Making Friends, Having Friends, Maintaining Friends

“If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.” – Thomas Jefferson

Making friends is like finding a boyfriend.  It’s not easy.  Especially if you’re looking for a good friend & you’re not a smoking hot professional cheerleader.

Making Friends

Like a boyfriend, you can date a lot of people & be pretty happy, but finding that one good one is hard.    Same with friends.  You can have a lot of them, but finding those really good friends that you love like family is hard to find.

I’ve never been the girl with a long list of friends. I wouldn’t be the one with 20 bridesmaids or 1,000 people at my wedding.   There’s a huge part of me that has always been envious of those people.  They were able to cultivate friendships from high school & college that stayed with them their whole lives.  I love that & am honestly impressed & a little envious…


I’m the one that could stay at home 99% of my life, only to go get food & walk my precious angel dog, but other than that I’m good to go at home.  I remember the one thing that hurt my feelings the most, from 2 of my ex boyfriends, was when they said I don’t have any friends.  AH!  In context, it wasn’t meant to hurt my feelings, it was immature boys trying to get away with hanging out with their single friends all the time, which I can understand – but hearing them tell me I have no friends was so fucking embarrassing.  Because it was a little true.  Since then, I’ve done better at making friends & am now a little more outgoing, because I have to be… But if you have no friends, don’t worry. I’ve apparently been there, twice.

Making Friends

So, meeting people has always been something I work at.  I’ve been super lucky in the sense that I’ve had a few really  awesome friendships in my life that showed me how important friendships are.  Some helped me grow, some challenged me, some helped me worry less, some helped me be more confident, some taught me a lesson.   Because of how much each friendship helped shape me, I know the value good friendships have.

The whole reason I’m putting this post together is because I started hearing people talk about friendships.  Maintaining friendships that were once strong but are going through change.  Looking for new friends that are easy to be around & share similar values.  Keeping or making friends that have similar interests come Friday night.  And simply the cycle of friendships.  It’s a weird topic to bring up because we’re adults & how do you start talking about friends? Sounds elementary.

When we’re kids we have friends that like to play hop scotch & jump rope together.  That’s pretty easy.  But when we’re older, shit gets a little more complicated than jumping rope.  In a good way, you get to actually talk.  Have interesting conversations.  Build each other’s character.  But everyone is growing into their own lifestyle, opinions, locations, and families.

 Making Friends

Because friends are similar to boyfriends, I think they should be treated the same way.  You have to work hard to find the good ones, and then work to maintain them.  Sitting inside, living within your routine, won’t bring new people into your lives.   That doesn’t happen.  You have to be available, by getting yourself out there.

And once you find a really awesome human being that you get to call a friend, you have to make sure to maintain the friendship.  Give. Appreciate. Listen. Evolve.


And let a relationship have it’s cycle.  Maybe it’ll go up & down. Someone’s busy, or going through a phase, or growing apart – Let that happen for a little while.  It’ll come around.   (That’s for friends, not boyfriends HA!)

What I figured out was that you can’t get comfy.  You have to work at getting outside your routine & what’s normal.  And like I said in my Money post, this doesn’t mean go out & spend money.  Go for a walk, go to the park, go to the beach, go  on a hike… Get creative!  You don’t have classrooms with new students each semester, so you have to get your ass out there & open up to finding people.

 Making Friends

As much as I would love to say Wafiq, my mom, and my dog are the only friends I need – I realize without good friends we’re still missing a whole other element to living.  So don’t get stuck with you dog, or cats, or partners.  Even though I would die a happy person & be very comfortable that way, I know there’s more!

Making friends sucks, but having friends makes it worth it.  Take on the week ready to mingle like you’re single!  Or maybe you’re both, get your boyfriends & friends all in one week!

Have a fabulous new day & be thoughtful,


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Holiday Feast for Two

Did you know?  “The average American spends about $786 on holiday shopping” and “the average holiday shopper will spend $107.50 on themselves” ( v i a )


This is for everyone having an itty bitty Christmas dinner…

Feast for 2

That’s been my routine the past several years, traveling over the holidays is becoming more & more unappealing – too many people, snow, money, problems, and stress!  Staying home, taking the time to relax, enjoy some OFF moments is the gift I’ve been giving myself.


Wafiq and I have made it a routine to cook a full dinner w appetizers + desserts as our own personal Christmas treat.  I’m becoming a pro at an easy feast for 2.  If you’re alone or w one or two other people, here’s a great menu for you.  You can still have everything a Christmas feast brings, all the way down to your favorite cookie.  And if you’re not celebrating Christmas, you can still take the extra day off work or the weekend to cook yourself an extra special feast.  (<< I’ve been known to do this often.)

