Thanksgiving + My Gratitude List

Gratitude List

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday ever!!!  It’s a holiday where you eat, relax, meet up with friends/family, eat again, and hopefully be grateful.   This is the bee knees of holidays people, there’s nothing better.  (I also love all the shopping sales that closely follow. Ha!)  But it simply wouldn’t be a Thanksgiving without being able to say what you’ve been thankful for…

Wafiq and I have a ritual of saying what we’re thankful for almost daily. When times were a little tougher I think we would say them twice a day… Taking time to challenge each other in a grateful war always makes the mood brighter.  And it takes your mind off all that negative shit that’s stuck up in that brain of yours.

This year, I have TONS to be grateful for, so lets get into it!

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Who, What, Where, When Why of a Compliment!


Did You Know?  “About 57% of millionaires worth more than $5 million say they shop at Home Depot all the time, according to the Spectrem Group. Other favorites include Costco, Lowe’s, and Target. Only 8% say they regularly shop at Neiman Marcus.”  ( v i a ) Hi Everyone!   I saw the quote “Compliment People. Magnify Their Strengths” on […]

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The New MissBassmaster Website

MissBassmaster Summer

Did You Know? The World Wide Web contains at least 4.61 billion website pages – Thank you for reading my 1/4.61 billion ❤︎ ( v i a ) OMGOMGOMG Fuck a blog… Not really a blog, but the internet! I feel like no matter how hard I try to understand the world wide web I’m […]

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5 Rules For Acceptable Bragging

5 Rules-for-Bragging

Did You Know?  In a survey of 2,000 people, more than 75% admitted to lying about themselves on social profiles.  Only 18% said that their Twitter and Facebook profiles accurately represent them. ( v i a ) There’s something about being a badass bragger that I love. If you do it wrong, than bragging is […]

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Fresh Air In The Rain

Happy Wednesday! Happy back to school! Happy end of summer! I’ve been savagely cooking out of Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook & unfortunately not the healthy recipes.  How she remains skinny is truly unfair, although I’ll admit my choice of recipes have definitely been the ones calling for TBLS x TBLS of butter.  I haven’t eaten butter since […]

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A Little Check In – The Bright Side to Hard Times

Checking in!   My latest obsession is getting into bed around 8:30pm.  I’m a night person. NOT a morning person.  So going to bed this early never made sense, however I’m pretty obsessive with it these days. I don’t go straight to sleep, I work on my computer for a while… {Maybe long term this will […]

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Trader Joe’s Must-Have Groceries

Alright alright alright I now live approx. 10 minutes away from Trader Joe’s so it’s my number one stop for a quick grocery shopping trip. I’m very particular about the grocery list’s I have. It’s taken me a while to cultivate a badass list. I read every single label. At first, this sounds high maintenance, but once […]

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Why I Named My Blog: MissBassmaster

HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY! It’s finally here! We made it to the end! Miracles do exist. EEEEEEEEEE!! I hope something spectacular is planned for your weekend. I want you to know up front, if you have a weekend planned all by yourself on the couch with pizza and Netflix, I consider that spectacular. Or if you’re […]

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5 Things You’re Grateful For Right Now

Grateful Right Now I mentioned this a looooong time ago and I always wanted to wrap back around to it because I know I didn’t give the idea enough attention.. and I definitely wanted to. 5 things you’re grateful for R I G H T N O W ! When I was living in Dubai, doing this saved […]

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