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5 Rules For Acceptable Bragging

Did You Know?  In a survey of 2,000 people, more than 75% admitted to lying about themselves on social profiles.  Only 18% said that their Twitter and Facebook profiles accurately represent them.

( v i a )

There’s something about being a badass bragger that I love.

If you do it wrong, than bragging is horrifically obnoxious.

5 Rules-for-Bragging

I love hearing people talk about what they’re passionate about, what makes them happy.  Whether that was a time in their life or an event they’re currently going through.  To see them get excited & feel comfortable enough opening up is exciting.  Conversations like these really get me going.


But there’s also people that don’t know how to brag properly.  They’re more focused on being a show off than sharing good news.  I think if you have to glorify every part of your life & constantly talk about it, there must be some self-confidence issues going on.  (LOL I’m laughing at my physiological conclusions here, but stay with me)


I broke down 5 Rules To A Good Brag because I think at some point bragging is awesome, but you have to do it correctly.

Rules-for-Bragging(6) 5 Rules-for-Bragging

5 Rules-for-Bragging

5 Rules-for-Bragging

5 Rules-for-Bragging

5 Rules To Being A Badass Bragger

  1. Wait for someone to ASK YOU about something.  This rule is a little tricky because sometimes people don’t know what to ask.  But, for the most part, always wait for someone to ask about you & what you’ve been up to. If that’s your children, dog, career, vacation, relationship, boyfriend – wait for them to ask.  “How’s work going?”  “I saw you ran a marathon, was it hard?” “How’s Bernice?”  If they never ask, that’s pretty telling, they don’t give a shit. HA!  Send them to my post on: LISTENING.
  2. Shut Up.  Conversation tip across the board – Shut Up.  Don’t go on forever about anything, ever.  No matter who you are or how important the info you’re sharing is, remember to cut it off. Or at least stop, breathe, and ask for questions?
  3. Think about the WHY.  Why are you sharing?  Are you sharing because you want to feel better about yourself?  That’s not the right reason.  Are you sharing because you’re excited & want others to feel excited too?  Then brag away! But don’t brag simply so you can feel cool, or better, or special.  Brag because you’re overjoyed & want others to feel overjoyed too.
  4. Always express your GENUINE gratitude & appreciation.  This is the most important one to being a good bragger.  You have to always make sure you express how lucky you are to be married to the top RE Agent in the U.S. ( 😉 )  Or how grateful you are to travel through the African Safari for 6 months of the year.  Or how appreciative you are that you have the career of your dreams.  I don’t know what you’re bragging about, but it’s important to ALWAYS be humble while bragging.  Then others know, you know, you’re lucky.
  5. Try to include your audience.  Sometimes you might be bragging about something huge.  You’re getting married, you’re having a kid.. That’s big stuff, and likely your audience isn’t going through that large of an event to equally be able to brag about it… Still try to include them, rather than talk AT them forever.  If they have kids, or got married, try to relate or ask questions.  Help them remember those times.  Bring them in, because talking AT people is really annoying, so do your best to include them somehow.5 Rules-for-Bragging

5 Rules-for-Bragging5 Rules-for-Bragging

5 Rules-for-Bragging


What do you think about Bragging?!  Funny topic right?  Bragging is weird to admit because it’s so much conversation about yourself!  But it’s fun to be excited with people who are excited, so if you brag correctly – then brag away!


I’m off to brag to Wafiq about how I was paid today and have yet to blow it all online shopping!  I’m sharing with him because I’m excited & I’ll ask him how he’s doing on his savings so we can be proud together!  HA!


Have a great weekend everyone! Go out, brag away, and be thoughtful…



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10 Amazon Products Under $10

Did You Know? Amazon began in the garage of founder Jeff Bezos’ home in Washington State. The site was launched on July 16 1995

( v i a )

Like I’ve mentioned before, the one complaint I have about Amazon is the browsing options.    You can’t really get on Amazon & browse through it like you would at a store or another website.  You have to know what you’re looking for in order for Amazon to be useful.  That’s why I like sharing what I buy.

Today’s list is 10 Under $10.

I tried to keep all of the items Prime eligible so you don’t end up paying for shipping, if you’re a Prime member that is – which at this stage in the game, how can you not be?

 10 Under 10 on Amazon

10 Products on Amazon Prime Under $10

1. Waterproof Phone case:

This is your friendly reminder to order this awesome, super affordable water proof phone case before Summer is in full swing.  It’s awesome for the pool/lake/ocean when you want to keep your snapchat & photos going strong – but also convenient to protect your phone from all water concerns.

2. Real Techniques Beauty Sponge:

I was using the original Beauty Blender for a while but I hated how dirty they got.   I attempted cleaning them but am never satisfied.  Spending $20 every time I wanted a new one seemed ridiculous, so I started using these beauty sponges instead & haven’t looked back.  I use them for a majority of my makeup & it honestly makes the application too easy.

