cream in two months.  I’m obsessed.  I’ve recently purchased another one to leave by my bed… and put on my arms, legs, feet, hands, shit anything really, right before bed. OBESSSED. (I found this other really cool article on beauty products from trader Joe’s for anyone interested: 15 Reasons to Start Buying Beauty Products from Trader Joe’s)

Wine Saver Pump with 2 Vacuum Bottle Stoppers

Shut the F up.  WOW. How did I not know this existed years ago?!  Thank you little baby Jesus for Christmas because Wafiq bought me this wine vacuum for Christmas & its changed my life!  I love wine but I love one glass, or two at night.  Then I work diligently at squeezing the cork back down the bottle in order to keep the wine crisp.  Always a fail and always frustrating.

Here’s how the wine pump & vacuum works: you place the wine vacuum stopper in the wine bottle & place the pump over the top & start pumping. Takes 2 seconds & it’s sealed with the air vacuumed out of it… ?!?!   I knew we were legit when we went to a fancy restaurant & noticed all their wine bottles had the same stoppers!  Yeah, let’s just say they were very privileged to have my presence while dining.  PS. $13.99.  I can’t. I’m done.  No.

What have you been loving?  Share & I’ll try.

Have a great weekend & be thoughtful…


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October Monthly Favorites 2016 | MissBassmaster

October is O.V.E.R.  Time to get a few workouts in before the November thanksgiving meals come rolling through.  If you can keep a consistent workout routine in, you can make it through the holidays like nothing happened!  Stay moving & step away from the cookies!  (Yeah right, my fav food group is cookie… and I’m past the point of denial. )


October Favorites:

  1. L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation: Because I have such dry skin I’ve never pursued matte foundation.  I imagine the foundation getting in every dry skin crack & making my face look sucked of life.  However, I accidentally came across this foundation & have used almost the entire bottle already.  The finish is soft matte w a pretty full coverage & doesn’t squeeze in my wrinkles. I add highlight to a couple spots of my face if I’m still wanting the glow, otherwise matte it is!

  2. Tepezcohuite Cream: You already know!  I love this moisturizer, really.  It’s exactly what I was looking for. Something natural, that I can throw on my face as often as I please.  I still slab on large amounts of coconut oil or other face products here & there, but this is a perfect lightweight, non greasy option I always feel comfortable putting on my freshly washed face.  This product will have a place on my bathroom shelf for a long time.

  3. F21 Choker:  I bought this because I had a couple dollars left to spend on a gift card & I’ve been wearing this choker ever since!  Somehow it’s managing to go with every single wardrobe, including my pajamas.  LOL!  Although it’s super affordable, it hasn’t broken or became a dingy color – good find, had to share.

  4. Chelsea:  My new idol.  Before you turn away, I wasn’t a HUGE fan of her show Chelsea Lately on E!, so don’t disregard this favorite thinking I’m simply a fan of Chelsea anything.  This show is on Netflix & has a late night talk show feel to it, but different.  She tries to teach you shit.  Her interview questions go a step deeper than the typical “tell us about your movie”.  You have to give this show a try, at least 1 full episode!! I LOVE IT & it’s seriously inspired new blog directions to take next year.

  5. Ikea Paring Knives:  I can’t believe I haven’t spoken of these knives yet?!  They. Are. Amazing.  I can NOT stand being in the kitchen, trying to slice a fucking tomato, and it turns into a mashed tomato because no knife remains sharp enough to cut through it!  You’ve been there.  If you want to talk about a torturous cooking experience, bring in the dull knives!  From my deli department days I can also remind you that it’s dangerous to have these dull knives in the kitchen, makes room for accidents.  Some how these Ikea knives WORK.  They can cut through anything (including fingers), so be VERY careful.  I think they’re like $2!!!!!!!!

That’s it for October ladies and gentleman! Anyone have an favorites they’ll share w me?  Always looking!

Have a great week & be thoughtful!


other favorites:

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August Monthly Favorites 2016 | MissBassmaster

Mmmmmm nothing like the feeling of Fall right around the corner, but before we leave August I have a couple favorites I’ve been enjoying & want to share. I’ll be carrying these products into the next few months to come.


