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My Easy, Everyday Makeup (free) Routine & 5 Reasons You Should Get On Board

Did You Know? The thinnest skin is found on your precious eyelids measuring at .02mm thick.  The thickest skin is found on your feet measuring at 1.4mm thick. ( v i a )


I never thought I’d see the day where I wouldn’t want to wear makeup all day, during work, but here we are.  For the past 2 months I’ve abstained from MOST of my makeup at work.


My Daily Makeup Routine

I used to think makeup was important at work because it helps you look awake, alert, professional, clean, put together, on time – but I’ve had a shift in mentality recently.  I don’t want to put shit on my face when my computer screen & a few people are the only ones reaping the benefits.  Most of the time I don’t even look in a mirror so I’m not even able to marvel at my artwork.

I’ll admit, I’ve never been the person that’s afraid to go outside of the house without makeup, or in my sweatpants (sometimes pajamas).  So going without makeup wasn’t necessarily fearful for me, as I think some people that wear makeup every day can end up feeling.

I decided to ditch the bronzer, foundation, blush, eye shadow, highlight, or whatever else I was using every day.

I think the first week was a little shocking for the other employees.  Like maybe I had an illness or was SUPER hungover or Wafiq & I were breaking up.  In my defense, I don’t think I looked like an ailing ghost, I think it was different from what they were used to seeing.  ESPECIALLY in the mornings when my eyes are puffy and usually red because of allergies + without makeup my freckles & sun spots are visible.  I definitely don’t have the smoothness & dimension that foundation & bronzer bring to the table.

After a week or so went by I perfected the moisturizer, concealer, and mascara routine to a point where I still felt put together, but free.  I think all makeup wearing people, including lovers of makeup, can admit there’s nothing like a fresh, bare, clean face.  YUM.

 My Daily Makeup Routine

My Routine:

  1. Clean Face: Stick to your normal face wash routine.  Full disclosure, I skip this step most mornings. I like the oil that my face accumulated overnight & prefer not to wash it away.

  2. Moisturize: As you know, I’ve been using this Tepez Cream, but am always looking for a stellar moisturizer (tell me!!)

  3. Oil: I like an oily face.  Lately, I’ve been trying Avocado Oil.  I put a thin layer all over, including my neck.  Even Wafiq does this step now 🙂

  4. Conceal:  Use any concealer under your eyes to brighten your entire face with little effort. Lately, I’ve been using this one, but I switch all the time.  Make a huge triangle under your eyes & the spots you want to cover << for me, it’s always around my chin.

  5. Blend:  Wet a beauty blender, I love this one, then start dabbing the blender all over the concealer until it’s blended out & looking smooth.

  6. Powder:  Unless it’s really hot outside, I can skip this step.  Otherwise, I put a translucent powder or a nude eye shadow from this pallet under my eyes to keep the concealer in place all day.

  7. Curl Lashes:  I have stick straight lashes, so curling is a must!

  8. Mascara:  I’ve used this one since I was 16.  I noticed doing both the top & bottom eyelashes helps A LOT.  Sometimes I’ll do the top only & when I look in the mirror, I get scared.

  9. Chapstick: Don’t forget to moisturize your lips!  This finishes it all perfectly!


That’s my new every day, work “look”.

I’m feeling a bit empowered, when I look at my gorgeous coworker’s fully contoured & looking like a hard 10 face – I still find myself happy that my face is clean & nearly makeup free. Confident that I can wear my oily, moisturized face with a dab of concealer & way less product.

So much less to think about, right?!

 My Daily Makeup Routine

5 Benefits of Less Makeup During Workdays:

  • Save money on expensive makeup products

  • Easy & fast – meaning less time getting ready in the morning & more time sleeping

  • Focus on the health of your actual skin – moisturizing & clarifying the skin that you have

  • Enjoy weekend makeup again – you’ll be creative & energized when you get to do a full face of makeup with all your products on a well-rested face

  • Boost of confidence – You’ll feel proud & confident to rock the carefree make up look at the office! Trust me 🙂

My Daily Makeup Routine

I throw on layers of makeup on the weekends or a night out or anytime I’m bored.  Bring on the blush, glitter, bronzer with a glow, fake lashes, red lipstick, and whatever else I can find –  but as far as day to day, super minimal is my new routine!

I totally understand this sounds silly to a lot of makeup-free people but once you get used to wearing makeup it’s kind of weird to walk away from it…  For anyone that sits behind a desk the majority of the day & doesn’t see the point in spending $$$ on an expensive, gorgeous, high glow, foundation to wear all day at work.  Skip it! Save it for the weekends & weeknight outings.

My Daily Makeup Routine

To make my life even easier, I roll my hair up into a clip before bed & let it down the next day for a super relaxed curl.  That’s it.  My morning routine is 10 minutes max.

Anyone else started wearing less makeup during the day when you’re staring at the computer for hours? Let me know! I need a support group.

Have a great start to the week & as always, be thoughtful


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Fall Beauty Wish List

I love the seasons because it’s a CHANGE  – if it was summer all the time then I’d be wearing & doing the same thing every single day. Boring.  So happy fall!  What would we do without you?