3. Wet Brush:

This. Is. The. Shit.  Really, praise Jesus.  This brush goes through my thick, tangled mess with ZERO problems. Enough said.

4. Vacuum Wine Stopper:

If you didn’t know this vacuum wine stopper existed, and at such an affordable price, then I apologize. I was also missing out for a long time & I understand that unfortunate feeling.  Like all your best friends knew about a secret pill to keep you skinny & never told you.  I’m there.

5. LED String Lights:

I love fairy lights because they make the perfect relaxed ambiance.  I’m also a 7 year old girl inside.  I was using old Christmas lights during my morning Yoga to achieve the perfect lighting but since then have discovered these string lights & love them!  I hung them all over the place & get away with it because you can’t see the string until you turn them on 🙂

6. Feathers:

I recently discovered how AMAZING Amazon is for costume & craft supplies.  I went to Carnaval a few months ago & made costumes for Wafiq & I.  After searching costume shops & craft stores I compared all the prices with what I found on Amazon & it was incomparable.  I don’t think I’ll be in a costume or craft store again for a long time, the savings are that awesome. ( Body Jewels, Costume Glue, Yarn )

7. Collapsible Dog Bowls:

If you don’t already own these bowls for your doggies then you need to!  They’re so easy to transport – you’ll always have a dish available for water. My dog still acts like a 2 year old & inhales all her food in mili-seconds so I find it helps to collapse her bowl when she’s done & easily put it away. I’m trying to help her work through her binge eating habits.  (Also, THESE dog treats!)

8. Dog Bags:

I pick up ALL my dog’s droppings & if you have a dog you should too.  I get red with fury when I bring my dog on walks & there’s dog shit everywhere.  Even super large mounds of dog shit in the middle of a path, really?! Who the fuck does this?   It really pisses me off. And, I’ve done so well with my animal,  I’ve managed to teach her not to shit on walking paths – she goes on a little gander off the path to take her bathroom break, then I proceed to pick it up & throw it in the trash can. You also notice I say:  throw it in the trash can?  That doesn’t mean you put the shit in a bag, tie the top, & drop it on the ground for someone else to pick up – doesn’t work like that people.  I know I’m venting on behalf of other people & am definitely not alone.  The dog bags on Amazon come in huge packs so you will NOT run out & they’re super affordable! No excuses.  Pick up your dog shit!

9. Batteries:

You know how annoying it is when one of those small, round batteries dies?  Because you’ll never remember to pick up another one at the store & you definitely won’t remember what battery it is, RTJ-0078 or WJO-2833 or NWH-9340293, – not happening.  They’re typically cheaper on Amazon AND all you have to do is open the app on your phone, click, and order. Easy!

10. Toothpaste

I buy all my dental products on Amazon, and here’s a toothpaste for you.  I like Tom’s products.  I haven’t done research about them but they seem to work the best for me, rather than the typical Crest or Trident brands.  The world made me paranoid of chain products so I trick myself into feeling better by purchasing Tom’s.

If you get the Amazon App you can order everything on this list for under $100 and have it at your door in 2 days.  It’s a miracle, isn’t it?  What else do you guys buy on Amazon, it’s as if Amazon users are in a secret little club of all things easy!

I hope you’re all rounding out your April in the best way! I’m about to finally confront myself with the reality that this may be the last weekend I see 80 degree temperatures in awhile – at least while in Texas.  I’ve had a long talk with my dog about this, as we both hate it equally.  Soon, I think we’ll get our minds right & be able to handle our reality – let’s see.

Have a great day & be thoughtful!


+ Amazon Prime, Beginners Guide: HERE

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“Be Like Garth Brooks” – 5 Tips For Being Positive

“Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.”

~ Groucho Marx

I’m not a super fan of country music or even Garth Brooks music so don’t be afraid I’m going to lay out all my country obsessions for you.   A few weeks ago I was able to see Garth Brooks in concert during SXSW. I’m not familiar with his music, I realized at all, but that didn’t matter.


Garth Brooks had the most incredibly positive attitude I’ve ever seen in concert, and in life.  Happy, laughing, loving, humble.  Whether or not that’s how he lives his life doesn’t matter to me because the energy during the concert radiated through everyone watching, even if you didn’t know his music.  And what a gift to give that feeling.

I want to make people feel like Garth Brooks does.

And you should too.

Why not make people feel good?  Why not give them a positive day?  We’re able to do that.  It takes worrying less about OURSELVES & more about our surroundings.  Even if Garth Brooks was having a shitty day he was able to be positive enough for his audience to feel good, and I imagine that attitude can also change his shitty day into a good one.

And it wasn’t only via music, which can also make you feel a certain type of way.  The happy feelings came from him, his energy, his conversation, his appreciation, the way he treated his band, his overall attitude.