Feast for 2

Holiday Feast for Two Menu:


My go to appetizer is guacamole or hummus.  Both are easy to make, but the most important part – they won’t make anyone full, the perfect app to snack on while cooking without getting stuffed.  Both of my favorite recipes for those are: HERE

Whole Roasted Chicken:

A whole chicken is not only better than turkey, it’s the appropriate size for 2.  You still get the cozy feeling of a whole turkey or ham cooking in the oven, but it’s a more realistic (and easy) main menu option.  If you ask me, you have to buy Cravings by Chrissy Teigan for this whole roast chicken recipe but here it is online: RECIPE.  The recipe is unexpectedly easy, super juicy & delicious.  For this meal specifically, I don’t use the veggies that the recipe calls for, I throw in the onions and garlic (of course), but not the carrots, potatoes, ect.  Use the juice left in the pan as a smothering, buttery gravy.

Green Bean Salad:

This salad compliments the meal perfectly.  It can double as a salad + veggie for the table.  {SO. GOOD.} Also, it’s super easy to make, you can find the recipe: HERE.

Loaded Mashed Potatoes:

I can not eat a holiday meal without potatoes.  (I can not eat most meals without potatoes.) I also think I happened to master a perfect comfort style mashed potato combo –


4 Russet Potatoes (Peeled & Chopped)

1 Cup Cheddar Cheese

½ Cup Plain Yogurt

½ Cup Milk

1 Stick Butter

¾ Green Onions Chopped Small

Salt to tasting

Pepper to tasting

Directions: In a large pot boil water, then throw in potatoes.  Boil until you stab a fork in a potato and it easy falls off, approximately 15 minutes.  Drain potatoes.  Put potatoes back in hot pot.  Throw in the rest of the ingredients.  Mash until smooth.  I usually mash the potatoes with my fork or a large wooden spoon because I don’t mind lumps, but go ahead & mash how you prefer.  The potatoes should be soft enough for mashing to be easy.  If you want smoother potatoes, add more milk + yogurt + butter until you have a mix you prefer.  (YUM!)


Addicting crack mix is the best way to finish the night.  The perfect sweet ending for two.  The whole meal is the easiest dinner of all time, and to stick to the theme you’ll need an easy dessert – find the directions on Instagram: HERE.

Feast for 2

This meal will make your Christmas stress free!  Even if you’ll be with family & friends through the holidays ,I suggest this meal for any weekend, especially as it gets colder & you’re looking for that perfect comfort meal.

Affordable, grand, and fucking delicious.


Can’t. Stop. Eating. { Recipe }

I wish everyone the most relaxing week leading up to Christmas, remember to give yourself a break! Family, friends, kick ass food, and your dog are the only things that matter…

And most importantly, remember to be thoughtful 🙂




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I recommend..., Netflix

TOP 5 NETFLIX SERIES: For the Ladies


(I say ladies loosely. No judgment if a guy participates in the binge.)

Like I’ve said here and here, not sharing addicting Netflix series feels like a crime. I carry guilt. (Selfishly, I want to gossip about how badly I want Nick and Jess to hook up! Come on already!)  There’s a couple different categories on Netflix.  I don’t believe you can put your top 5 in one category.

For example, Gossip Girl is a top 5 for me.  But obviously, guys won’t agree.  I think there should be a top 5 for ladies, gents, and both.  Also, when I say binge, that means there’s several seasons out. Binge, as in, you can sit on your couch an entire rainy Sunday with the pizza guy knocking on your door…. twice. There, I said it.

So here you go ladies, my 5 Favorite binge worthy series on Netflix.  Tell me if I’m missing any!!

1. New Girl.

Stop me, stop me now.  This is one of the best shows —> E V E R. I’ve recommended New Girl before, and I wish to recommend it every single day, until every single person has watched it. The comedy is on point! Not too stupid, and oh so real.  I’ve watched every episode several times, it’s the one show that can shut off the anxiety in my head and distract my mind in the best way. And… I’m not fully confident I can be friends with someone who doesn’t connect to this show. I mean, how?


2. Friends.

THE Classic. New Girl is the new Friends, but Friends will always be top dog.  When I was in the 6th grade I boycotted Seinfield because it took Friend’s 6:30pm time slot. I was upset. And still am. To this day I won’t watch Seinfield.  I’m ride or die for Friends. And you should be too.


