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Quick Trips: Houston, TX

Put It On Your Bucket List: The Houston Rodeo reached a record high attendance this year at approximately 2,611,676 people!  The show features rodeo action (bull riding), livestock competitions, concerts, a huge carnival, pig racing, barbecue, International Wine Competition, shopping, sales and livestock auctions.

( v i a )

If you’re following along on Snapchat (UN: MissBassmaster) or Instagram, you’ll have noticed I spent the weekend in Houston. Wafiq & I had tickets to the Houston Rodeo –  When in Texas, right?



Hermann Park


Workout w/a view // (Camp Gladiator)

As long as I’ve lived in Austin you’d think I would know more about Houston & Dallas but I definitely don’t – other than the reputation that Houston is hot & humid, which is enough to keep me away most of the year.

I brought my princess child so we did our best to do & go places that were pet friendly. We ate A LOT but every single thing we had & place we went was delicious!  I’m pretty picky when it comes to eating out. Like, really picky.  Because I make most of my meals at home & love cooking, I don’t like eating out – it’s never as good as my own kitchen!  And I imagine where the food came from, who touched it, how long it’s been in the freezer, what ingredients were added (I worked in a kitchen while in High School, I know too much).

Quick-Trips_Houston Tiny Boxwoods

@ Tiny Boxwoods

Quick-Trips_Houston Tiny Boxwoods

Tiny Boxwoods Nursery

Quick-Trips_Houston Brasil Cafe

Quick-Trips_Houston Brasil Cafe

Cafe Brasil // Brasil Benedict & Eggs w/Salmon

Food I Loved:

Tiny Boxwoods //  I think this restaurant was created for me.  Tiny Boxwoods is a café/restaurant in the middle of a flower nursery.  I mean, it doesn’t get better than that for me.  Take a stroll through the nursery while sipping Rose.  Even before the food I was hooked, but once I took a bite of the pizza I was SOLD.   From the instagramable moments, the relaxed setting, the incredibly fresh & flavorful food, the superior service – Tiny Boxwoods was by far my favorite.  We finished the meal with a cookie… and 4 to-go.  (They’re opening one in Austin soon.)

Brasil Café //  After our morning workout happened shockingly well, we hit up Brasil Café & as we were sipping coffee,  working our way through the Brasil Benedict & Eggs, we were proud of this decision.  Exactly the place we were looking for, an easy Saturday morning breakfast with bae (Bernice).

Boheme //  This place was cute.  We went at night & the lighting was a little romance.  There’s plenty of seating & a generally good atmosphere.  We tried their popular Vietnamese Fries << Spicy!

Axelrad // I wish there was somewhere close to my house similar to Axelrad.  Luigi’s Pizza is next door so you can order your pizza & eat it at Axlerad while you drink wine/beer & listen to music.  They have tons of seating, a huge projector, and hammocks as seating.  Very chill place, great spot to end a busy day.

Barnaby’s Café //  The only problem here was portion control.  I felt like their burgers & salads were HUGE. Needless to say, the general atmosphere of this place hit the spot for a Sunday morning meal.   Burgers, salads, and Strawberry mimosa’s… Perfect!



This animal sold for $345,000 !

Quick-Trips_Houston Rodeo

Obsessed w/all the dresses (w/pockets) @ Zara right now // Dress: H E R E


Brad Paisley concert after the Rodeo

Besides the food, we spent most of Saturday at the Rodeo.  Wafiq & I have never seen actual bull riding & horse bucking before so this was a new experience.

I would say anyone who keeps a bucket list needs to add the Houston Rodeo to it.

I’m SO happy we experienced this now, while we’re in Texas & have the opportunity.  We felt like we were in an old Western movie.  I’m desperately searching for Western belt buckles & cowboy hats for both Wafiq & I.  There truly is nothing sexier than a Cowboy.   Take a trip to the Houston Rodeo & you’ll get it.