We can all be like Garth Brooks you guys.  Imagine walking around, making everyone feel like they’re going to have a great day?

 Being Positive

There were two Uber drivers that did the same thing for me.  I had a 5 minute interaction with them but my entire day changed.  I still remember each of them, our conversation, and the feeling I had when I got out of the Uber.  And I’m not typically someone that loves conversating with Uber drivers (*cough*cough* Wafiq).

If you’ve ever met this type of person, it’s something you shouldn’t forget.  Take notes.  Because these people instantly make you feel comfortable, they have such a gift!  I imagine they lead a really positive life, always seeing the glass half full, and because that’s their lives it radiates in their everyday interactions. Every single time I run into these people I desperately want to pay it forward.

I consider myself a positive person, but I want to do better.  I want people to leave conversations with me, feeling my energy.  Feeling the positivity.  This is also why it’s so important to keep negative people away. How can you stay positive when you constantly have people with a negative attitude around you?

Being Positive

5 Tips For Being ‘The Positive Guy’

  1. Treat People Well:   Garth Brooks adored the hell out of his band.  He took plenty of time to showcase each member of his band & their talents, hobbies, attitudes, and families.  It feels good to see people treat people good.  Simple.   When you see a husband treat his wife with respect, love, priority & care – you feel good.  You know what I mean?  To be around others that treat “their peeps” well, gives you positive energy as well. It makes you want to treat your peeps the same way.

  2. Smile:  This is very easy & something I make an effort to do.  Mostly because one time I was at the lounge in The W waiting for the bathroom and these two extremely gorgeous girls walked by glaring at me & I felt so upset afterwards.  What did I do?!  When I came out of the bathroom I asked Wafiq to make sure I’m always smiling.  Even to the meanies.  I don’t want to glare at people or look sad or angry – I want to look happy & positive.  Trust me, it makes a big difference. Those girls went from 10’s to 2’s real quick.

  3. Pick your people:  Like I said, being around negative people makes it a constant challenge to remain positive.  As easy as positive energy can make you feel positive, negative energy can do the same.  Surround yourself with positive people & you’ll see how easy it is to be positive yourself. And if you don’t have any friends, or positive people in your life right now – keep searching until you find them 🙂

  4. Don’t Play Victim:  A hard one for everyone!  And similar to my Listening Post.  Nothing errks me more than people who are constantly trying to make you feel sorry for them.  Don’t be that person.  Don’t project YOUR stress from work, money, relationship, life onto other people.  Think about others.  Every single person has their own struggles & battles.  You’re not unique.  You’re not special.  Unfortunately, we’re all going through something we could bitch about.  So, be grateful for what you have, act like you are, and send that energy out into the world – even if you had a  bad day.

  5. Let Go:  I’m always preaching this one to Wafiq & I happen to think it’s something I’ve mastered in the past year or so…  If you have a bad day, bad situation, bad conversation, woke up late, car broke down, ran out of money or anything else that sucks big time – Let. It. Go.  None of that shit really matters in the whole scheme of things.  Time is going to pass by and you’ll never remember it happening.  So don’t let it effect the people around you, because that can ruin someone’s day, and it’s not worth it.  The important thing is to let it go, deal with it and forget it.  Don’t let it seep into conversations, your attitude, your energy, your smiles.  LET IT GO.  I think this is the hardest for most people, but I would argue the most important.

 Being Positive

Whenever Wafiq or myself starts having a little negative moment we’re quick to say: “Be like Garth Brooks”.  LOL!  Better than saying: “You’re being an asshole”.  Right?!  Whatever works guys.

Being positive sounds normal & easy but it’s a lifestyle. And a choice you have to make everyday.  You either live with the intention to be positive or not, so lets work on it! Let’s make people feel good!  Why not?!

Be like Garth Brooks today & as always, be thoughtful


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15 Things To Get Done This Spring

Did You Know: It’s World Poetry Day March 21st so I thought I would share this one:

Some days,

I feel everything at once.

Other days,

I feel nothing at all.

I don’t know what’s worse:

Drowning beneath the waves

or dying from the thirst. ( o.m. )

I love places with 4 seasons because they’re precious & only a few parts of the world get to fully experience them. For the rest of us, Spring is a date on the calendar & something to pretend we actually experience.

Spring Checklist

I use the change of seasons as a check in.

I hate getting comfortable.  I’m 50% a lover of routine & my home BUT I’m 50% ready to pack a suitcase & start a new life-altering adventure next Tuesday.  Too much comfort gives me anxiety. That’s why, with the change of seasons, I try to get my shit together.  Mix in a couple planned trips, organize my memories, and throw things out!

I’m also the person that has lists EVERYWHERE.  I have a list for every thought in my mind.  As I was making my Spring To Do List I thought I should turn it into a post so you guys don’t have to sit down & do the brainstorming.   Maybe you can take a few things off my list to add to your own, and share a couple things from your Spring lists?  Changing little parts of our routines & making plans is key to cultivating adventures. And who doesn’t like adventures?