3.  Scandal.

If you’re not watching this I don’t know what the F you’re doing with your life. Stop right now. STOP. Go binge it,  come back to me, and start over with your life! GO!


4.  Gossip Girl.

I mean at least for the fashion inspirations!  I blew through this like wind in a tunnel.  Gossip girl is a series with high school students?! Yes. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I’m owning it.  Don’t run too fast though, this one will suck you in and before you know it you’ll be 5 seasons in, just as ashamed as me.  Overly dramatic and unbelievable in all the right ways! I’m late to the party with this series, and if you haven’t watched it, you probably are too.


5.   Hart of Dixie

I keep waiting to stop watching Hart of Dixie and it doesn’t happen. Not that it’s a bad series, but it’s hard for me to really commit to an entire season of something.  Then Hart of Dixie pops up in my recently viewed list and I click next episode.. There I am, 3 seasons in.  Warm, fuzzy, delicious, romantic, fashion, muscles – with some laughs in between.  PERFECT for your night in! Per usual, nothing too deep, happy thoughts only, paaahlease!Hart of Dixie



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Life, Personal Updates, Places: Middle East

Finally back in Austin, Texas!

Whoa. Time can slow down any day now  – I’d appreciate it.

Because I have 100 things I feel like blogging about every day & don’t end up writing any of them, I’ll use the wide focus lens & highlight my trip to Austin.


I went to Austin, TX last weekend for a close friend’s wedding. I’ve been looking for an excuse to spend money to go back since landing in the United States so I was more than excited to finally go.

Austin is DEFINITELY the place I feel the most comfortable and myself. I thought I knew this before but only confirmed it after visiting. I really grew up there, during and after college. I went through a lot of phases but feel like that’s my home & where I’m the most myself and confident. This is a huge relief considering I’ve been struggling to feel comfortable for a couple of years now.

Anyways, I think I said this in one of my first posts blogging – As crazy or “weird” as I am, it’s not even close to the level of crazy that Austin offers. Which, in  my opinion, is what makes Austin so wonderful. You can truly be who ever you want to be, dress however you want to dress, and act however you want to act.. And people are going to be down. And understand.

^^This is the most beautiful thing about America. Holy shit you can go around as a homeless man wearing a bright, neon, thong & a leopard cowboy hat and be praised as one of Austin’s must see people! Or you can be a cut throat, sexist, business man and still get away with making high-profile deals.  Whoever you are, you’re accepted. Maybe not as accepted as you want to be, and sure there’s room to grow in that department, but coming from the middle east where there’s little room for movement in the life style department, this is f****** awesome.


The only problem I ran into while in Austin – (ding ding ding) Culture Shock: Round 2.

Seeing people I haven’t seen since I came back from Dubai threw me back into weirdness (is this even possible)?  Having those first conversations with people I knew so well was difficult. And made me lost, confused, and frustrated. Then, with certain people made me so happy, comfortable, and excited.  Depending who I was talking to & the conversation topic.

I found one of the most frustrating conversations to have was talking to people from the middle east who were studying in Austin. Hearing them describe their home was like nails on a chalkboard. It was the same, exaggerated version I heard before I left for Dubai. I found myself getting RED and upset that it wasn’t accurate. It was the vision they want people to believe, but it wasn’t real. It was image driven. I would get defensive and angry that they fabricate the reality and then found myself arguing with them. (Whoops). Looking back I wish I just shut up and let them go on describing a dream land, but I feel like if someone doesn’t say the reality of the area then no one will know.

Example time: Someone brought up a story about a “prince”. With the intention to highlight the vision of glorified prince’s and princesses in the middle east.. Ok. Sure. They have a king. And a princess. But that doesn’t affect the lifestyle very much. There’s not like a king being carried around on a bed, being fed grapes, parading down main street. He’s up in his palace with his children and wife(s) doing the same business any other country leader would be doing.

Instead of using a fabricated story like this “Prince” lifestyle to glorify the middle east I wish they would tell a story about the super passionate & kind religious believers. That’s the most incredible thing I’ve seen. And it’s true. No need to exaggerate or make things up. Maybe the story doesn’t include gold, servants, or castles.. But it’s reality. And it’s the most inspiring thing.

Also, again I got asked about women in the middle east and how I was treated there. Please please please read this post if you’re one of those people.  And in case you don’t read it, short version: I was treated better in Dubai as a woman than I am in AMERICA. Period.