I did my research (via the 1,000 page Vogue magazine, Hi Kendall Jenner) and I have a few Fall wish list items for my beauty list:


  1. Black Lips: I’m scared but excited about black lipstick.  It has to be on my wish list because.. It’s a wish.  I’m going to tryyyy wearing it & make a F*** It Friday post about how it went.  I’ve noticed in a TON of designer ad’s their going for a very goth look.  Can this be done in real life? We’ll find out soon enough!

  2. Body Jewels: It’s been the gold body tattoos & now I have feeling body jewels are coming in sparkly!  I’m all about trying something new, borderline ridiculous & shiny so of course body jewels are making my wish list.   We have a huge music festival hitting Austin soon, what perfect timing to try out a new look.

  3. Glitter:  I will never say no, except during the summer.  Wearing glitter in the summer is a complete disaster because it runs all over the place.  Sweat + glitter = Hot mess.  But I’m noticing it’s very acceptable this fall.  I’ve had my eye on this Urban Decay glitter eye liner since last holiday season – now’s the time!

  4. Mustard Eye Shadows: Mustard is my favorite color. At least right now it is.  I want mustard clothing, mustard jewelry, mustard shoes, and now mustard eyes.  Something about the pukey brow palette is working right now.  I’ve heard plenty of reviews about these eye shadow palettes & this particular one is on my fall wish list. Yum.

What’s on your Fall wish lists??

Thankfully, I’ll be going to Minnesota this weekend where I’ll get a taste of fall temperatures.  Much needed!

Have a fantasssstic day & be thoughtful 🙂


shop Fall Wish List:

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I recommend...

YouTube, the devil

This post is already annoying me. I’m a very strong advocate AGAINST YouTube (YouTube, or anything like it. Vine, Chive, ect., It’s all the same, don’t act like it isn’t). I think it ruins peoples lives.


I have a couple friends that can’t stop watching. Literally they can’t stop. You know the ones, I’m sure everyone has them. Individuals that probably sit and watch YouTube all day when they’re home, they can’t stop, one video after another after another, amazed at all that’s happening. And then when someone comes over they can’t wait to share what they’ve seen, replaying each video saying “You gotta see this!” Then after you calmly sit and watch this amazing video it reminds them of another one “Yeah, and you just have to see this one!”. The cycle continues no matter what you say to get out of it, “Can you believe that? Did you see that?!”… No, I blinked, please lets watch it again. “Oh yeah, that reminds me of this other video!” Before you open your mouth 4 hours went by, your eyelids are heavy, and all you can think about is going home… And the 4 hours of your life you’ll never get back. Yeah, I’m going to be that dramatic here.

And it doesn’t stop…

If these people can’t get you to their house, they’ll text you these videos asking if you’ve seen it… One after another after another. Each story reminding them of another video.

Even worse, imagine there’s a big group of people meeting to go out and the YouTube addict is invited. Holy smokes that’s their favourite time to shine, show all they’ve found. And there’s so many targets. How you ask? At the restaurant, bar, someone else’s house..how? Their phone of course!! Awwww technology these days…

I’m positive quite a few friends of mine feel I’m calling them out right now… I am.

It drives me nuts! Can we just talk? Play a game? Sleep? Eat? Drink? Run in place? Anything but watch these 2 minute videos’ over and over on YouTube. For the love of the Lord, PAAHLEASE!

So if you’re stuck in your phone, and stuck in these videos… I promise, it’s going to be okay. Lift up your head. Talk about the present. Talk to the people around you. About their lives, and your life, and share. Discuss. Laugh at each other and laugh at the people around you.. rather than someone else’s video 🙂

Ok, now that that’s done… I have my own small fixation to YouTube that I’m fighting. Which is why I’ve been mind tricking myself away from this post. Thank God I haven’t taken it too far. Just when I need to learn to do something I turn to YouTube. YouTube is something that can be useful. Like anything, portion control.

In this case it’s make-up. So this post is for the girls. Men, unless you have a fun hobby on nights and weekends, I see no value in your continued reading… But do as you please.

So I heard about these “Channels” you can follow on YouTube that give advice on make-up and hair… I’m always feeling like I suck major at my hair and make-up and can NEVER do anything that other people can. I don’t even know where to start when I see someone’s perfectly well done face or delicately curled hair. I thoroughly enjoy when I have somewhere to go and I can play around with my hair and face, but I get really pissed off when it turns out looking like I just finished babysitting and the 4 year old child did my hair and make-up as entertainment for their evening.

So when I heard about these YouTube channels that apparently give a lot of assistance, I had to check it out. I got stuck on MaskCara. It’s the only channel I’ve found so far that I actually like and think is worth watching. MaskCara is a mother who uses videos to show different ways to do make-up and hair. I started watching and was amazed. I must admit I haven’t tried anything on myself (I need somewhere to go first) but she makes everything look so easy! I can’t wait to give some looks a go.

I also really like her concept of trying to make everyone feel pretty inside and outside. Because make-up and hair changes everyone, so her showing how famous people get their looks, makes me feel like they aren’t PERFECT. I’m sure they’re close, but they need a little help too… Which, I’m sorry, is refreshing to hear/see.

So anyway, you make up users out there… When you have some spare minutes go check out her YouTube video’s (MaskCara) and blog. She keeps her videos short, quick, mostly budget friendly, not too over the top, and she has kids in the background. Perfect. Let me know if you’ve tried anything and it actually works! I would love to hear it as words of encouragement for myself 🙂

Below is the one I’m dying to master. 5 Minutes, really? Have fun and good luck!

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