Spring Checklist

Shoes ( h e r e ) // Pants ( other color options: h e r e )

15 Things To Get Done This Spring:

  • Clean out your living space, cliché, but this is major. For help: Click Here

  • Take advantage of the sun being out & workout outside (… and shed any added winter weight)

  • Start your allergy medicine regime

  • Buy extra flowers to fill all of your rooms, this is the time to go overboard!

  • Change up your wardrobe, wear florals & pastel colors like: this floral maxi dress & this pink sweater

  • Organize or create your outdoor space (yard or patio) & get a fire pit to have a few fires

  • Start mastering your self-tanning routine, for help: Click Here

  • Order your summer swimsuits, a favorite: one piece here & two piece here

  • Plan your summer vacation & weekend getaways

  • Bring your doggie on a canoe, before it gets too hot & uncomfortable for them

  • Go Camping! While all the flowers are blooming & it’s cold at night

  • Organize your photos from the year so you can start fresh

  • Backup your phone (I’m the worst at this)

  • Download music that has a Spring vibe: Like this or this

  • Write down 5 things your grateful for this Spring

Spring Checklist

Ok, what did I miss? Favorite Spring activities?

I’m currently off to grill burgers.  We haven’t been grilling recently but the weather is already starting to steam in Texas so the BBQ has been calling.  Not to mention it’s been forever since I indulged in my all-time favorite Basic Burger salad & something about the warmer weather has me craving it!  (Can you tell I’m starving hungry?!)


As always, be thoughtful


Shop Spring:

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Best of 2016: Findings

Did You Know? This year, 212 million copies of the IKEA catalog were printed in 29 languages and 62 editions. For comparison, that’s more than double the average world sales of the Bible each year. ( v i a )

And my last & final Best of 2016 list is: Random Findings.   Every once and awhile something pops into your life & changes it forever…

Best of 2016 Findings

1. Cravings

Starting with the obvious here, this cookbook allowed me the opportunity to appreciate cookbooks again.  I was a loyal fan of “pinteresting” recipes, but after reading this cookbook I’ve spread my wings and began the exploration of other colorful cookbooks with a hot model on the cover.  I don’t know if Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are so hot that all of a sudden I’m attracted to the steak sauce on pg 72, but it’s happening all the way from the front to the back of this book.  I haven’t tried a recipe that I haven’t fallen in love with, the only caution – calories! Portion control is necessary.

2. Amazon Prime

How/Why/Where/Who am I?! I can’t believe I haven’t discovered the glory that is Amazon Prime until this year!  Amazon Prime is the way cool people use Amazon, for a super small annual fee you can order wonderful amazon products and get 2 day shipping for free!  2 days?!  (I ordered by toothbrushes last night.) I almost skipped Christmas shopping outside my apartment all together thanks to all the glory that is Amazon Prime and I haven’t been to Target in months!  This is where we’re headed people, if you’re not on board now – it’s time.

3. Jazz Music

Jazz is the perfect background noise & has a way of making you feel fancy while sitting in your pajamas, drinking cheap wine, and reading your favorite book.  Need I say more?

4. Camp Gladiator

Camp gladiator is a work out group that I recently joined, they likely have something similar wherever you are. The reason I bring this up is because it’s the one thing that’s helped me consistently be on top of working out.  I’ve always been pretty good at going to the gym or more particularly, running – but in a group fitness camp I feel like I’m held accountable for showing up to workout, to the point where I start having FOMO when I miss one.  If you’re looking to start 2017 in a healthy way and want to stick to it, try a group camp in your area so you’re held accountable to show up.  As hesitant as I’ve been for years to join one, I’m glad I finally did.

5. Betches / My Therapist Says

These two Instagram accounts have saved my existence as an honest human being…  Don’t you love when you start following an Instagram account that clicks with everything you’ve ever felt?  These two accounts have the power to take my anxiety away with their realness and 0 fucks given attitude.  Bless them real hard.

6. Waterproof Phone Case

This summer, I was obsessing over my discovery of this $10 waterproof phone case, but I bought it near the end of the season and barely had time to use it.  I don’t know why everyone doesn’t own a couple of these. Super affordable, easy to use, and great to have on hand for a quick trip to the pool. Eeeeeek Snapchat lovers embrace.


I started listening to this band about 2 years ago but really engaged this last year, the music speaks to me!  It’s not too much of one genre.  I feel like if you’re listening to Rap, Jazz, Pop or Rock you’re really committed to that style – where this band feels somewhere in between, making it perfect when there’s people with different preferences together.  And, lucky me I got to see them live this year 🙂

8. Ikea Knives

No, I haven’t fell off my rocker and bumped my head – I can not live without these knives!  How do people cook without them!?  They STAY sharp, SUPER sharp.  And they’re $2!  I’m telling you, I can’t imagine a kitchen without these knives, change your life and buy a (sharp) knife.