  1. Under Eye Sheets:  I’ve been trying a lot of eye pads.  Recently, I used some that physically abused my under eye area, nightmare. However, these babies are affordable & hydrating.  I have VERY dry skin so I like cool, moisturizing products & this one does the trick.  They feel wonderful to my under eye area when I’m super tired – I love them.  And they help w/puffiness.

  2. Cravings: Obviously.  All month and prolly a few more to come. Best thing so far – Chrissy’s Mac & Cheese. But for a small Christmas dinner – BTI Whole Roast Chicken & Vegetables.

  3. Pixi Glow Tonic:  I’m not a toner fan, I’ve tried several the past few years & I never finish a bottle.  Always one of those items that I end up skipping in the getting ready process, but Pixi has stuck.  I’m on my 2nd bottle & now I can’t imagine my routine without it.  I’m not sure if there’s a major difference in my actual face, that “glow” may or may not be happening, but I do feel much cleaner wiping Pixi over my fresh face.  I feel like it takes off that extra layer missed when washing – in a very gentle way.  The smell is refreshing too, I love it.  (Anyone else tried?  I first bought it because I read crayyyzee reviews…)

  4. NeedtoBreathe: Another obvious one if you have me on Instagram/snapchat – I can’t stop. This music is so freaking good I wish I heard it years & years & years ago.  Straight out the womb playing “Happiness” would have been ideal. Mom? I’m not a huge Rock person but I love this band, and so does Wafiq so it scores major points for long car rides.  Obsessed is understatement.

I tried a lot the past few months & fell in love with a few. Let me know what your summer favorites have been before we quickly get into fall, it’s creeping hard.

The other day we experienced weather in the 80’s and I had a moment of silence for what’s to come.  I think I’m officially over HOT weather…for life.  I need to start planning to relocate before next summer, Antarctica anyone?

I have a month full of exciting posts coming your way – at least I think so 🙂

Have a great September and be thoughtful!



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July Monthly Favorites 2016 | MissBassmaster

I’m pretty happy it’s August, that means approximately one more month of torture temperatures & then we can start praying for a nice 80 degree day.  1 more sweet summer month left.

Here are my July favorites – majority of them you’ve seen me talk about before, but they’ve been with me all month, tried & true.


1. Few Moda Paneled Self-Tie Midi Skirt:

I can’t find the exact skirt I’ve been wearing nearly  every day but this one is close. Something about a pretty skirt makes the heat of the summer look less miserable & manages to keep you as cool as possible.  And yes, I wear my white sneakers w/the skirt too.

2. Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base:

Anything bronze makes me happy.  I’ve been on the hunt for a bronzer that doesn’t make my face feel dry or look orange + blends nicely, I finally found one.  Perfect for summer!  It’s on the expensive side, but it’ll last a long time.  I’ve been using it every day for 2 months and I haven’t made a dent in the product.  I also love that it works on my pale skin OR my fresh spray tanned skin.  Buildable… & I would like to use it all over my body.

3. Keds Champion Oxford Sneakers:

No explanation needed.  I hate sandals.  Toes and feet and the dirty ground – No.  I’ve always been a shoe person.  I’ve been living in these classics.  Not super big & chunky, basic, great for work & weekends.

4. The Americans:

My series this month has been The Americans.  EEEEEEEE, I’m still working through the recent seasons but this show will get you HOOKED!  Russian, undercover spies living in America. EEK, so good.

5. Tinted Plastic Mason Jar:

I’ve been bringing this w/me to every pool, all summer.  I make one, big, delicious drink. This cup keeps it safe & cold all day. I love the size, style & color. Large and in charge baby.

6. Kelp Noodles:

Mystery ingredient recipe for the win!  Because Kelp Noodles are affordable, easy, healthy & delicious – they’re a staple in our kitchen now.  There’s nothing easier than whipping up a stir fry with Kelp Noodles at the end of a long day.  Too easy not to.

7. Waterproof Phone Case:

You already know! I bought one to test & now I’m ordering a few of them to leave at the house.  F-ing fantastic for beach vacations & summer days at the pool.  I’ve already said enough in my post so I won’t overkill it now.

And that’s it for July! Let me know if you have any summer favorites I need to run out & try.



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June Monthly Favorites 2016 | MissBassmaster

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!

Summer is seriously the best isn’t it? So many exciting weekends, hot weather, sweat, family & friends, water, food & good times. Loving it!