SO leaving Austin was a bit odd. I got sick the first day and it lasted the whole weekend which was incredibly disappointing and miserable! Time went so fast I didn’t even slow down enough to take a picture 🙁

I was upset I had to go through a second round of culture shock. The first time was awkward enough.

BUT after talking about how I’ve been + culture shock realness + people’s positive reactions to seeing me again was actually pretty therapeutic. They probably don’t realize how much it helped to be crabby at them, or emotional, or overly excited to see familiar faces. Whatever emotion I was putting out in the end really helped me. Whether anyone there knows it or not. It helped me work through my scattered thoughts. (I wish I was there a little longer so I could get through it all and say thank you, but I’ll be back soon and hopefully be able to do that).


Now, I’m back in Los Angeles, waking up with a new plan every single morning…  Which I’m not trying to do by the way, I’m trying to make a permanent plan people! Create something SOLID.

Let’s see what happens 🙂


shop the post:

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I recommend..., Posts by friends, Thoughts

Love Your Melon!

Anyone close to me knows I’m very competitive.  Ever since I was a child. I know I’m competitive and as I get older I try to control it a bit.. Like playing a game should be fun right? Why does it bring me to war with my peers?!  Losing 10 pounds in one hour due to stress sweat?!

Anyways, my friend Juliana recently joined a little competition and I find myself feeling part of the team and needing to WIN! And this time I’m not feeling too bad about being super anxious to do a good job for her. The competition is to support little kiddos dealing with a harder battle than I dare myself to imagine.. Cancer 🙁

So, I figure putting myself in people’s faces telling them to put out a little money to help Juliana win this competition, even more importantly helping out the little kiddos by putting a smile on their faces, is something I might as well try to do.

If you saw on my Facebook and ignored it, if you saw my what’s app messages and made excuses, and now you’re reading this blog… It’s strike 3, you’re out of excuses! It’s time to help out! The site is super easy, the cause is super awesome, and the hats are super cool. Go for it! Please? 🙂

P.S. If I can get my hats in Dubai, there’s no excuses you can’t get yours.


Love Your Melon is an organization dedicated to providing every child in America that is battling cancer with an awesome hat. For every hat sold, another is given to a child battling cancer. Love Your Melon’s hats are delivered by people dressed as superheroes. They bring smiles and confidence to these kids that are fighting so hard! Not only do they give them hats, Love Your Melon takes the kids on adventures they couldn’t even dream of (sports car rides, race cars, New York Ballet, play sports with pro athletes, etc).

Help support a great cause and help our team, “Livin’ Life Elevated” become SUPERHEROES for these courageous kiddos! Get your hat today and select our team name at checkout! — with Juliana Garcia.

PLEASE, please get involved!
1. Browse the site,  Love Your Melon
2. Buy or make a donation
3. Select “LIVIN’ LIFE ELEVATED” under “teams to support”
4. Spread the word!


Hats7 Hats6 Hats5 Hats4 Hats3 Hats1 Hats

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Personal Updates


I feel like I haven’t posted something in a long time, with Juliana taking over I kind of forgot about my blogging duties.

Post-Friend. I think that’s what I’ll talk about in this blog.

Post-Friend. Aka: Juliana visiting for 3 weeks, then leaving.

The view from my apartment pool, with Juliana

The view from my apartment pool, with Juliana

Due to the amount of people that have dropped notes to me the past week or so, since Juliana has left, I’m guessing there’s some concern about my emotional stability after her departure.

The view from my apartment pool, without Juliana

The view from my apartment pool, without Juliana

Most people knowing Juliana and I were each others only friends for quite some time (if we’re being honest here), then having her visit me in Dubai after a couple months separation, staying for 3 weeks, followed by the inevitable good-bye… I can see where the concern came from.

Which is why this blog came into existence.

Having Juliana was obviously a blast, and that blast flew by so quickly you could barely feel it. For me, traveling/moving/living in Dubai, whatever you want to call it, had some adjustments that took awhile to get used to. One of the major adjustments I struggled with and still have to work on, is finding and remaining myself.

I know this sounds silly, even for me I kind of laugh out loud when I type it… Finding myself?

photo 2

Because I’m so strange, all over the place, and kind of weird, what could I possibly mean by finding myself? Does anyone really find themselves?  Especially the weird ones? Probably not, but I did feel like I found and recognized my weirdness in the States and am having trouble doing that in Dubai.

Can someone say identity crisis!?!