That’s it!  All my favorites of the year 2016.  Is it weird I’m already over it, feeling deep into 2017?  Nothing better than a fresh year with a fresh outlook. Other wonderful new things – The Bachelor. I’ll be catching up tonight & feel pretty excited about it – I’m a Nick fan, poor guy needs a wife.

Remember, kick ass and be thoughtful!


+ Best of 2016 TV & Movies: HERE
+ Best of 2016 Beauty: HERE

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5 Things to Do This New Year RATHER Than Goal Setting & Ridged Resolutions

Did You Know? “In Colombia and Peru, some believe in throwing three potatoes underneath the bed on New Years Eve: one unpeeled, one half peeled, and one completely peeled (“pelado”). Without looking, you must reach under the bed and grab the first potato your hand bumps into. Colloquially, if someone is “pelado” this means they are financially “broke.” Thus, if you grab the potato that is completely peeled you will find financial hardship in the new year. A half peeled potato means some economic troubles ahead, while a potato that is not peeled may mean money is in your future.” ( v i a )

How many of you have completely fucked up your New Years resolutions already?  OR, have: “Create Goals” on your To-Do list?  Setting goals was always on my to-do list, lingering forever.  I would finally write them down and get ridiculously excited about the million dollars I was going to make in the upcoming year.


2017 is the first year I’m 100% satisfied not making any goals. Fuck a goal <<  When I first started saying this to myself, around July, I was kind of joking.  Then I started saying it out loud (“fuck a goal”) and started believing myself. Eventually, I rationalized how terrible a goal was.

Growing up in cute Minnesota & being a cautious child, I followed all the rules.  And in a way goals were part of rules, to keep you on track.  S.M.A.R.T. goals. (If you don’t know what that is, google it & horrific high school memories will come blaring into your mind.)  I hated the pressure of having goals, making them, looking at them, and reaching them.

2017 is the first year I’m giving myself a break.  Goals are predictable.  And I want to welcome change – open arms with a glass of wine and some jazz music perhaps.  Or Eminem, depending on what kind of change is ahead.

I’m still an advocate of the New Year / New Start mentality because there’s something refreshing about January, having the chaotic holidays behind and a new year ahead.  It’s a fresh start.  A mental reset, perhaps.  But I don’t think SMART goals are… smart. Cuz who the fuck knows what’s going to happen.


5 Things to Do This New Year RATHER Than Goal Setting and Ridged Resolutions

  1. Create A Vision Board:  I’ve noticed instead of writing down goals & each step to achieving them, creating a vision board that you can easily see every morning creates a bigger focus.  Without too much planning or intention I’ve been creating a vision board throughout the past 10 years or so.  I have a huge magnetic board & I throw any special notes I receive, quotes I love, daily reminders (ex: call my family), future visions, personal pictures & mantra’s – all items and words that give me warm feelings.  Without realizing it, this focuses my daily life. And the board is constantly evolving so it’s always in sync with my bigger vision.

  2. Clean out your kitchen:  It’s 2017.  We all want sexual bodies & we all want to feel good.  We also know that a TON of food is actual crap.  There’s no arguing whether or not diet soda is good for you, or spaghetti sauce with 3,000mg of sodium is a smart decision.  Take the beginning of this New Year to throw out anything you have in your kitchen that you know is shit.  Throw it away, give it away, but get rid of it.  That step alone is going to feel good.  Unclog the kitchen cabinets. Create space and organize it with yummy, delicious, ingredients. If you don’t know whether or not something is crap, Pinterest it.  Ask me. Ask a friend if they would eat it.  Throw out the feelers and if everyone says its fucking shit – throw it away.

  3. Loosen up:  If you’re working towards an achievement & it’s not going exactly how you planned, let it go.  Take a break & relax.  Remember how lucky you actually are.  One thing about goals is how strict they can feel, almost too focused?  And, when does anything really go as planned?  Never.  If it does, then you’re probably doing it wrong. If you’re uber focused on one particular mission going exactly how you want it to go – you’re going to lose.  So loosen up.  What’s meant to be, will be.

  4. Work hard:  Do the best you can do at every task.  Every single day put your best foot forward.  If you’re at work, work hard at having an impressive day.  If you’re working on a hobby you want to turn into a career, work hard at pushing a little closer each day.  If you’re listening to someone, work hard on giving them your full attention. If you’re exercising, work hard at having a powerful work out.   If you’re walking your dog, work hard at using the time to relax and enjoy the moment. If you’re driving in your car, work hard on not letting the traffic bother you.  Every day, WORK. HARD.