I didn’t have time to figure out filming this month’s favorites, but it’ll happen eventually – for now, this is what I tried & loved in June –>


1. Milani Color Statement Lipstick – 28 Nude Crème

 I loved this lipstick awhile ago & then lost it… & then found it again.  I immediately remembered why I loved it so much –> the perfect, everyday, color.  My lips would be PALE (my whole face would be pale) without some color.  Adding a little flesh to my lips easily does the job.

I don’t like using expensive lipstick for work & grocery store runs because it feels like a total waste. This lipstick is perfect because it’s affordable to have a few extras hanging around.

2. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer

Get ready for this.  This lotion goes on your skin when you’re still wet!  You finish your shower, quickly grab a small amount of moisturizer, run it over your body & pat yourself dry.  IT WORKS.

I have extremely dry skin & can’t go a shower without moisturizing.  This product works miracles – super fast, you only need a small amount, and it keeps your skin feeling comfortable & moisturized.   Most definitely keeping a bottle in the shower from now on.

Has anyone else tried or heard of this?? Variety of scents + it’s affordable.  Totally worth it you guys.  Even just for those times you’re too tired to apply a full body moisturizer – this gets the job done in seconds!

3. Urban Decay Naked Weightless Concealer

So freaking good!  Do you ever buy something & it’s so fantastic that you wish upon your lucky stars it lasts forever?!  This concealer helped me understand what make up artists mean when they say “airbrush finish”.

4. Sigma Large Powder Brush

I want to cuddle this bad boy.  In the winter I tend to stay away from bronzing my face or using powders because I’m way too dry as it is.  But this summer, I have fallen in love with bronzer & this cuddly brush.  It’s super soft, covers evenly & blends exactly how I want it.

5. Vicks VapoRub

I’m bringing it back you guys. Obsessed is an understatement.  I can’t preach it’s praises enough! With the amount of rain we’ve had in Texas the mosquito’s are ramped! Needless to admit, I’ve gotten eaten alive this past month and Vick’s is literally my best friend.  Before going to bed, I kiss my Vicks jar goodnight. (LOL! …But seriously)

6. Black Moonshadow Sports Bra

A super constraining, wire bra is literally my worst nightmare this summer.  You get it, it’s HOT! Sweating is happening on an hourly basis.  I hate ruining my chic, sassy, classy braziers with sweat!  Damn you summer!  So I’m quickly hopping on the sports bra chain &&&& I’m obsessing, hard.  Here are a few more affordable options that I’m loving: here & here

7. Amazon Prime

 Can I use the excuse I was out of the country for approximately 2 years as my reason for not knowing the glory that is Amazon Prime? Wafiq & I are speechless.  One day I ordered something w/$4.99 shipping & it took a little over a week to get to the house.  He ordered something through Amazon Prime & it came in 1 1/2 days!  He got it before my order!

After hearing peers rave about Amazon Prime, I can finally say I understand.  Just one more reason to never leave the house.  Perfect. Going forward, I’ll try to link all my amazon products to have Prime as an option 🙂

8. Graceland

EEEEEEEEE! This was my series for the month & it’s soooooo addicting! The characters are edgy & make you want to live out your inner badass & sweat a little.  They live in luxury & have the most dramatic, undercover cop lives I could only dream of. It’s hot & so fucking good. I love it.



That’s it for June! Send me anything you discovered or have been loving this month – always open to get inspired!


Be safe this weekend & have fun!



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May Monthly Favorites | MissBassmaster

My favorite blog posts to read are the Monthly Favorites.   They take out all the beating around the bush of products that are sort of good or kind of suck.

Instead, it’s more of a monthly obsession list.

(Yessssssss, me too!)

For that reason – I wanted to join the monthly favorites club.

This is going to be a list, but I would eventually love creating a short video each month.

{There are times my love for something comes across better with a little video action, rather than just writing.  You feel me?}

May Favorites 2016

1. Sinful Colors Endless Blue Nail Polish:

I’m not typically a fan of colored nail polish, but this blue does it for me.  It’s summery, but not bright pink, typical white, or black.  And it’s pretty subtle.

I tried pulling these blue nails off in more professional settings rather than just at the beach or on vacation and I don’t think it freaked anyone out. The color isn’t as shocking as it sounds and every time I slap it on my fingers I’m obsessed with my nails!