For example, there is a constant struggle to be confident in my abilities, personality, and thoughts. For some reason, this has been hard for me. I tend to forget how to feel comfortable and confident, or say what I want to say, have honest conversations, or even be the weird and goofy person I am while I’m here in Dubai. I find myself resorting to the shy quiet girl that’s insecure in every move I make…  Not all the time, but it’s something I have to work at avoiding, whereas in the States it used be easy peasy and my normal.

Now I feel I should make it clear… Finding myself doesn’t mean sad, depressed, dark, and sleepy.  Puffy eyes and crying all the time. No, no no. Thank the good Lord, no. That time has passed.

All of this leads me to Post-Friend.

When Juliana AND Leeann (holy toledo, what a surprise!) came to visit it took me just one single day to feel like myself again.


Not only did I feel confident, comfortable, and most importantly myself around these two sophisticates … They helped me pull that version of myself out around everyone else.  I think before they came, I felt SO far away from home.  Once they were here I realized I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. I’m still here, just on the other side.  My parents, friends, Bernice, country music, America, organic food, hippies, $5 bottles of wine in the gas stations, Chipotle, and reasonable rent prices are still with me. Just over there in America.  And they aren’t going anywhere.

photo 3

Even after Leeann left, and then Juliana, I felt recharged. So rather than being sad or depressed, I felt and feel great and ready! Ready to really get into work, ready to be my cray cray self, and ready to explore this place in a different, more comfortable way.

I needed both Leeann and Juliana more than I realized. And thank God Leeann came because the three  of us together can sure make a lot of progress (and chaos) in a very short amount of time. I’m so grateful for the both of them, and I’m so grateful for the three of us together.

photo 1

So. Post Friends… I’m still here, and actually walking with a little pep in my step for the time being. Talk to me in the smoking hot summer and I may have another story.  But for now, you can find me sitting on my couch watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta after work, in Dubai.



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Posts by friends

Juliana says farewell… for now

Well the time has come, and it felt SO much faster than I thought it would. Juliana went back to the States.  The vacation is over and it’s back to reality for the both of us. I asked her to write one more blog entry after she got home, I’m sure everyone wouldn’t mind hearing from her again 🙂  

So here it is, the farewell!


Juliana, Wafiq, Katie

I don’t even know where to begin to describe the rush of emotions that hit me as I neared home and realized my three weeks taste of world traveling was coming to an end.

Initially, I reflected on all the things that we had accomplished in such a short time… the major tourist attractions, yacht birthday surprise, traveling to Bahrain, seeing old friends, Atlantis, authentic family dinners and all of the wonderful people that made it happen.

Then of course my brain went right to stressing about starting a new job and finishing applications for a master’s program but led to thinking about how excited I was to see my family, my favorite flat nosed little pug, and just be surrounded by the comforts of home.


I couldn’t help but think about leaving Katie and how she isn’t getting to settle back into the comforts of her own home. I felt a deep sense of guilt and helplessness. As many fun and amazing times as we have had, I know this decision and distance is a blessing in disguise.

I, along with many others, would give anything to be able to have her and Wafiq back here in the same city or at the very least the same country.

Then I think about what an amazing opportunity this is for all of us and I am so grateful. I have fewer distractions, which is truly bitter sweet, to fuel me to pursue my career goals while they have an opportunity to expand their horizons and strengthen or define a unique and amazing relationship.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and we have all been faced with major events and choices that will impact our futures. Only time will tell what the outcomes will be. In the mean time, I can only pray for determination, wisdom, and strength for us to follow our heart against all challenges, no matter how difficult they may be.

Until then, Katie and Wafiq, I miss you guys so much and can’t wait until our next excursion!





PicMonkey Collage







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Photos, Places: Middle East

Miracle Garden Photos

Once upon a time, there was a Miracle Garden that grew in Dubai.  Although the miracle was not in the making, fore it was man-made.. there did appear to be quite a miracle in seeing so many flowers growing in one place amongst the desert. (Also, quite a miracle there were so many excellent places for photo’s 😉 )

Here lies the evidence…























Role the credits…

(Models pictured below)








~  The End ~

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Personal Updates, Posts by friends

A note from Juliana Garcia herself

 My friend Juliana finally made it to me! To my very big surprise she brought Leeann our other best friend with her.. I was in mental shock at the airport and so confused seeing her walk out, the surprise really couldn’t have been any better. Having their company makes me feel so cozy inside 🙂  

I asked Juliana to write a blog post for me.  I wanted to show someone else’s perspective of this amazing place.. So over and out Katie: Jules taking over! 