  5. Slow Down:  Rushing is one of our favorite things to do.  Rush here, rush there, rush home, rush to bed, rush to the movies, rush to the grocery store, rush through traffic, rush out of work, rush through dinner, rush to the restaurant.  Most of us probably rush around in our dreams at night too.  One thing I picked up from my time living in The Dominican Republic is the beauty of slowing down.  I don’t think that means be late (that’s fucking rude and inconsiderate to other’s time) but be realistic with time slots.  Leaving your house, driving to the grocery store, buying groceries, driving back home, creating a meal, while calling your family members and getting ready – IS going to take longer that 15-20 minutes.  Start creating realistic space that allows time.  Understand that you may have to skip the movie or a dinner with a friend or coffee with your mom or a walk with your dog or a workout at the gym – prioritize and eliminate.  Appreciate the present moment – let it live, don’t rush to the end.


I think I’ve said before, each Sunday I loosely plan my week to make it a week I’m proud of.  Workouts, dinners, work, entertainment.  If it happens the way I wanted it to, that’s awesome, if it doesn’t – fuck it.

We’ll see how this year goes without the ridged goal setting.  Come 2018 we’ll see if that was a fun little idea of mine to skip goals OR if I’m liberated and strong OR feeling lost and abandoned!  Mentally, I’m already feeling excited and relief, so throw some points in the non-goal making bag.

Thoughts?  Goals vs no goals?!

Have a GREAT WEEKEND and remember to be thoughtful, always.


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Best of 2016: TV & Movies

Did You Know? There’s no reason to feel guilty next time you indulge in your favorite shows- 70% of Netflix users binge-watch their tv series ( v i a )

The most important conversation of 2016, what was binge worthy?!  What was worth those hours missed in front of the TV??  I have a few favorites — they didn’t all come out in 2016 but I watched them in 2016, so they count.


( eye pads ) / ( socks )

I rounded up my favorite TV series I watched this year & a few of my favorite movies.

If you’re staying in & relaxing through the New Year weekend here are some binge worthy options to start your 2017 the right way!

 The Americans

The Americans

Different than other shows, I couldn’t peel myself away from the TV.  There’s suspense w a family dynamic that isn’t seen in other shows.  Lies, love, drama, murders, thrill, adventure, passion & loyalty like no other.  Also, I might be bias here, but it was refreshing/different to see non Arabs coming after America…

Jessica Jones Jessica Jones

I have a crush on this movie because I like the character so much.  A badass woman is all dreams come true, and the story line of this series is a winner for me.

 The Blacklist


I left this series during the first season but after tough convincing I came back to it, and I’m glad I did.  As soon as you think you have the series figured out, the twists keep it interesting & eliminate all room for boring.


Chelsea Netflix

I was 50/50 with Chelsea Lately & was not a huge fan of her books… BUT, this talk show is constantly inspiring me.  Yes, Chelsea Handler is inspiring me.  You can tell she developed an idea for a show that would have more than senseless humor, & rolled with it.  Teaching proper vocabulary & spelling, the importance of politics, and incorporating WORLD knowledge – couldn’t be happier about this series.

Last Man Standing

Last man Standing

I would say New Girl as my 2016 favorite but I know I’m getting old on that one.  Last Man Standing is FUNNY!  I was hesitant, but have recently blown through 5 seasons nearly back to back so I don’t think I qualify to say I’m hesitant any longer.  The writers should be getting paid big $$…

Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy

I like shows that make me laugh.  There’s something about easy, quick TV episodes that can do the trick on your casual Wednesday.

Sense 8

Sense 8

This show took me a minute, but once I was into it I was hooked and couldn’t stop.  I think I binged the entire season in 1 day.  No shame.

How to Be Single

 How To Be Single

I almost wrote an entire blog post on this movie, I still might.  What a fantastic film.  The lesson for women to be patient & appreciate their alone time is something money can’t buy.   This movie needs to be taken seriously, ha! And all 20-30 yr olds should be required to watch it w that perspective.  LOVE this movie!



Why would you watch a sad/emotional/thriller/bloody movie when you can watch a light & fluffy movie like Chef.  Is there anything better than this movie?  Can we get more made like this please?!

No Escape

No Escape

…but if you need high suspense/thriller/action – this movie is for you.  I watched it a couple times this year.


Time to share your favorite binge worthy movies & TV series of the year!  I’m having a major dry spell with TV series at the moment (forcing me to read), I’m not finding anything capable of getting me hooked – needs to be GOOD.

Enjoy this last weekend of December & remember to be thoughtful, always 🙂


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The Best: Waterproof Phone Case

As you may know, I recently discovered Amazon Prime.  Yes, I was living under a rock & had no idea how convenient and wonderful Amazon Prime could be.

Since then, I’ve gone slightly out of control with my amazon purchases.

The ONLY thing you need to know: This waterproof iPhone case is gold.


And let me preface by saying: It’s $8!

