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Glamglow Gravitymud Mask – I Tried It For You

Did You Know?  In Mauritania, Africa – Obesity has long been the ideal of beauty, signaling a family’s wealth in a land repeatedly wracked by drought. Nomadic people struggling to survive the harsh desert came to prize fatness as a sign of health.

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I’ve been reading beauty blogs & watching beauty YouTubers for a few years now.  They suck me in & before you know it I’m 10 videos deep with a long list of new products I NEED.  Then, I get to the store & notice the first item on my long list is .5oz of face cream that’s $90… and I have no money left for anything else.  Story of my life.


I’ve gotten better at prioritizing.  What’s worth the money & what isn’t.  There are bloggers/YouTubers that I’ve learned not to trust & others that I have to rush out & buy their product suggestions immediately!

Face Masks are always a big deal for me.  1 – they’re all super expensive, so experimenting isn’t very easy.   2 – They’re ideal because taking good care of my skin helps with my no makeup routine.

I noticed this silver Glamglow face mask all over the place & finally thought, fuck it.  I’ll spend the money, try it for a month, then tell you what I think.  Are the expensive face products that everyone flaunts worth it??  I’m determined to find out & this mask was the first one off the picking block.


I went to Sephora & bought the Glamglow Gravitymud Firming Treatment Mask.  It comes in a large package but a very small jar.   Already kind of annoying considering it’s $70, but I’m committed.

The box says: “Firm, Lift, Tighten, Tone, Sexy Contours” and it’s supposed to be a solution for fine lines & wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and loss of firmness & elasticity.

I brought it home & immediately tried it.  There’s a small brush inside the box that’s super helpful with the application process, which I loved.  Once it was on my face I let it sit for 30 minutes, then proceeded to “peel” it off.

This is the part that annoys me about the mask.  Everyone is so pumped up about the mask peeling off, but it doesn’t.  I mean sure it kind of peels off if you use a super thick layer of product & carefully spend your time trying to successfully peel off as much as you can, followed by rinsing off the rest.  I’d just as well wash the whole damn thing off.  Weird for me, the “peeling” part.  Maybe the same people that enjoy popping zits would enjoy attempting to peel off a mask? Doesn’t get me going.  So, that part of the mask for me is a major fail & a dumb reason to spend money.


I continued to use the mask 3x a week for an entire month. Sometimes before bed, other times before applying makeup, and also in the mornings on days where I wouldn’t wear makeup. I should mention, the little jar of product does last awhile & it’s a more comfortable mask to wear with a yummy sent.

Once I took the mask off, my skin felt fresh & a little gummy.  In a good way, almost like a dewy primer.  That part I liked.

Overall, I think this mask is good when you have somewhere to go.  Keep in your drawer for the days you have an event to go to or you’re traveling & need a wake up for your face.  After a month, I didn’t notice any super noticeable differences in fine lines or firmness.  Unless I used the mask that day or night before, my face doesn’t look or feel any different than before I bought the little jar.  You know what I mean?  It was nice to have for the day, but it’s not a miracle worker long term.

Would I buy it again? Maybe.  I can see where it’s nice to have in the rotation of your face products but I don’t see what the rage is about the mask.  I wish I could rage about it.  I’m going to try a few other Glamglow masks that also have positive reviews & see if there’s one that really makes me a believer.  I’d be happy to report back.


For now, you’re not alone if you don’t buy the magic, silver peel off mask. The mask is ok.  But it’s not the fountain of youth.

Does anyone have mask recommendations? I have a few that I actually do love, but am always looking for more!

Have a great day today & be thoughtful,


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Beauty, I recommend...

Best of 2016: Beauty

My favorite category, beauty! And while you’re dusting off the glitter & metallics from your New Years parties, make sure your make up collection includes these favorites.

Makeup was my go-to activity while I was living in Dubai, I didn’t have money to do anything else so I watched YouTube & tried to copy looks. Since then, it’s still my favorite activity.  The whole art behind makeup, the feeling of pampering your skin, the smell of moisturizers & lotions – there’s nothing better.

Here are my favorite favorites of 2016:


Beauty Favorites

1. Sheet Masks

Too easy not to do, and w my extremely dry skin there’s nothing better than throwing on a sheet mask for 30 minutes to pump in the moister.  I also struggle big w allergies so my eyes get super swollen (so does my entire face) & I’ve noticed putting these sheet masks in the refrigerator, THEN on my face, it is the biggest life saving move yet!  If nothing else, it’s 30 minutes of relief.  And with Amazon Prime, they’re super affordable for anyone.

2. Urban Decay Basics Palette

This is my holy grail of all make up products.  I do everything with it.  Highlight, shadow, contour, setting, smokey eye, conceal – I’ll try to make it happen with this pallet.  I use it almost every single day I put makeup on.

3. Eye Pads

Going with the above… If sheet masks are too much for you, these eyes masks have been the easiest step to add into my routine.  I also throw these in the refrigerator before I plan on using one & the instant cooling is priceless.  I’ve tried A LOT of eye pads this year & these are one of the only ones I’ve liked.

4. Chanel Bronzer

I have to BE bronze.  If I run out of spray tan I can’t leave the house – It’s ridiculous, but reality.  And I struggled finding a bronzer that I liked on my face.  I love this one because 1. It lasts forever 2. It’s buildable 3. Creamy and soft.  If I ever run out, I’ll be buying it for many years to come.

5. Tepez Cream

I can pronounce every word on the ingredient list & I can buy it with Amazon Prime.  Need I say more? Yes?  I can also use it as a face moisturizer without a greasy finish but tons of moisture and a lil pretty fresh scent.

6. Carli Bybel Palette

You already know!  I love this palette so much, it just works w me.  We get each other.  I keep trying other palettes & products but always go back to grabbing this ($13!!) palette. It’s everything to my makeup drawer & me.

7. Coconut Oil

Late to the game here but none the less, deserves a proper shout out.  Moisturizer for my face, acne prevention, shaving cream, body moisturizer, hair mask, dog treats, popcorn, fur mask – I use coconut oil for everything.  E V E R Y T H I N G.

8. Beauty Blender

A lil late to this game too but if you haven’t added some type of beauty blender to your make up application process you’re missing out.  Too easy, you’ll feel guilty.

9. Blue Nails

SUMMER, thank you for bringing me blue nails, it was my go to color last summer. I’m happy I stepped out of my comfort zone because the cool blue was the perfect touch to steamy hot days.

10. Pixi Toner

I’ve gone through bottles of this discovery.  BOTTLES.  I can’t say that about anything else because I’m always trying new products.  I was never a toner person so I was hesitant about this product but since buying it I haven’t strayed away.  I’m to the point where I feel like my face is dirty if I don’t use this toner after I cleanse.


What were your best beauty products of 2016??  This is my favorite category to experiment with + I love hearing what works for different people, I’ll try anything & everything.  Even considered a homemade garlic face mask not too long ago.

PS – Dousing the eyes with glitter this weekend cuz it’s my birthday, 0 Fs Given

Have a great start to 2017 and be thoughtful!


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