Both of us were ecstatic no one died.  I was very confident, at minimum, 1 person dies per rodeo.


Little babies herding sheep

OMG I almost forgot to mention, we watched the dog herding competition prior to the rodeo.  The dogs herd sheep through an obstacle & into their cage under a certain time limit.  I cried twice.  I couldn’t bare seeing the doggies lose!  They were working so hard!  Each dog looked like my little Bernice so I imagined how disappointed she would feel if she failed me.

So, I cried.

Wafiq made us leave.  I seriously question how I could ever have a child, I’ll cry at the freaking spelling bee!!!  I can’t.  My emotions can’t handle it.  Hats off to parents.

Besides the Rodeo we spent Sunday at Hermann Park.  They had a little kite festival, perfect weather, and a huge ass blooming conservancy – of course that’s where you could find us.  We loved it. Bernice loved it. Parks are our jam.


Hermann Park


Look at those tree vines!

Houston was fun! So much bigger than Austin & diverse, I miss big cities 🙁

I hope you’re off having a great week & enjoying the blooming… As always, be thoughtful


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Personal Updates

The farthest I’ve been from home.

Prior to this trip, the farthest I’ve ever been from home was the Dominican Republic. Although the DR is another country, it’s actually really close to the States.  So boarding the plane to London, then Bahrain, I knew I was about to go a long ways away… And it FELT a long ways away.

After slight panic trying to figure out how to get to Houston with 7 bags so we could make our flight, we managed to arrive with a few minutes to spare. This is about to be the farthest I’ve ever been from home.  This is the largest plane I’ve ever been on, or maybe even seen.


It wasn’t long before I started noticing, everyone on the plane seemed to resemble my dad.  It was comforting. I thought I was crazy in thinking this but Wafiq said the same thing.. If you notice the little heads in the picture… all white 🙂

My dad...

My dad…

People on the plane, that look like my dad...

People on the plane, that look like my dad…

Cute right? Made me feel ok, maybe I was headed to the homeland.  Needless to say the flight from London to Bahrain looked a little different.


I wasn’t able to sleep the 7.5 hour flight to London, but I had plenty to keep me occupied. Wine, steak dinner, cards and Gossip Girl easily filled up my time. Looking at the flight journey map and realizing where I was going and how far, did make me feel waves of sadness though. Especially leaving London on the flight to Bahrain. I felt so far already in London, and I was about to go even farther…

photo 2       photo 3

In London, I was delusional. So tired and out of it. Lots of people everywhere. Talking. Moving around. Wide awake. The complete opposite of how I was feeling, zombie status.

I felt sick and I wanted a bed and quiet. Once we boarded the plane in London, I passed out and didn’t wake up on the 6.5 hour flight until landing in Bahrain.  When I opened my eyes and looked at the map showing the planes journey, it was a little shocking to see Iraq and Iran on the map and our plane flying right in between. Like what happens if we get shot down!? Or a bomb gets dropped right below/on us!?  OR how sad all the bad things that could be happening right under our plane! I mean there’s still war going on right?! I wanted to get off the flight with marine gear on and prepare for war. Miss Dramatic right here.

photo 3       photo-1

This was obviously my brain embarrassingly slipping into stereotypes as quickly as I could think. When we landed there was visibly 10 times less security than America.  Way more laid back than any airport I’ve been to.  There was a long line for people to get a Visa if they weren’t a citizen of Bahrain, but I went with Wafiq (Bahrain citizen) through his line easily enough. Like I said, they were laid back.

I thought it was funny, when we got to the security check there was a tiny machine, probably from 1950 for us to put our carry on items through. The line was long. A pilot (who obviously has been to Bahrain before and knew how laid back they were) went in a line that wasn’t open and threw his bag through a machine that was not even on.. He walked right through kind of laughing. No one said a word, he didn’t even get a look from anyone in security.

If he has nothing to worry about acting that way, then I surely shouldn’t have any problems…

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