No – this is not my product, nor my invention, nor am I being sponsored. I’m in love.

I was saving this secret for my monthly favorites but literally couldn’t resist sharing.  I’ve stayed away from my computer all day, making an effort not to post, knowing I’m keeping the worlds largest secret, and now here I am: posting.

With this phone case –> you can bring your phone in the water.  Pool or beach. Big phone, little phone.  Protects from sand, water splashes, suffocating.

And how completely perfect for traveling adventures?!

You can take pictures, videos, talk, snap, instagram.  Same phone capabilities – just protected, safe & sound. Cute.

PS. Before you say this phone cover is not cute – watch the Kardashians, they looked real cute using a similar device in a recent episode. At least I thought so.

Ok, I can say no more.  You need this case. It’s worth it.  You’ll thank me later. No regret, no surrender!

If you have any Amazon secrets, please share!  I’m highly addicted.


Happy Monday everyone –



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50 Things That Make Me Happy

Sad sad sad days we’re having here.

 50 Things That Make Me Happy

How totally frustrating & exhausting, right?

I saw on Tyler Oakleys Instagram that it’s important for the straight allies to show their support to the LGBTQ community during this time.

I thought I’ve always done that but realized only people that know me know I’m ride or die for the LGBTQ community – I haven’t thrown it out there to everyone via social media.  And if it helps at all, then I’d be glad to do so.  And I suggest other straight people express their support as well, if it can help during this time then why not.

 50 Things That Make Me Happy

Love is love, I’m disgusted by the actions of this last weekend and have no words. I literally can’t imagine & I feel heavy over this entire situation.  I’m so sorry.  To the LGBTQ community, I love you.  I feel you.  I’m with you.

PS.  You’re telling me the specific gun the Orlando shooter used is necessary to protect your families? Or hunt?   L. O. L.

 50 Things That Make Me Happy

I wanted to list 50 Things That Make Me Happy.  Get back on track.  Whenever I feel sad, this is my trick – Change the focus so you’re not drowning in thoughts.



50 Things That Make Me Happy


  1. Dog dishes outside stores

  2. 73 degree weather with a little breeze

  3. Hitting publish on a blog post

  4. New, fresh, blooming flowers in my apartment

  5. Having my own apartment

  6. Blue sky & fluffy clouds

  7. Bernice looking out the kitchen window when I come home from work

  8. Public displays of affection

  9. Plane tickets &

  10. Passport stamps

  11. Ocean waves crashing

  12. Waking up without an alarm

  13. 5 Minutes of hugging Bernice so hard & her letting me

  14. Passionate, loud, conversations

  15. Honesty tickles my pickle

  16. Meeting someone who listens with intention

  17. Short shorts & bare legs

  18. A fresh, even, spray tan… that lasts several days

  19. Meeting someone from the Midwest

  20. Potatoes.  All kinds & forms. (French fries, baked & loaded, mashed, chips…)

  21. Salsa class & salsa nights

  22. Wafiq & I switching #s at boot camp so we can be on the same team

  23. At home – cooking, drinking wine, listening to jazz

  24. A steal of a deal at a sale

  25. Open minds

  26. B E I N G   K I N D & seeing others be kind ! ! ! !

  27. Givers & giving

  28. A chewy, chocolate chip cookie (x10) w/ ice cold milk

  29. New Girl reruns

  30. When the internet & Photoshop work super-fast on my laptop

  31. Dressing up & more specifically – feeling sexy

  32. Learning something new

  33. Uplifting movies (Chef, Zootopia, Pursuit of Happiness, How to be Single)

  34. Rap, or similar (Beyonce, Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Nicki Minaj)

  35. Dancing in super strong wind

  36. A full charged phone battery

  37. Looking at goals

  38. Humble conversations about life, with no mention of money

  39. A full gas tank

  40. Long hikes when Bernice can run off leash

  41. Well behaved dogs

  42. Salty tortilla chips

  43. A ginormous garlic clove

  44. Coconut oil w/ lavender on my clean face

  45. An entire day outside, under a shade tree, with a nice breeze

  46. A full refrigerator & pantry

  47. Getting rid of “things”

  48. Showering after a sweat induced workout

  49. A fresh, super blonde highlight session

  50. FLAWS, imperfections, banged up stories

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I can probably go on for awhile, but I think 50 is a good number.

What makes you happy?!  Share pleeease 🙂

(You guys should try this, it makes you feel warm inside.)

Be extra KIND today




Shop happy things:

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May Monthly Favorites | MissBassmaster

My favorite blog posts to read are the Monthly Favorites.   They take out all the beating around the bush of products that are sort of good or kind of suck.

Instead, it’s more of a monthly obsession list.

(Yessssssss, me too!)

For that reason – I wanted to join the monthly favorites club.

This is going to be a list, but I would eventually love creating a short video each month.