 A Note From Juliana Garcia Herself


First impressions…  wow!  That is the only response I have because I can not believe that I am here!  I realized about one day in to the trip that I did not come with the same intentions as most tourists.  I came with the intentions to reunite with friends and bring a little bit of Austin to a beautiful home sick girl that is very missed and could use a familiar, brown Texas face.  About eighty percent of the people here, however, are here for the glitz and glam, some are here to assimilate and become citizens and even fewer are locals.







To start with the majority… bigger, glitzier and more extravagant.  I am pretty sure that is their motto.  Its not Real Housewives of Beverly Hills keeping up with the Jones’s style though.  Its more extreme and so built into the culture that here it is pretty normal.  To be honest though, it has made my first couple of days here truly awesome.  By “awesome” I don’t mean loose, cowabunga surfer style, over used “awesome”.   I mean take your breath away, don’t blink so you don’t miss a thing AWE-SOME.  We all had dinner at a lounge on the 68th floor of The Address and experienced the infamous Dubai fountain for the first time here.  While beautiful, it seemed so effortless from so high above.  The spirals and streaks flourished from one end of the marina to other in coordination with the colored spot lights whirling at one end which I thought was incredible.  Then we saw it again having dinner at sunset and…





WOW!  I realized some really passionate person (probably more like a very reliable computer program) choreographed a multitude of tiny individual jets that shoot up at different heights and paces to create an amazing show that is perfectly synchronized with booming music and vibrant lights.  What Vegas water show?!  😉




Not only does the Dubai fountain blow away the Bellagio fountains in Vegas but also the boats and yachts here…  ridiculous! For my birthday I was surprised with an amazing yacht party included with balloons, cake, delicious food, a captain hat and an amazing group of people resulting in an unfathomable day all together.  The boats that we saw, of course were decked out to the max.  They do not compare to the usual maybe two or three storied yachts I am used to seeing out on the lake in Austin.  They were basically water hotels that could house a small village in a five star kind of way!  Then there is the architecture.  We cruised around to see the skyline from sea which completely lays out the extravagance of Dubai in a panoramic view.  The buildings are so new and clean and detailed in a way that each one seems to exude its own personality among a forest of skyscrapers that just keep growing.











Aside from the eighty percent that come here for its lavish luxury there are the people who actually consider this their home.  There are two distinct groups from what I have been told.  There are the people who have moved from other countries not only for the monetary benefits, but to actually stay and establish their family roots here AND then there are the people who were actually born here.  This blend of status and culture creates an interesting experience of personalities.  This is the part that I have found so interesting, but I am still exploring so I am holding off on assessing until further investigation.  The scientist part of me is still conducting experiments on the reaction to me as a female, low key Texan and even more generally an American.  🙂  I’ll elaborate more once I have a better hold on the matter.  It is very complex and I haven’t even broken the surface.









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Personal Updates, Thoughts

It’s party time

Wine, shots, ripped panty hose, dogs, women, and an elaborate going away speech that twisted into a made up fairy tale love story. What a great night, all thanks to my friends from work.


The party was at my friend Monica’s open, modern, and pretty house, which I couldn’t have been happier about.  I have a major crush on it. I wish I had a better picture to share, but then it wouldn’t do justice anyway.

In saying this, I have figured out why Monica was so willing to have the party at her house… she doesn’t have to drive and she can drink those bottles down without a break for water.   This combination did make for one heck of a party.  I was even asked to “jack open” a couple of bottles throughout the night just for the heck of it. Pretty awesome deal if you ask me 🙂

So of course after the 20 bottles of wine were finished it was time for shots… (Sorry girls, we had to capture this)

 Shots      Shots2

At one point there was a long talk about pantyhose, and some even got torn off a pair of legs?  How pantyhose got to be the topic of discussion and how that proceeded to them being ripped off and shredded at this exact party still blows my mind, but I guess I need to step up my partying game here.

I had to take a picture of my pretty little girl too, because she was being just so good and cute.


Monica and Cyndi, the original AIM Real Estate girls, with Monica being the last man standing now.  It feels so weird its all changed so quickly. I don’t think any of the 3 of us would have imagined this picture a year ago..


Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that helped put this party together.  When I quit my job I expected there to be a party, but not the kind I was invited to. I feel so special and grateful, more than I can show 🙂

Juliana Rosa G Unit. Take a good look people, you’re all going to want to know her someday.

photo 1

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