2. Set of 3 Dot Coat Hooks:

I have been searching HIGH AND LOW for coat hangers for my itty bitty entry since I moved back in October. I love these sooooooo much – I’m thinking of buying another set.  They’re both an art piece + a perfect coat hook.

3. Lace-Trim Cotton-Blend Shirt:

I’ve been living in this shirt. Too much. I’ve managed to find a way to wear it with anything, in any weather condition.   Hot, cold, windy, rainy, sunny – this shirt is my go-to.

It’s the perfect thickness where it’s impossible to be too hot or too cold. It’s light enough to lay on your body comfortably.  I’ll tie it up into a shorter shirt with a high waisted skirt, wear it long over leggings, tuck it in cut off shorts.  I’m in love.

4. Braids:

Rapunzel length hair finally became worthy of its maintenance.  I’m digging the (pigtail? boxer?) braids this month. Never did I ever think I would be wearing two braids after turning 7 years old but here I am.

Braids are the B E S T thing for hair because they’re so low maintenance! (If you don’t know how to braid – I would learn.  It’ll be worth it.)  Lately, I’ve been putting in two braids after work on Friday and leave them in all weekend.  They go everywhere with me and I love it.  Hair Gods: please don’t let this trend go away.

5. Carli Bybel Highlighter:

Highlighter is the best make up friend for anyone with dry skin like me.  My skin always looks cracked and dry and thirsty. Sick.  Since using massive amounts of coconut oil and throwing on highlighter, I’m much happier.

And this month my go-to has been the Carli Byblel palette.  {Anyone her YouTube fan?}  If you’ve been wondering whether or not to buy this palette, BUY IT.  So affordable – and for the highlighters alone, worth it!

6. Zarbee’s Honey Cough Soothers:

Leeeeeet the sun shineeeeee!! Leeeeeet the sun shine in!!!!! Holy mother of pearl it’s here.  I’ve looked F O R E V E R for cough medicine that doesn’t have stupid sugar as one of the first ingredients.  FINALLY I found Zarbee’s.

I am not a doctor, but I consider this common sense.  If you’re taking medicine that has processed sugar in it, especially as a main ingredient, how is that doing your body any favor?  That’s a freaking candy cane. Take a look at your cough drops and you’ll feel me.  Zarbee’s is the first miracle of an answer that I’ve found in the sore throat department.  Honey on the go, ouiiiii!  This will FOREVER be found in my medicine cabinet. Get excited. Game over.

7. Forever 21 Classic Skinny Jeans:

I have been living in these!  I’ve never purchased jeans from Forever 21 before.  I’m super particular about jeans so I always go “jean shopping” to dedicate some time to trying on different styles & brands… Well, I didn’t have time and was desperately seeking skinny, grey, jeans so I grabbed a $10 pair from Forever 21.  The rest is history!

I’ve even washed these jeans a couple times and they’re still staying true to style.  Is this real?  Anyone else try jeans from Forever 21?  I also love that they’re not super thick, which is a life saver in this Texas heat.

8. Straws:

…and these particular ones, have been serving me well lately. We have several cups that require straws and because sooomeone continuously puts them in the bottom of the dishwasher – they melt away, leaving us with no straws to use in our wonderful cups.

SO, a quick stop in Target and these bad boys came to the rescue.  I bought several different straws and these are my favorite.  The length, the amount of water you get with each sip – I can’t drink water without them now.

9. Cole Haan Polarized Sunglasses:

As you can probably tell from pictures, I’ve become slightly obsessive over these sunglasses.  I’ve been on the hunt for sunglasses that were huge, black, and reflect just a little… My wishes were answered when I stumbled across these.

I like huge glasses because they cover more of my face from sun & I like when they reflect just a little so people can’t see me staring at them.

10. The Blacklist:

Last but not least, my full on dedication to The Blacklist this month.  I’ve completely caught up – and can go to bed at a decent time again.

Has anyone been watching?  I love the constant twists & turns! Can’t shut it off.  I can focus on one tv show at a time, so it’s one guilty pleasure a month & this one takes the cake! (Obviously, this month is The Bachelorette…)

That’s it! May is gone, ready to get into June.  I’m totally looking forward to recording next month’s favorite’s, I feel like writing about them just isn’t compassionate enough!! lol

What are you guys loving this month?  Inspire me please 🙂


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