{There are times my love for something comes across better with a little video action, rather than just writing.  You feel me?}

May Favorites 2016

1. Sinful Colors Endless Blue Nail Polish:

I’m not typically a fan of colored nail polish, but this blue does it for me.  It’s summery, but not bright pink, typical white, or black.  And it’s pretty subtle.

I tried pulling these blue nails off in more professional settings rather than just at the beach or on vacation and I don’t think it freaked anyone out. The color isn’t as shocking as it sounds and every time I slap it on my fingers I’m obsessed with my nails!

2. Set of 3 Dot Coat Hooks:

I have been searching HIGH AND LOW for coat hangers for my itty bitty entry since I moved back in October. I love these sooooooo much – I’m thinking of buying another set.  They’re both an art piece + a perfect coat hook.

3. Lace-Trim Cotton-Blend Shirt:

I’ve been living in this shirt. Too much. I’ve managed to find a way to wear it with anything, in any weather condition.   Hot, cold, windy, rainy, sunny – this shirt is my go-to.

It’s the perfect thickness where it’s impossible to be too hot or too cold. It’s light enough to lay on your body comfortably.  I’ll tie it up into a shorter shirt with a high waisted skirt, wear it long over leggings, tuck it in cut off shorts.  I’m in love.

4. Braids:

Rapunzel length hair finally became worthy of its maintenance.  I’m digging the (pigtail? boxer?) braids this month. Never did I ever think I would be wearing two braids after turning 7 years old but here I am.

Braids are the B E S T thing for hair because they’re so low maintenance! (If you don’t know how to braid – I would learn.  It’ll be worth it.)  Lately, I’ve been putting in two braids after work on Friday and leave them in all weekend.  They go everywhere with me and I love it.  Hair Gods: please don’t let this trend go away.

5. Carli Bybel Highlighter:

Highlighter is the best make up friend for anyone with dry skin like me.  My skin always looks cracked and dry and thirsty. Sick.  Since using massive amounts of coconut oil and throwing on highlighter, I’m much happier.

And this month my go-to has been the Carli Byblel palette.  {Anyone her YouTube fan?}  If you’ve been wondering whether or not to buy this palette, BUY IT.  So affordable – and for the highlighters alone, worth it!

6. Zarbee’s Honey Cough Soothers:

Leeeeeet the sun shineeeeee!! Leeeeeet the sun shine in!!!!! Holy mother of pearl it’s here.  I’ve looked F O R E V E R for cough medicine that doesn’t have stupid sugar as one of the first ingredients.  FINALLY I found Zarbee’s.

I am not a doctor, but I consider this common sense.  If you’re taking medicine that has processed sugar in it, especially as a main ingredient, how is that doing your body any favor?  That’s a freaking candy cane. Take a look at your cough drops and you’ll feel me.  Zarbee’s is the first miracle of an answer that I’ve found in the sore throat department.  Honey on the go, ouiiiii!  This will FOREVER be found in my medicine cabinet. Get excited. Game over.

7. Forever 21 Classic Skinny Jeans:

I have been living in these!  I’ve never purchased jeans from Forever 21 before.  I’m super particular about jeans so I always go “jean shopping” to dedicate some time to trying on different styles & brands… Well, I didn’t have time and was desperately seeking skinny, grey, jeans so I grabbed a $10 pair from Forever 21.  The rest is history!

I’ve even washed these jeans a couple times and they’re still staying true to style.  Is this real?  Anyone else try jeans from Forever 21?  I also love that they’re not super thick, which is a life saver in this Texas heat.

8. Straws:

…and these particular ones, have been serving me well lately. We have several cups that require straws and because sooomeone continuously puts them in the bottom of the dishwasher – they melt away, leaving us with no straws to use in our wonderful cups.

SO, a quick stop in Target and these bad boys came to the rescue.  I bought several different straws and these are my favorite.  The length, the amount of water you get with each sip – I can’t drink water without them now.

9. Cole Haan Polarized Sunglasses:

As you can probably tell from pictures, I’ve become slightly obsessive over these sunglasses.  I’ve been on the hunt for sunglasses that were huge, black, and reflect just a little… My wishes were answered when I stumbled across these.

I like huge glasses because they cover more of my face from sun & I like when they reflect just a little so people can’t see me staring at them.

10. The Blacklist:

Last but not least, my full on dedication to The Blacklist this month.  I’ve completely caught up – and can go to bed at a decent time again.

Has anyone been watching?  I love the constant twists & turns! Can’t shut it off.  I can focus on one tv show at a time, so it’s one guilty pleasure a month & this one takes the cake! (Obviously, this month is The Bachelorette…)

That’s it! May is gone, ready to get into June.  I’m totally looking forward to recording next month’s favorite’s, I feel like writing about them just isn’t compassionate enough!! lol

What are you guys loving this month?  Inspire me please 🙂


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